A healthy snack for beautiful skin!

Cinnamon Toast & Honey Butter – get your skin glowing!


A healthy snack for beautiful skin!


This was just a random snack I was eating and I snapped an instagram picture.  No biggie….at least that’s what I thought for about 1 minute, lol!   Suddenly I was flooded with requests.  So I posted it on our naturesknockout.com and our viewers loved it.  So I guess you could say this one is back by popular demand, lol.

Just because

it’s different,

doesn’t mean

it’s impossible!

But beyond that, it’s worth loving for lots of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • super quick to make
  • delicious healthy snack (no gluten, dairy, sugar or soy)
  • the aroma is amazing
  • the ingredients are all beautifying, inside and out

And if that’s not enough, here is a little more insight as to why we love these ingredients…


Cinnamon is a given on cinnamon toast, but it’s a good thing, because it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory antioxidants which make your skin glow beautifully.  Many studies have led us to believe that inflammation is the very root of aging and disease.  So eating cinnamon and ginger help retard inflammation and allow our bodies to thrive.

Ginger is even higher on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory scale and that’s the main reason we add it to this snack.  It has a stronger taste, so you may try a little at a time, but if you’re really wanting better results, we think this a a great place to indulge. 🙂  Yeah, we’re a little shallow like that, but we believe you’ll feel better too.  So whatever level of motivation you have, we say enjoy! 🙂


Some people worry about the high sugar content because of diabetes or hypoglycemia, so if that’s a problem, we say just omit the honey and throw on a little date sugar instead.  In other cases, some people have inflammatory reactions to honey…but here are our thoughts on that.  Tiffany can eat “raw” honey, and does great, but if she has regular store bought honey, she is in pain right away with her rhuematoid arthritis.  We’re researched it through and through and the only difference we can find is that raw honey is NOT heat processed, while regular honey is.  So we believe that heat alone is enough to chemically restructure honey, making it a foreign invader to some people.  Because of that, we only eat raw honey and eliminate potential problems and embrace the immune boosting benefits of honey.  Btw, we won’t link to our favorite honey because we recommend buying it locally for the best immune system boost.


We’re big lovers of coconut oil and could devour the fragrant smell that explodes from it.  There is some controversy surrounding it because it is a saturated fat, but we’ve seen enough good research on it and some great doctors who endorse it that we feel confident that it has many great health promoting properties.  Here is a video we did: A Billion Uses for Coconut Oil

AND to make it simple, we’ve found a market with the best deal ever on quality organic ingredients. Just check them out, their prices are better than amazon, or anyone else we’ve ever found. Because they provide a way for our viewers to try incredible healthy ingredients and foods for huge discounts, we’re big fans, and have set up to be affiliates to their program, so you can get the best bang for your organic buck!…AND btw, we can make a small commission on some of the ingredients below, however we will never recommend anything to you that we don’t completely believe in, or that we wouldn’t use ourselves.


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