3 Simple Steps to become Healthier

3 Simple Steps to become Healthier

3 Simple Steps to become Healthier

I have this crazy urge to talk about empowerment… Partly because of a suggestion by momsbestnetwork.com 🙂 and party because its a huge focus for Natures Knockout.

Right now I’m working on a film in Austria and Germany (loving it by the way :). But as I travel, I get a chance to visit with a lot of people from all walks of life and being so passionate about natural & organic possibilities, my conversations always go there–I know, sometimes I remind myself of Bubba in Forest Gump, ugh lol!

3 ways to be more healthy

But the other day we had a little downtime on set, so I started into some yoga. Before I knew it, bodies were strewn all around me in all kinds of poses. Haha-I loved it, of course 🙂 but amongst them was a cute Austrian mother who expressed a wonderful passion for natural and organic goodness.

She shared her desire to convert her family over to more healthy products and foods as well, but wasn’t quite sure how to get hem there.
Contrasting that, I had a conversation with a group of people on set who were talking about all of the toxins we’re bombarded with and mentioned they “should” do better, but felt it too hard. One of them said, “Why waste time worrying about all of the toxins, because they’re in everything.”

Hmmmmm, of course I couldn’t turn around at leave it at that. So I shared some thoughts.

It’s not about feeling powerless and giving up! — it’s about empowerment!

Knowledge is power. When you meet someone who has embraced healthy changes, you can see the fire in their eyes. They are usually infectious with energy and a zest for life…that is empowerment.

3 ways to be more healthy

And, if you’re a mother wanting to help your kids be more healthy, big praise and kudos! You have the power to change nations, no matter where you are.

Here are some basic steps we’ve taken to make these changes ourselves…

1. Start with a desire, and prepare to make changes one step at a time.

2. Focus on replacing, not depriving:

  • a. Replace the words “should” and “need” with “will” and “want”
  • b. Replace guilt with gratitude – embrace the good steps you take every day
  • c. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, we’re all at different places in our journey
  • d. When changing out a product, head to our Chemical Spy at naturesknockout.com and check our ingredient database with over 3000 chemicals we have concerns over, or our I-spy videos to learn red flagged ingredients yourself ….or join us in our journey and watch our recommendations. Also, our store is filled with thousands of products that are NK approved, check them out.
  • e. When changing out foods, take recipes you love and replace prepackaged, processed foods, genetically modified, chemically laden ingredients with fresh, clean and nourishing ingredients. If that sounds hard, head to our site and try our recipes out, watch for our upcoming Desset Cookbook, or, if you need to, send us your recipe and we’ll do what we can to revamp and revive it. 🙂
  • f. When it comes to toxic thoughts — start by recognizing them, when they come-don’t beat yourself up, just let them come and watch them go, then quickly replace them with positive thoughts.3 ways to be more healthy

3. Start today! Just find one thing to work on replacing today and do it.

That’s it, just take it one day at a time, seeking to do a little bit better every day and congratulating yourself each step of the way.

ps I have a cute follow-up of the Austrian mom I mentioned above…she came back to visit our set yesterday and had gone to our website and already tried out our Almond milk recipe–YAY!! She said her family loved it, and that she went on to make granola from the remaining pulp–MUAH, love it! I was so thrilled for her–she took that first step and ran with it!

What are some of your little steps–please comment and share!

Have a beautiful healthy day!! 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

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