DIY Firecracker Nail Art

DIY Firecracker Nail Art, using safe, non-toxic nail polish

DIY Firecracker Nail Art


DIY Firecracker Nail Art

We love glamour and glitz and have to admit that our likes turned into a bit of a withdrawl after we realized how “toxic” it looked like nail polishes and removers were. So sadly, we hung up our hats (I don’t know where that cliche popped into my head from, but we let go of another thing that we loved.

But then…

We started to find safe nail products…some were ok, but some have become pretty amazing!  With that, we will only share the ones we like best with you, and these ones are currently at the top of our list!

Link to Polishes
Mermaid Blue
Unicorn Horns (clear sparkle)
Soy Nail Polish Remover

Cute DIY Firecracker Nail Art, using safe remover and polishes-YAY! Super easy and super cute!  Tweet or tag us with pics of  your DIY Firecracker Nail Art… if you do it–we love to see your pics!  🙂

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Stay Safe!


Laurie & TIffany



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