DIY Facial Peel + Pore Strips Recipes

DIY Facial Peel + Pore Strips Recipes

DIY Facial Peel + Pore Strips Recipes


DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips Recipes

If you have blackheads and are prone to breakouts, this DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips Recipe is one of our favorites.  It’s super easy and will work as well, if not better than any of those pore strips you can buy.  This is an all natural way to go!

DIY Facial Peel:


1 Tablespoon hormone free egg-white
2 drops Frankincense or Sandalwood Essential Oil or the best essential oil for your face

Stir together and apply to a clean face and neck. Allow to sit 10-15 minutes. Remove with a damp warm cloth or by showering off. Immediately apply 1-2 drops of the best oil for your skin

DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips:


1/2-1 Tablespoon egg-white
1-2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil or the best essential oil for your face
1 tissue

Mix the egg white and essential oil and apply to your trouble areas. Immediately tear a 1-ply tissue and apply it over the areas being treated. Allow to dry completely (10-15 minutes) Then lift a corner of the strip and rip off. It works great!

For more info on what we think about essential oils and if they are safe and to know which essential oils are best for you, head to our posts so we can tell you what we think!

These recipes are both so easy to do and so inexpensive AND completely natural–we love it, of course!  But one thing that makes it even better is the beautiful smooth texture of your skin after it’s removed. It also leaves it feeling so soft and radiant!

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