Easy DIY balm lotion recipe

Feet So Soft Balm DIY recipe

DIY balm lotion recipeToo often we underestimate

the power of a touch, 

a smile, a kind word,

a listening ear,

an honest compliment,

or the smallest act of caring,

all of which have

the potential to

turn a life around.

– Leo Buscaglia


Remember those baby soft feet, awe. So where did they go? 🙂 Oh well, never mind that, let’s get those baby soft feet back, naturally!

Here is a wonderful remedy that is easy to whip together, and oh, so worth it.

Feet So Soft Balm, DIY recipe

Using a double boiler, mix the ingredients together in the top pan of the double boiler until melted, then remove and stir until it starts to cool.  It will turn a creamy yellow.  As the mixture is thickening, add it to a container an let it stand about a half hour.

Feet So Soft Balm, DIY recipe, Best natural recipe yet for dry, cracked feet and heels.

Easy DIY balm lotion recipe

How to use:

Use at least once per day. At night, generously smooth onto feet, then apply thin cotton socks over the feet. Keep on all night. Take off the socks in the morning and get ready to set out and strut those beautiful baby soft feet.

Try it out, and let us know how you love it!! You guys are the BEST! 


Laurie & Tiffany


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