Thrift store tips & DIY shorts

DIY Shorts + Thrift store Tips

Thrift store tips & DIY shorts

($70 BKE jeans cut into shorts = $5 thrifted)



Ok, I admit it. We LOVE to get a deal! And thrifting comes second nature to us. It’s one thing to buy something expensive because it will last the threads of time, but very few things need to last forever anymore really. At least that’s the way it is in our book, lol.

Some of you may agree, and some disagree, but actually in our line of work, we do a whole lot of repurposing of old fashions. So we are 100% in favor of it. Plus, we kinda love that feeling of accomplishment we get after we stand back and realize that we just pulled off the impossible. Yeah, that’s perhaps the biggest payoff of all – at least for us anyway.

What about you?? What are your thoughts/adventures on repurposing something and giving it a whole new life? We’d love to know.  K, enough said, let’s get on with ways we can inspire you to do something like your own DIY Shorts or something else that is very cool, and our list of shopping and thrift store tips. Our hope is to inspire you! 


“Do what you can,

where you are,

and with

what you have”

Teddy Roosevelt


Thrift store shopping tips & DIY shorts.  Must know tips to abide by when thrifting.

1. Make a list of items you are hoping to find. (I usually have pictures on my phone as well) If you know what you’re looking for, it makes the shopping experience quicker & easier. Of course, the chances of you finding the exact item you’re wanting is extremely rare.. but if you have the basics in mind, it makes the hunt easier.. use those creative juices and think of fun ways to make outfits look the same, even if the items themselves are completely different.

2. Contact your local thrift store & find out which days they re-stock their shelves with new items. If you can make it to the thrift store the morning after they stock their shelves, chances of finding valuables, is always higher.

3. Take advantage of your resources. Theres nothing better than finding something & knowing you’ve hit the jackpot. BUT there are other times when you are unsure if you really need it, or how well it works etc.. If you have a cell phone & carrier plan that allows you to use the internet, dont be afraid to look up the value and/or reviews of a specific item.(Note: all data plans are different, be sure and check with your carrier to see if can use extra services)

4. Have a budget.  The thought of a second hand shop tends to give people the mentality of, “Its inexpensive, grab this, grab that..” but beware! Those $2, $3, $4 items add up if your snagging everything in site. Which ultimately can defeat the purpose of thrifting &  being wallet friendly.

5. Don’t be afraid to try things on. In fact I highly recommend it. You are trying things on that have been “previously loved” If you don’t take an item off the hanger, you may not notice the faint yellow stain on that beautiful white blouse. Also with the different brands & styles being sold, its important to understand the fit, what if the neck has been stretched a little too far? Take a few extra minutes to try things on.

6. No fear. Easier said than done right? Wrong! Don’t be afraid to take that granny shirt hanging on the rack, pair it with a cute belt, small leather jacket & make something of it! Grab those not-so-in style jeans and turn them into adorable cut offs. No fear! Be creative!

Thrifted outfit: Shirt $4, Cut off shorts $5, Belt $1 (necklace old from target)

Have FUN!!!!!  And let us know about your great finds–we love hearing, and dang, we just plain love you in general!!!!  


Laurie & Tiffany

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