Raw Hot Fudge – without heat!

Raw Hot Fudge Recipe, without heat and gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and soy free!PIN IT


Raw Hot Fudge (without the heat 🙂

Raw Hot Fudge Recipe, without heat and gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and soy free!

Ready for the most amazing chocolate fudge syrup? Yes, it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and soy free, and sooooo yummy! It’s our own version that we cooked up, almost by accident and we’ve been celebrating ever since, lol.

You know how things sometimes happen for a reason?  Well, this is one of those “things”…alleluia!  My sister was staying with us on a visit and she started asking what she should use to improve her skin.  That’s like asking a pack of wolves if they’d like to eat you, haha, so of course, I marched her down to my kitchen and started whipping up some nutrients in a dish.  I loaded it with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids and moisture.  I slapped it on my face and had her do the same.  But before I knew it, she was licking her bowl clean…. ummm, excuse me?! 🙂

It’s a little hard to take someone seriously with chocolate slopped all over her face, but…as I thought about it, I realized she was onto something, hmm.  I knew it should taste pretty yummy with the ingredients it contained, so I licked my own lips and as far around my lips as my tongue could reach…and yes, you guessed it, before long I had licked my own bowl clean.

Gratitude opens the door

to all of the wisdom,

the power, and the happiness

you were meant to enjoy!

It really tasted great and I could see that it had some real potential.  I thought about how to thicken it and mixed up a few versions before, viola! This recipe came together. And it’s delicious on any of our baked goodies or on good old fashioned cut up apples, bananas, strawberries….ummm get the idea?

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Raw Hot Fudge Recipe

  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 2 Tablespoons organic coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons organic tapioca flour (starch) or organic almond flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon organic cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon probiotic powder (optional)
  • few drops of extra virgin olive oil (use to thin it and for added Omega 3’s)

Mix all of the ingredients together in a mini blender for the most incredible fudge topping.  If you want it thicker, let it set in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. It can be used over many of the desserts in this book or it makes a delicious dip for bananas, apples or fresh pineapple.  

And btw, don’t forget that if there’s anything left over, your face will be forever grateful if you decide to share.  And if you do, just apply it directly to the skin and allow it to set 10 – 15 minutes.  Use a moist cloth to remove.

Another good for you recipe, inside & out!  Raw Hot Fudge, without heat and gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and soy free!

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PLEASE COMMENT–Let us know how you love it and how you decided to use it.

Stay Safe, it’s Beautiful! 


Laurie & Tiffany


Easy DIY Almond Milk Recipe, in under 5 minutes!!

Easy DIY almond milk recipe


Easy DIY Almond Milk Recipe

We hear it all the time…so many people are getting away from dairy and switching over to almond milk.  Just like us, they start the transition by heading to the grocery store and buying pre-made boxes of almond milk.

That seemed all good and fine to us, until one day I became curious….just what was in that almond milk I was buying??  So I did it…I read the label!  That was probably one thing the manufacturer was hoping I wouldn’t do because it was full of all kinds of ingredients I didn’t recognize or even know how to pronounce.  After years of research into cosmetic ingredients, one simple little thing that I learned carried through, which was, if it didn’t list simple food items, my hunch was that it probably was full of synthetic chemicals.  Even some of the vitamins they added to make me feel like I was being a smart shopper, were chemically based.

So hmmmm, that’s when I started thinking it was time to do a little more than just picking up a box of almond milk on the store shelves.  It was time to see if I could figure out a way to make this stuff myself.  And what I was about to learn was going to be lifechanging!  Making your own almond milk just takes a few minutes, and it saves a TON of money and is pretty dang empowering.  Now it’s your turn, just give it a try and let us know how you love it!!

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Shopping list:

To make it simple, we’ve added links to the items we think are about the purest out there, we also try to get the best deals for you too, so building that new pantry won’t be so crazy scary!

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  • Organic Raw almonds
  • organic vanilla extract (optional)
  • Raw honey or liquid stevia to taste(optional)
  • Nut Milk Bag

Easy DIY Almond Milk Recipe

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 quart
  • cook time: zero 🙂 Don’t you love raw cooking! 


raw almonds – 1 cup
filtered water – 4 cups
stevia powder – a pinch – optional
pure vanilla extract – 1/2 teaspoon – optional


  1. Place almonds and water together in a high powered blender. Mix well.  Sift with through a Nut Milk Bag (TIP: or a garbonza bag works great too!)
  2. If you use liquid stevia to sweeten the milk, start with just a few drops and add more if desired…it won’t take much at all!

You can also dehydrate the pulp and use to cook with or blend up the dried pulp to make flour–did I just say make your own flour?????  YES!  And it works as a perfect replacement to any other gluten free flour (and provides a great source of protein too!)

Watch how easy it is to make!!!


“Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies”

“Beauty Bite Desserts”


That’s it, stay healthy, we LOVE you guys!!!  Oh and please let us know if you try this recipe! Isn’t this FUN?!!  🙂


Laurie & Tiffany