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A Makeup Artists Life – Lauren Holly or bust!

Here’s a fun little video,  day in a Makeup Artists Life… My mom (Laurie) and I have both worked with Lauren Holly and absolutely adore her. Life as a Makeup Artist can be pretty crazy. My mom started this shoot and I was assisting her, but then she had to leave to Dept. Head a TV series called Leverage (up in Portland.) It was a huge period show (turn of the century 1900’s) so it was Gibson Girl Hair and I’d have to hire a whole flock of hairdressers to pull it all off. I like a challenge, but it was a pretty big role to tackle. So she twisted my arm hard  to get me to take over this show once she was gone. I thought it over and decided I would do it, so I did… Here’s a picture of a couple of the stylists that came to save the day (posing with me) Life as a Makeup artistAnd YES, it was a tough shoot, but Lauren made it a blast!! She really made it a fun experience and taught me not to take life so seriously. She’s hilarious, I couldn’t even stop laughing while i was editing it, so hope you enjoy it too! Let me know in the comments below =) Thanks for watching my Life as a Makeup Artist, send some love her way & hers, you guys are the best!!



Laurie & Tiffany


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