Easy remedy for dry lips

DIY lip scrub for luscious lips

Why do we make things so hard? maybe it’s just me, but before i tried making my own DIY lip scrub, i was willing to pay some pretty decent prices to buy some that some stranger had made for me. Easy remedy for dry lips

But once I tried making my own DIY lip scrub, I was pretty surprised–it wasn’t just a great product, but it was just pennies on the dollar to make AND it was actually a lot of fun to make. In fact, it kinda made me want to spread my wings a little and see what else I could brew up in minutes, lol. Maybe that’s what will happen to you too? Let us know!

But iIt’s also that time of year, when the weather changes and your lips are wondering what just happened. Whether your lips are dull and dry or you just want to plump and beautify them, here is the easiest DIY lip scrub you could make.

It is a super fast and easy fix for the most luscious, beautiful lips, and the nice thing is you can have it all and don’t have to pay a fortune to get it, lol!

Here are the products we used in this video:

Raw sugar

lip plumper

lip liners

lip crayon



Long lasting luscious sexy lips and DIY homemade lip scrub

We hope you love this DIY Lip Scrub like we do, and hope it really rocks your world. W’d love to hear from you, please comment below! 


Laurie & Tiffany


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