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custom written research paper The cute man on the right hand side of this picture is my daddy–the greatest man alive!


enter Our Friday messages are of love, tenderness and fun, devoted to touch the heart and fill the soul. And with Fathers Day coming what a better way to do that than to pay tribute to one of the greatest patriots and people I know. I’ll give you a hint… 🙂


Fathers Day is coming!!

source url My daddy is my greatest Hero and I’m so proud of him!! He’s always been the first in line to help anyone anywhere and will go out of his way to help make other people’s lives better. He is sincere and genuine as he can be and such an inspriation in my life. But that just scratches the surface, My dad is a true patriot as well.


enter site Every time an American Flag goes by, his eyes rim with tears and it’s the most humbling thing–makes me cry too (but I’m a ball baby)
For him, it’s his country, his uncle gave up his life for it, his dad was torn to pieces in bombings on Pearl Harbor, his entire battalion he served with in Guam was killed when the Korean War broke out, and my dad was willing to put his own life on the line for this country that he loved so much. (I’m glad he didn’t have to, but am so deeply moved by his commitment and devotion to something that has meant so much. 


https://philmckinney.com/write-my-english-paper-for-me/ This is a writeup that came out in the Daily Herald last week and it melted my heart. 


how to write an introductory paragraph for an essay The thumbnail picture I’m sharing is a family picture while we lived in Germany. I’m the little baby in the photo. I like this picture because of the way my dad so proudly wore his Military uniform, something that mattered a lot to him. sigh. 🙂 After he finished serving in the Air Force, he went on and got his Doctorate in Psychology and was able to make a positive impact on many more countless lives along his path.

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follow url I love my dad more than anything, am so honored to be his daughter, hope he has a wonderful Fathers Day, and just had to share!
He’s not big into going online, but I don’t care, I love you daddy, and have a happy Fathers Day!!

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