DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap

DIY Natural DIshwashing Soap


DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap Recipe

Okay, time for a little confession.  We’d like to say we have always been eco-conscious and cared about the environment and get all kinds of the kudos that would be deserving.  But, umm, that wasn’t our first motivation. It wasn’t even our second either.  And the thought of making our own DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap would have seemed hilarious to us way back when.

But back to the whole “going eco”, we did it because we started to see the impact it had on the body and our overall health and well-being.  But by the time we finally came full circle, it made perfect sense to take care of this beautiful planet that takes care of us.  So now I guess you could say, we are full on hippies, but it’s actually a lot of fun.  We get a thrill as we figure out new recipes and ways to replace the things we used to rely on someone else to make for us.  Plus, it’s empowering to know exactly what’s in the products we are now using, because we made them ourselves!

Ready to get started on your DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap?  Here goes:


NOTE: Essential oils are a huge marketing ploy right now, and that is because they are working great for so many people. But many of them aren’t pure, and we believe could be potentially dangerous. Many manufacturers also use synthetic versions, which are chemically engineered and should be avoided altogether. But because they are so loosely regulated, many on the market get out there and appear to be completely organic. It’s impossible to tell, and at any moment a manufacturer using pure grade oils can change to synthetic to greatly increase their profit margin. So because of that, we do a lot of investigating into products before recommending them. The links we’ve placed on this post are to oils we believe to be the best options at the moment.

DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap Recipe

12 oz distilled water
1/2 cup Pure Castile Soap
6 drops lemon essential oil
8 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
6 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil


Mix all ingredients together in a 16 oz bottle with a lid. Shake or roll to mix together.
Just before using, be sure to shake or roll bottle.

Let us know how you love this recipe and any more you’d like for us to cook up for you 🙂  You guys are the best, please share your comments below, we dare you! LOL!! Actually, we love hearing from you  ALWAYS!!

Have a wonderful day!


Laurie & Tiffany 



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