DIY Fun! Upcycled Scarves and Bracelet from t-shirts

Here’s a little DIY Fun! Easy Upcycled Scarves and a cute Bracelet from t-shirts. Very cute, easy, and stylish!

Watch Tiffany in this quick video as she shows just how simple it is to do this DIY fun project, making upcycled scarves and a cute bracelet. 


Creativity is… 

looking for

new ways

to turn lemons

into lemonade

(healthy, of course! 🙂


DIY Fun! Upcycled Scarves and Bracelet from t-shirts

Teaching you easy fun ways to recycle & upcycle old items and turn them in to new items! Ha! Hope you love it and have tons of fun!

Let us know your thoughts, how surprised you are at how easy it is, what you’re up to next, etc. etc. lol!! Can you tell, we just love hearing from you?! 

Anyway, we hope you enjoy! You guys are the best!! Love you 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

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