Are Essential Oils safe?!! Read this before using…

Are essential oils safe?


Are Essential Oils safe? Read on…

I had actually heard about Essential Oils for years, but thought they were just a bunch of hocus-pocus.

I even worked on a catalog shoot for an essential oil company and at wrap, they gave us all huge gift baskets of their products.  I was super excited to get a bunch of freebies, and loved that they were so generous!  But ahemm…okay, I admit it–I didn’t use them because I had no idea what to do with them.  So that beautiful gift sat in my makeup closet without one single ounce of love.

That is, until I was called to do a video shoot for a different essential oil company…

During the second shoot, several people were brought in to share their actual testimonials of how essential oils had blessed their lives… so sitting there, hearing their testimonials really made me wonder, “Is there any truth to all of this hype?”

It just so happened that I had recently had a skin cancer on my arm removed.  Then out of nowhere, 2 more of those little monsters -grrrr- appeared on the other arm.  So I was planning to get back in to have those removed too, but I was super busy working and couldn’t break away from set to get that done.

So with sparked curiosity and growing skin cancers on my arm, I asked several of the people from that company if any of the oils worked on skin cancer.   Without flinching, every one of them independently answered that frankincense was the answer.

Frankincense–really?  Like as in the Bible???  How and why would…????  But, I knew I couldn’t get into the doctor for a while, sooo…I think you may have guessed what I ended up doing.

Yup, I pulled the forgotten frankincense from my makeup closet and started applying a drop to each spot several times a day.

And did it work?  YES!  It totally did–and was I blown away???  Okay, yes, I was.  I don’t know why it made them completely disappear, but it did–whoooosh…gone!  Totally vanished–AND they have never returned.

Those two took about a month to remove, but I’ve used it on a few since, and it seems like if you get on them immediately, they tend to disappear faster.

Yes, I’m a blabbermouth and so of course I’ve shared this little trick with a lot of people, my mother included.  And I hear back from people (even my mom) all the time, as shocked as they should be that the frankincense took away their skin cancers too.

The only thing I can figure is that in order for those skin cancers to vanish, the DNA has to be altered somehow.  SO in my own blonde head, I think that the frankincense works below the surface (as do most things we put on our skin) but what it appears to do is to attack the damage to the DNA and restore the cell back to a healthy state.  Amazing, to say the least.

Frankincense is also used as an anti-inflammatory and appears to be great for treating wrinkles too.  Well, that’s not hard to figure out why, at least in my book anyway.

So if frankincense can do all that and so much more, think of the possibilities with all kinds of essential oils.

In fact, here is a video Tiffany did on some of the amazing therapeutic qualities of tea tree oil, because yes, we believe they are (how many ways can I say this?) therapeutic. In fact, very therapeutic.


So am I just trying to sell essential oils by putting up this post?  I’d love for you to buy the right ones:)  but no, that’s surprisingly not where I’m going with this.


I’m hoping to bring a gentle word of warning to the misuse and over-use of essential oils. We believe them to be very therapeutic and helpful for ailments and as needed, but we think they shouldn’t be slathered on like perfume or used all of the time for no real purpose.

Or if someone tells you they’re natural and you can’t overdose on them…hmmmm, we’re not so sure.  We think your liver may know better.

Do you get where I’m going???  If a plant thrives on water, is it good to over water it? What happens when you do?  So what about our natural bodies that we can’t fool?  If we use essential oils for therapeutic ailments, our bodies will know what to do with them, but if we overuse them, or mis-use them, are we going to cause adverse reactions?

Another word of warning is that you may be buying unpure oils without knowing it.  This problem is unfortunately a huge problem because marketers can market synthetic essential oils as “pure” “therapeutic” “better than organic”, “beyond organic” or whatever buzzwords they choose, when they aren’t even natural at all.

Because essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, we feel very strongly that the ONLY type of essential oils that should be used should be 100% organic. If a company markets them as anything BUT that, we’d say, stay away.

These are the only essential oils that we currently trust:

Organic Essential Oils
My husband isn’t even prone to allergies, but I learned this lesson really fast when I misted our bedroom with lavendar from a highly respected company.  He had terrible headaches each time I used it.  Then I tried another lavendar oil that was 100% organic, and it didn’t phase him at all.

Another concern is that many companies will switch from pure oils to synthetic oils to make more money. I did some checking into this because I wanted to know why companies with good reputations would transition from truly natural essential oils into the synthetics.  I learned that a manufacturer can buy a 55 gallon drum of a synthetic essential oil for the same cost as 1 gallon of the natural.  So is it all about money?  Sadly, it looks that way 🙁

So as therapeutic as the good oils are, we believe the synthetics can potentially be hazardous.

Basically, if you have any adverse reaction at all to essential oils, we believe there’s a good chance you’ve got a synthetic oil on your hands, and it would be wise to discontinue use immediately.

So that said, we really are huge fans of good essential oils as long as they’re truly natural, and used wisely.

Our theory is that truly pure, natural essential oils are amazing, and should be in every medicine cabinet.  But they should be used for therapeutic reasons and nothing more.

Our final warning:  Don’t Eat Them.  Even if the manufacturer claims their oils are so pure you can eat them, we say don’t.  The skin will absorb what it needs when we apply them topically.

So there ya go, that is our theory of essential oils.  Here are more posts we hope you’ll love..

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Please let us know your thoughts, ideas and insights–we love hearing from you!! 🙂

Stay safe!


Laurie & Tiffany