Tips to make Vegetables Fun for Kids

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables


Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables


I need tips on getting kids to eat their vegetables. I have a 13 month old little guy and I am having THE hardest time getting him to eat fruits and veggies! He isnt the biggest fan of meat, but will eat some of it, but when it comes to fruits and veggies, its a nightmare even getting him to taste it! I dont know why all of a sudden he doesn’t like them, because he ate all organic baby foods until he started solids and LOVED fruits and veggies. I dont know if its a texture thing, or taste or what. We have tried cooking them different ways, offering them raw, hiding them in things, it doesnt work! I can see from your videos Tiffany that your little guy has no problem chowing down on his fruits and veggies so I was wondering if you guys had any tips, tricks etc that I could maybe try? Thanks guys, xo!  Natasha Alain


Hi Natasha,

Great question and if you’ve watched Tiffany’s vlogs, you’ve seen that we don’t have all of the answers, but have found a few great tricks that are working really well with getting kids to eat vegetables.  Her little boy Jameson tried so hard to like a juice concoction she made, but couldn’t quite stomach it.  So sometimes vegetables straight on, might be a little hard for a little one to swallow.

So here are some tips we’ve found for getting kids to eat vegetables successfully:

1.  Use powdered dry blends of dehydrated fruits and vegetables by adding them to cool or lukewarm soups, sauces, salsas, or raw desserts. Blendfresh is something we have found and can’t say enough about. It’s an amazing source for real nutrients, completely non-gmo and 100% organic with all kinds of plant based blends, proteins, fiber, pre & probiotics. With dehydrated foods, always make sure to amp up the water intake as well (for kids of all ages, even the grown up ones 🙂

2.  Hide veggies in a smoothie.  If the green color of a smoothie is enough to bring on the fear, add fresh berries to the mix to add some color.  Another way to boost color and nutrients is to add a little sliver of an uncooked beet.  A little goes a long way, but it will turn it a fun bright red.

3.  Try to find local produce whenever possible.  If your fruits and vegetables are local, chances are they’ve had a chance to ripen on the vine, which not only provides more nutrients, it also gives richer, more delicious flavor.  I was recently working in Austria and my assistant (who previously hated strawberries) couldn’t get enough of the fresh strawberries we got from a local farm.  They were seriously just like candy.  It’s crazy how much different the flavor is when produce is fresh and naturally ripened, verses when it’s picked way in advance and shipped hundreds of miles. o_o

4.  Make popsicles from smoothies.  Even if your child hates smoothies, there’s something magical about a popsicle.  So, capitalize on that!  You could literally fill ice cube trays and place little serving sticks in them or use popsicle molds. HERE ARE SOME that we love! They are always a hit at our houses.

5.  Make fruit (& veggie) leather.  After making a smoothie, coat a dehydrator teflex tray with a light coat of coconut oil.  Then pour your smoothie onto the tray and dehydrate until dry.  It makes a delicious fruit & veggie treat for all!

6.  Cook vegetables minimally.  I have a little secret.  Even Tiffany and I weren’t crazy at all about fruits and vegetables when we first started down the natural and organic road.  I remember thinking a salad was way too much work and thinking fruit was fine, but not necessary.  Yikes!  But the first trick we figured out was what a difference it made to cook produce a LOT less than we’d always done.  We also don’t use any canned produce–it just tastes like watered down mush, compared to the crispy fresh alternative.  So we do a lot of raw produce or if we cook it, we do it very minimally. We literally drop it in a pan to steam it for only 1-2 minutes…just enough to warm and lightly soften.  But we’ve fallen in love with the rich taste and light crunch of vegetables.

7.  Make food fun.   You can do so many fun things to make healthy snacks more cute!  We’ve found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest and are happy to share.  We don’t want to violate anyone’s copyrights, so please join us HERE for lots of great ideas!

SO, there are a few ideas to get you started, hopefully those will help.  I’m sure some of our viewers will have some other fun ideas, so we invite you to share!  Comment below, we love hearing your great ideas!


Laurie & Tiffany 


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