DIY Laundry Soap + DIY Fabric Fresheners

DIY Laundry Soap + DIY Fabric Fresheners

Ok, maybe I’m just a sucker for great deals and saving money, or maybe I’m just a sucker, lol. But whether I am or not, I love sharing what we do to make our lives better, and think this post will make yours better too!

And so, are you ready for a couple of easy recipe + ideas for DIY Laundry Soap + DIY Fabric Fresheners? K, but first, please let us know how much you love them too!

DIY Laundry Soap + DIY Fabric Fresheners

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Before I start, did you also know that fragrance is one of the most toxic chemicals in the products we use? Yeah, but it makes our laundry smell so fresh..but the other concern is how many people are walking around with dermatitis, eczema, and allergies who might be quickly relieved by making some simple and inexpensive switches. 

I‘ve done this DIY detergent before (like years ago) but have been spoiled with buying the natural stuff instead of making it…  So back to brewing it myself I go! 

Disclaimer! I am so glad I forced myself to make this, forgot how AWESOME it is, my whites are whiter than ever and it feels great to be efficient!

DIY Laundry Soap + DIY Fabric Fresheners


1 bar Fels naptha soap (ground up or graded)
1c washing soda
1/2c borax
Organic Essential oils for scent (optional)
Fill a 5 gallon clean bucket with 3 gallons warm water add washing soda,borax and essential oil to bucket and stir.
Separately Boil Fels naptha soap in 4 c water. Once nearly dissolved pour mixture into bucket and mix well!

Cover and set aside for 24 hrs. Don’t stir after the 24hrs, the detergent should “gel” up 

When washing I use 3/4-1 cup of the solution.

easy diy laundry soap

easy laundry soap recipe


Here’s my little extra tip:
Those of you that like scent, can add the organic essential oils in the detergent like above OR for even more….here’s my secret tip, which is MUCH better than using traditional dryer sheets filled with unhealthy fragrances that can irritate the skin and be an overload. So I take a clean cotton hanky and add 15-20 drops of organic essential oil. I toss it in right before drying the clothes and voila! The whole house smells amazing, but the clothes smell amazingly fresh too!! Here are three of my faves:

  • Organic Lavender – for bedding  
  • Organic Sweet Orange – for a fresh invigoration
  • Organic Peppermint – for clothing I need to stay awake in (work & workout clothes)
  • Let us know YOUR faves!

NOTE: Make SURE that the essential oils you use are completely ORGANIC. If you’d like to know why, please head over to our post, Are Essential Oils Safe?

Here’s a line that we LOVE and have set up an affiliation with::

Organic Essential Oils
Hope ya’ll enjoy!!





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