A sweet love story

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a sweet love story

It was a snowy day last year when I drove to the location where we would shoot this project.  I knew it wouldn’t be published in Reader’s Digest until February, but sometimes I can be a nerd (just sometimes 🙂  and I totally forgot to share this story with you.

Actually, I was asked not to until it was published, but then I just got busy and forgot.  So when I stumbled upon the story online today, it kind of startled me 🙂 and I gulped and thought, yikes, I’d better get a post up.

The story itself is a great read and the video is sweet too.  The set became a warm contrast to the snowy weather outside as Stewart and Lauren shared their story.

Head over to Reader’s Digest and enjoy it for yourself.  Love is something that fills the soul like nothing else and it’s fun to hear stories like this.


Funny Video, to make you smile!
Photo: Reader’s Digest


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