Green Desserts & Refreshers

3 Green Desserts & Refreshers

We were thinking of something green, ok, we know that doesn’t sound like much of a stretch for us! But we were going for green desserts that would be fun to share for St. Patricks Day.  We already know you love our healthy desserts. We can tell by what you tell us, and by the pages of our site that you like to visit. So here are 3 delicious and very quick green desserts.

orange julius green smoothie

We went through some of our top green posts, and these are the ones you’ve picked. And yes, we’ll tell you the tweaks we’ve made. Have FUN and enjoy celebrating that wonderful very green day!

key lime pie with hidden avocado, quick Green Desserts


GF lime cookies grain-free gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, guilt-free LIME COTTAGE COOKIES

So these cookies tasted so incredible, but we felt they were a little too dry. SOO we’ve worked them over again, and made a few simple modifications that made them taste even better!

blendfresh smoothie

ORANGE CREAMSICLE CREAM SMOOTHIE – we’ve got lots of delicious smoothie recipes, but this one goes down in history as one of our faves!!

We hope your St. Patricks Day is super fun and very very green! Actually we hope it’s so wonderful that you keep on eating green green green every single day!!

Here are links to both of our cookbooks that we think you’ll LOVE!

“Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies”

“Beauty Bite Desserts”

natural beauty diet,paleo diet,health and beauty,motivational quotes,life quotes

Comment here, or on our facebook or twitter, and let us know what you try, how your day goes, how you liked it, or whatever is on your mind. And if you have questions, please ask, we love to help!


Laurie & TIffany

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