Moisture Pack Facial Mask - you can make yourself!

DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin

DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin


DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin- you can make yourself!

Brrrr, it’s SO cold outside!  It just makes me want get in a nice toasty shower, or just relax in a hot steamy jacuzzi.  Actually, I think I will, hit the tub that is. 🙂

Okay, but I have 2 ulterior motives for this therapeutic bath and spa facial treatment.  One is to deeply moisturize my skin that is parched from the dry cold air, and the other is to add moisture and magnesium to my entire body.  What?  heehee, the way I can do the latter is to add a cupful of epsom salt to my bath water, which, if you look at the ingredients in epsom salt, you may be surprised to find that it IS magnesium.  And to help moisturize my body, I’ll add in a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to my bath water. (It will help me absorb that magnesium too, btw!)

If I slather on the following mask a few minutes before getting into the tub, and then lay in that rich moisture therapy bath with the mask on…for about 10-15 minutes…I will de-stress my body, feel warm and pampered, while moisturizing the heck out of everything from my head to my toes.  Pretty dang amazing, right?!

Right now, the only thing that’s keeping me from that nice warm fountain of youth, comfort and joy is the fact that I keep on writing.  So I will spare both of us right now and head off for an evening of pure indulgence.

And when you do the same, we’d love to hear how you loved it! Enjoy this therapeutic bath and spa facial treatment!

Here is your shopping list:

epsom salt

DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin

  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook time: 10-15 minutes


1/2 banana
1 Tablespoon nutritious oil – see which will work best for you…  Best Oils to Improve Skin (by Skin Type)
2 teaspoons raw honey
1-2 drops organic, pure essential oil – see our post,  Which Essential Oils are best to Improve the Skin?


Place all ingredients in a mini blender and mix together well.  Slather mixture all over face and neck (avoiding contact with the eyes).  Leave on 10-15 minutes.  If you do this mask while in the bathtub, you could take a wash cloth and squeeze warm water from it, then place over the mask and relax.  The steam will allow more moisture to absorb into the skin.  It won’t dry out the skin because the mask will act as a lubricant and natural moisture barrier.  When ready to remove the mask, gently remove with a damp cloth.  (Be careful not to clog your drain so you don’t get in trouble 🙂

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Get glowing! (no excuses!)

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