Delicious Veggie Omelet in minutes!

Delicious Veggie Omelet in minutes!

Delicious Veggie Omelet in minutes!


Anyone up for a delicious veggie omelet? A couple days ago, we just wanted to play with you a little bit. So we posted a quick request on our facebook page, asking for your favorite go to healthy breakfast ideas. And you made us salivate, lol!  We’ve always known that we love you, and as always, you came through.

We get asked all the time what we do for breakfast every day. It’s funny, we’ve found a variety of delicious breakfast dishes, and we share them all of the time. But when I saw a comment about a favorite omelet, I was instantly in the mood to share. Another one that caught my eye was Chia Seed Porridge, which is another love love LOVE!  (watch for our version next week 🙂

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But for now, this delicious veggie omelet is just one of those wonderful yet quick fall-back foods that we’ve come to love. It’s super quick to whip up, and incredibly delicious with all kinds of fresh veggies and herbs, especially those that may be growing in your garden!  mmmm…maybe it’s time to share it 🙂

Here’s a quick Shopping List:

  •  eggs
  • water
  • fresh chives
  • mustard greens or spinach
  • organic cooked & drained beans
  • avocado

AND to make it simple, we’ve found a market with the best deal ever on quality organic ingredients. Just check them out, their prices are better than amazon, or anyone else we’ve ever found. Because they provide a way for our viewers to try incredible healthy ingredients and foods for huge discounts, we’re big fans, and have set up to be affiliates to their program, so you can get the best bang for your organic buck!…AND btw, we can make a small commission on some of the ingredients below, however we will never recommend anything to you that we don’t completely believe in, or that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Alright, let’s go…


  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1


1 egg, hormone free, omega 3 enriched
1-2 tablespoons water
1 small handful, fresh chives – chopped
1 leaf mustard greens or spinach – chopped
1/2 cup organic cooked & drained beans
1/2 avocado


Heat coconut or olive oil in a skittle over medium heat.

Place egg and water in a cup or bowl and stir well.  Once the pan is hot, pour the egg onto the bottom of the pan and roll pan to spread evenly.  Allow to cook a minute before adding all of the rest of the ingredients.  Cook another minute or two and fold 1/2 of the egg over the other.  Slide from pan onto a plate.  Make sure to use homemade or organic ketchup for the perfect finish.


This is one that’s easy to ad-lib, and it’s hard to go too wrong. We love the avocado as a healthy fat, but if you’re trying to get used to no cheese on your omelet, an avocado makes a wonderful replacement and can give that cheese like texture (kind of) At first, we couldn’t imagine an omelet without cheese, and we were using almond or rice milk cheese, but now that time has gone by, we’ve actually realized we don’t even care about the cheese at all–and that cheese or no cheese, this omelet is delicious!


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Let us know how yummy yours turns out and what great additions you come up with!


Laurie & Tiffany

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