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DIY Acne Mask with Probiotics

DIY Acne Mask


This is like magic if you’re looking for a really effective, easy, and inexpensive DIY Acne mask.

We’re not big into grains, but the oats in this recipe actually help absorb excess oils while exfoliating the surface dead skin cells which could otherwise cause irritation to the skin.  For those who are grain intolerant, you can use almond meal instead. It’s not quite as absorbent, but will exfoliate still, to keep the skin clear and smooth.

If you don’t have active manuka Honey, you can use what you have. The active manuka Honey is derived from bees that pollenate the Manuka Tea Tree bush in New Zealand, which has the highest anti-bacterial properties.  Honey is also a humectant, and adds more moisture to the skin.  This also balances the drying effect that the oats could otherwise promote.

In New Zealand, the honey is rated with a UMF system, which rates how active it is.  If the honey doesn’t list a UMF or if it’s less than 10+, it’s not active, so the higher the UMF, the more beneficial the honey will be for your skin.

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a surprising fact about oily skin…

Jojoba is one of the best things for oily skin, which surprisingly doesn’t aggravate it, but instead helps promote healthier skin. It’s actually not a true oil, but an elixir that tricks the skin into thinking it has enough oils so it will balance itself out.  We always make sure to only use pure organic and cold pressed.

The water works as a binder.  With the honey, it allows more moisture penetration into the skin, without it, the water could cause dryness.   If you have oily skin, you may be hesitant to add the malaleuca or tea tree oil, however it won’t promote excess oiliness on oily skin.  It does add minimal emulsifying effects but is mainly used because of its therapeutic benefits as an acne treatment.  It is high in anti-bacterial properties and therefore helps promote a sterile environment which is necessary in helping acne sores to heal. 

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DIY Acne Mask

2 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 tablespoon active manuka Honey
1 teaspoon mineral water
1 teaspoon almond meal – see how to make it cheaply in our video below!
1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder
2-3 drops pure certified organic tea tree essential oil

Mix all of the above ingredients in a mini blender and apply to the skin in a circular motion. Allow to sit on the skin for up to 15 minutes, then wash away in the shower or remove with a warm damp cloth.

NOTE: This is enough for one treatment for your entire face and neck, but if you want to increase it, you can double, triple, or quadruple it and it will keep well for up to a month.

Additional tips…

1  Keep your hands away from the face.  Yes, that is really hard when you’re used to doing it, but they actually introduce oils and bacteria, which acne thrives on.  So the secret is to starve the bacteria at the source then you can enjoy clearer skin!

2   You can apply pure tea tree oil with a cotton swap.  Just dab it directly onto emerging breakouts.  This too will battle the inflammation and eliminate bacteria, which can also allow the skin to heal faster.  NOTE: Some people are allergic to the tea tree oil and may actually break out from it.  Make sure you’re using a NON-synthetic tea tree oil, which can help a lot or you may need to skip this step altogether.

3.  Another treatment that can work well with acne prone skin is aloe vera gel.  Apply it to clean skin prior to applying moisture.  You can spot treat with it as well.

4. This mask may be used on a weekly basis and may help provide some relief.  Since acne can be caused by such a wide variety of underlying issues, if acne persists we suggest visiting a licensed professional who can help narrow down the best on-going and daily treatment for your skin.

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