DIY Body Scrub Recipe, Soothing Lavender

DIY Body Scrub Recipe – Calming Lavender

I think it’s just one of those days to do some pampering! So I thought I’d share an easy DIY body scrub that I’m sure you’re going to love.  It’s soothing, calming, and a perfect way to indulge in your day as you watch your skin glow happily. AND it seriously only takes about 3 minutes to make!!!DIY SOOTHING LAVENDAR BODY SCRUB SUPER EASY & AMAZING FOR SOFTER, SMOOTHER, MORE GLOWING SKIN, NATURALLY

Just be calm,


and drink in the

goodness all around you.

and suddenly,

life begins to change.

If you like this recipe, you’re in luck, because not only do we have a LOT more DIY recipes on this site, but we are also putting the finishing touches on a DIY Skin & Personal Care Beauty book. AND we will also be releasing a DIY course as well too, using all kinds of tricks I learned, working with a cosmetic chemist for years, who focused on natural and safe products. So stay tuned, we’ve got a LOT more coming!

calming lavender diy body scrub recipe

1/2 cup fine epsom salt

1/3 cup organic extra virgin olive oil

12 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops geranium essential oil

5 drops roman chamomile essential oil

Mix together and store in a 4 oz. glass jar with lid. 

That’s all there is to it. I put affiliate links to the ingredients and products I use and trust, but here are a couple more important things to know. I actually didn’t put extra virgin olive oil because I’m guessing you have it. But if you don’t here are the things to know before you buy it. It should be in a dark glass container, no larger than 13 oz. And make sure it’s cold pressed and from just one farm. Hmmm, maybe I should give you a link after all, because a great deal of EVOO’s are tainted and diluted, or poured into plastic containers and we do have grave concerns over many of them. So yeah, here is a link to some organic extra virgin olive oil that we trust.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, we feel it’s wise to use only 100% Organic Essential Oils whenever possible. I’ve added links above.

ALSO, whenever you use essential oils in a recipe, make sure to store them in glass containers as they will break down plastic and cause a leaching of harmful ingredients, such as bisphenol (BPA  & BPS)…so in case you don’t have any glass containers, here are some we like:

mini lip gloss glass jars with lids

small glass jars with hinge lids

3 oz. glass jars with hinge lids

8 oz. glass jars with lids

We hope that helps, and we hope you LOVE this DIY body scrub recipe, intended to calm and soothe the body and the soul. Enjoy, indulge, and we want you to know that we truly honor the divinity within you.

Comment and let us know your thoughts, and how you like it. We LOVE you, and love hearing from you!



Laurie & Tiffany

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