Fitness Challenge + Words of warning


Fitness Challenge + Words of warning yoga


So in our world of eating healthy, we sometimes find that we get great results without exercise. But I guess the danger there is that we miss out on that extra blast of energy and well being that comes only from exercise. So we have re-committed ourselves to this little fitness challenge, and after just one week are already pumped at the results were seeing, and most of all, feeling!


Fitness Challenge + Words of warning weights

That feeling you get AFTER the workout is what we focus on when we feel that pang of dread….AND since that’s when our bodies need it the most, that “high” is the immediate goal!


Okay, so we told you on our youtube channel that we would post our weekly updates on this post…so here we go…

Laurie’s Results

My goal was 30 minutes a day….watch the video to see if I made my goal and if it’s made a difference for me beyond the statistics! I will say that it has been a great challenge for me and I’ll tell you why on the video! 🙂


Tiffany’s Results

“I’m going Good!! Been doing 2 daily uphill walks a day! I’ve only lost a pound, but my clothes are fitting better & I def feel better abt myself! Love ya!”


Oh yeah, I said in the video those steroids are Vancenase and Beconase, but there is another one, called Flonase. I would tell anyone to RUN AWAY before using them!!

Love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany



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