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Barbie Tutorial + 110 Halloween Ideas

Halloween is so fun and such a fun time of year, and if you’re a Barbie tutorial fan, we’ve got something for you…

And for today, we thought we’d go with something beautiful–and what could be more perfect than a Barbie tutorial?!! 🙂

We did our official Blog Hop Post yesterday, so if you missed it, head on back to our Zombie Makeovers.

barbie halloween makeup

So here’s our Barbie Tutorial (makeup & hair)…

We hope you enjoy this tutorial. It’s super simple, and a lot of fun.

A little side note: If your hair isn’t barbie style, a wig would be a perfect topper, lol. Wigs are so cheap these days, and can add a lot to a look. So we’re showing you some of our Halloween ideas, but we’d love to hear what else you’d like to see. Just let us know, and btw, what are some of the other looks you’ve got on your mind, that you might be dressing up like?

It’s fun, we love this time of year.

Let us know if you do this Barbie look, we’d love to hear if you do, and would also love to SEE it even more. So if you post it, please tweet or tag us so we can see your cute Barbie looks that you come up with. Anyway, you guys are the best–we love you!

Get ready for a very FUN Halloween (& safe! 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

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