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MAKEOVER, Head-to-toe

Yes, it’s time for a makeover, head to toe – using natural, organic, and safe products, of course! As makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist’s we’ve been doing this professionally for years (and years and years) on Movies, TV, and for print & editorial jobs. And it hit us, WHY aren’t we doing this for YOU?! Ok, so we […]

Pinners Conference

Have you heard of the “Pinners Conference“??  It’s a whole lot of awesomeness… And YES, we’ll be at the SLC Pinners Conference for sure! In fact, we’ll be teaching a class on Friday at 10:30, in the kitchen called, “Be DELICIOUSLY Beautiful” and here’s a peek at what we’ll be doing with YOU:  Make delicious (gulit-free) dessert recipes […]

RAW Pumpkin Pie

We LOVE pumpkin!  I mean, what’s not to love? It’s loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins C, E, and lots of A, beta carotene, lutein, zea-xanthin, and the list goes on and on.   So WHY would anyone bake away all of the wonderful nutrients in their pumpkin? And with pumpkins everywhere, why buy it canned?!! It’s […]

Keeping Halloween SAFE, Costumes & all!

WHEE it’s almost here!  I love Summertime and if it wasn’t for Fall, we might not be able to bear watching it go away. Do you ever feel that way?  But yeah, Fall is pretty cozy, isn’t it? And it’s exciting to see the holidays start rolling in. I love it! In fact, just cozy up to a warm […]

Healthy Snacks on the go!

We actually get asked for ideas all the time……soooo this video was inspired on a road trip for work. Just sit back, and let us show you what we take along to eat and still get lots of great nutrients and keep our energy up on long days! Yummy Healthy Snacks on the go! Here […]