40's Pin-up RETRO hair tutorial

40’s Pin-up RETRO hair tutorial, using SAFE products!

Yes–we’re sharing a quick vid on an easy 40’s Pin-up RETRO hair tutorial, and of course, we’re using SAFE products!

This is a super fun, easy hair tutorial and a great 40’s pinup RED CARPET inspired look as well!

“playing dress-up

starts at

age five,

and never

truly ends

Kate Spade

AND btw, we also have a fun little secret we’re ready to share…

We’ve teamed up with the QC Makeup Academy, where Laurie is their Instructor over their HairStyling Essentials COURSE! And I (Tiffany:) got to play like one of her models, which was a blast. But as part of the course, QC is including this really amazing Curling Rod Set. So we teamed up to show you how easy they are to use with this fun DO!

40’s Pin-up RETRO hair tutorial, using SAFE products!

We LOVE this time period. There’s something magical about taking viewers back to another place in time! Here are a few photos from some of the retro work that I’ve done. The following photos are:

“Hanneli & Anne”  photos by Sally Meyer

“A Giant of A Man” photo by Rhett Fernstein

and Print UVU Billboards, catalog and flyers by August Miller Photography.
40's Pin-up Retro Hair

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Here are some links to the products featured in this video, all are SAFE, NATURAL, &/or ORGANIC, of course!!
K, now for the links–these are all products we LOVE or we wouldn’t share them. But since they are pretty amazing, some of these are affiliates we like working with.

QC Hairstyling Essentials Course + Curling Rod Set
Giovanni Hair Shine
Onesta Hairspray

K, that’s enough of that, lol. Let’s just close by reminding you that you guys are the BEST!! We hope you have a wonderful week, you deserve it!

Love and hugs!
Tiffany & Laurie

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