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dear diary…My Healthy Diet – Backwards :(… Day 2

dear diary…My Healthy Diet – Backwards :(… Day 2


It’s officially day 2 of this diet that some people might think would be “freedom”.  Wow, and after day 2 I can already say that this is nothing like the freedom I’ve become used to. Just to update anyone who may have missed my post from yesterday…my doctor wants to do some food allergy testing on me to see if we can get my lungs recharged from the effects of this years smoggy inversions. She said in order to get accurate results, I needed to eat foods I’ve avoided for 5 years. That includes nightshades, dairy, and gluten. Technically it should include soy and sugar too I guess, but I refuse to touch either of the latter two.  I wasn’t excited about the assignment to eat my old diet again, and thought I’d share. So here goes..

DAY 2:

It’s so crazy how lethargic I feel.  I want to exercise because I know it will help, but I feel too tired, bloated, and uncomfortable.

Healthy Diet


Last night we went to Subway. I thought at least I could fill a sandwich with a lot of veggies to hopefully help me feel more alive again. This might surprise some viewers, but I chose the white bread instead of the “wheat.” Any guesses why???

We were working on a movie in a rural area several years ago and they brought us Subway sandwiches.  We wondered if the wheat was truly better than the white (which it should be) but when we looked up the ingredients, we found that Subway’s wheat is basically white–it’s a “multi-grain” not whole wheat, and usually multi grain’s are mainly enriched white flour (which is counted as a “grain”) The thing that concerned us the most, was that it contained caramel color, to enhance it and make it look more like wheat.  That’s a big concern to us, as caramel color is believed to be carcinogenic. So most of the time, for gluten eaters, we’d say stay with the wheat. But in Subway’s case, our choice would be white if we have to eat their bread.

I hate to admit this, but I also did something really dumb.  I decided to get the meatball sub, since I used to love those sandwiches years ago, and will hopefully never eat gluten again. I knew it would include nightshades, and cheese besides. So for all the right reasons I ordered that meatball sandwich. Not good.

Anyway, as I sat there eating it, I hoped all of the veggies on it would help me to feel that wonderful sense of energy with every bite that I’m used to feeling, but it really didn’t.  I just felt bloated. I had half of the sandwich and a cup of water and called it good.  

Needless to say,  I left that restaurant really regretting that decision.  I’m not a beef eater at all, and beef is so hard to digest. Even though it tasted pretty good, the after effects were in no way worth it. By now, my heartburn was in full vengeance, and burning all the way up my throat. Again, I knew yoga was out. 🙁

And that was just the beginning.  Sleep wasn’t much of an option last night. My stomach literally churned and quaked all night long. I tossed and turned, and it seemed to get even madder at me. So I laid awake, waiting for the night to end.


Healthy Diet

This morning I just wanted to feel better. My hands were sore and swollen with inflammation, my back and neck stiff and sore. I glared at the loaf of bread on my counter and wished I had the power to make it vanish. But I knew I needed to try to get some in my system. So I plopped one piece into the toaster and pulled out the peanut butter. As the toast heated, I filled my blender with a load of greens and some lime and stevia and whipped up a huge all-vegetable except lime, green smoothie. I was ready for combat. I decided as long as I have to eat this garbage, I’ll eat in a way that my body can flush it through as quickly as possible.  For the first time in a couple of days, I felt better with every gulp.  Seriously. It is so amazing how magical it feels to fuel your body with what it needs. 

I felt so good, so energetic, and clear headed for the next few hours–it was awesome! Then came lunch.


Healthy Diet

We met up at Zupas for lunch. I haven’t had much dairy, which I’m really afraid of, but I know I need to have it in my system for accurate readings on the allergy testing. So I got a creamy mushroom soup and some kind of panini sandwich. They tasted good, but there truly is nothing greater than eating and feeling a surge of energy, and mental clarity with every bite. These foods just left me feeling bloated, tired, and sapped of energy.  We run into so many people who can’t seem to let go of eating the traditional SAD diet because “it’s too hard” to transition. But I wish so bad I could give them a chance to feel how much better it feels to eat healthy–if they could have that, they’d never turn back to the diet that destroys our health.

paleo diet, gluten free diet,dairy free diet

After that, we came home, and I made up the chocolate banana split ice cream in our Desserts Cookbook for me and the boys.  They love it, and so do I, so we all lapped it down. 

I’m a little late getting this out today, and I have no idea what I’ll have for dinner. I’ll fill you in tomorrow, and I promise that whatever I eat will not contain beef–ugh.  Those meatballs were probably the end of my beef eating for life, and I’m ok with that!  

It’s only Wednesday, but I keep telling myself this will be over soon! Happy Wednesday!!!  Thanks for your notes, here and on fb, instagram, & twitter.  Until tomorrow–love you guys!!!

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