The Best Kept Secret for Beautiful Skin

Best Oils for Skin – by Skin Type

Best Oils for Skin - by Skin Type


Do you know the Best Oils for Skin – by Skin Type!?  We can almost bet that it is not what you probably think it is.

Contrary to popular belief, oil is actually good for your skin.

In fact, here’s one that may surprise you even more, but if you had to chose between putting oil or water on your skin, which one would be the best?

Ahemmm, I’m guessing you have one brow raised way up high right about now? And that’s because you want to say water, but because of the intro I made you’re questioning whether I’m going to actually do the forbiddable, and say…oil?! Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, you are right! Oil is always a much better choice for your skin than water. In fact, I don’t ever put water on my face on purpose and haven’t for years, because….water is so drying.


stay calm



moisturize, moisturize


Oil on the other hand, is what we naturally produce and the protection that the skin knows best. So why in the world would we go out of our way to strip that precious oil off? And now you are probably wondering if I’ve lost my mind, especially if you have oily skin. But think about it, when you strip your skin of it’s oils, it recognizes that it has become depleted, and because your body is so incredibly amazing, it then mass produces more oil. Before long, your face is about as active as a faucet.

I could go on all day on this subject, but I love you much more than that. So I will spare you of all of the chemical details and move on to which oils your skin will love the most, depending upon your skin type. If you have combination skin, you could use separate oils, according to the various types. Watch out, your skin is about to absolutely love and adore you, as you discover the trick to beautiful skin that glows and glows and glows!


Best Oils for Skin – by Skin Type

We’ve listed these oils according to skin type and in alphabetical order. Since there will always be people with allergies to just about everything, we’ve listed a variety of the very best options, so you should be able to find at least one that your skin will absolutely love you for.

Also, here the best place we’ve found to buy truly organic essential oils. Another Organic Market, that is also one of our affiliates has many oils and other ingredients you may need.

Here are some important tips to know before purchasing any of these oils…

1. Many of these oils should only be used if they are in dark glass containers, and if they are cold pressed organic oils.

2. They need to be pure–make sure it’s not synthetic, or a blend.

To make it easier we’ve linked many of these oils in the list below. Here ya go…


  1. avocado
  2. baobab oil
  3. camellia oil
  4. carrot seed oil
  5. coconut oil (cold pressed)
  6. emu oil
  7. extra virgin olive oil
  8. grapeseed
  9. macadamia
  10. sesame
  11. shea oil
  12. sunflower
  13. sweet almond
  14. wheat germ


  1. apricot kernel
  2. calendula oil
  3. camellia oil
  4. castor oil
  5. emu oil
  6. fractionated coconut oil
  7. grapeseed
  8. jojoba
  9. sea buckthorn
  10. sunflower
  11. sweet almond
  12. watermelon seed oil


  1. avocado
  2. camellia oil
  3. carrot seed oil
  4. coconut oil (cold pressed)
  5. emu oil
  6. extra virgin olive oil
  7. jojoba
  8. macadamia oil
  9. rosehip seed
  10. sunflower
  11. sweet almond


  1. grapeseed
  2. hazelnut
  3. jojoba
  4. peach kernel
  5. watermelon seed oil


  1. apricot kernal
  2. grapeseed
  3. hazelnut
  4.  jojoba
  5. peach kernel
  6. rosehip seed
  7. sunflower
  8. sweet almond
  9. tea tree essential oil – use it to spot treat blemishes as they start
  10. walnut
  11. watermelon seed oil


  1. avocado
  2. borage
  3. calendula oil
  4. camellia oil
  5. carrot seed oil
  6. coconut oil (cold pressed)
  7. emu oil
  8. extra virgin olive oil
  9. red raspberry
  10. rosehip seed
  11. sunflower
  12. sweet almond

Cool, huh? 🙂 We hope this helps clarify your questions about oils and their effects on your skin.

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Get glowing! (no excuses!)

Please comment and let us know whatever’s on your mind!


Laurie & Tiffany


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