Fried Eggs With a Twist

Fried Eggs With a Twist – healthy & yummy too!


Tiff’s Fried Eggs With a Twist

It’s so funny how we think we’re in charge of our kids, when sometimes I think they really have very different ideas, lol.

So when I tried these fried eggs with a twist, it was actually a pretty fun experience. And the kids thought they were in charge, but deep inside, I think I got the last laugh.

Love taking the time

to prepare healthy food 

for your body,

celebrate every single

nutrient in it,

and savor the fact

that the food you eat

not only becomes

food for the body,

but also for the soul.

It was a much better option than those sugary cereals that have no real nourishment and leave them hungry an hour later. These fried eggs were super simple to make, colorful and creative, and kept their tummies full a lot longer than the ugly alternative. So yeah, I think it was a win-win all the way around.

It’s a simple idea that I’m sure will make breakfast fun, yet with a whole new twist on fried eggs. My kids really loved these, and of course we did too.

Sometimes it’s just fun to do things differently, so this is a cute idea to shake up your breakfast routine. And ps, a great way to sneak a few more nutrients into your kids diet!!!!!

And here is a quick recap of what we did…

Fried Eggs With a Twist


3 bell peppers, in your choice of colors

10-12 eggs, hormone free (free range)

3 tablespoons avocado oil


Slice and core bell peppers into 1/2″ rings.

  1. Heat oil on skillet
  2. Place bell pepper rings on the skillet
  3. Break eggs into each ring.
  4. Add sea salt & black peppercorns
  5. Fry on each side until done
  6. Serve

And there ya go– Fried Eggs With a Twist–a recipe that is way too easy and a super fun new twist to get the morning started right. 🙂

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Enjoy, and let us know how you, and the kids, and especially those very picky kids love them!


Tiffany & Laurie



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