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Best Anti-Aging Home Remedies for Your Skin

Anti-Aging Home RemediesDon’t you wish that you were in the possession of a timer turner and just rewind the time when your skin was tight and healthy? It is an undeniable truth that people want to remain young forever. But, it is not just the natural process of aging that causes your skin to get wrinkled. Our unhealthy lifestyles have also contributed in speeding up the aging process. Most people do not know that they are surrounded by so many natural organic skincare products at their homes that can slow the process of aging, making you look young and radiant.

Here are some of the home remedies that you can try to make your skin wrinkle-free and devoid of fine lines:

  1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel and Drink Its Juice

Cut a leaf from Aloe Vera plant and gently remove the top layer. Scrape away the gel and apply it in circular motion for approximately ten minutes and then let it stay for a while. Wash off the facial mask with lukewarm water. This remedy is extremely beneficial because Aloe Vera contains malic acid, which maintains the skin’s elasticity by removing lines and wrinkles. Drinking Aloe Vera and honey juice makes one youthful. The mixture will remove harmful toxins from your body and keep your skin hydrated. Aloe Vera is also great for moisturizing the skin.

  1. Make Organic Face Wash with Rice

Ever wondered why Japanese women look so young and evergreen? It is because they use rice cleansers prepared with water or milk on their skin. Rice water is one of the best anti-aging agents. It contains lots of minerals its rich in Vitamin E that make skin beautiful. Cold rice water is particularly magical for regaining the tightened skin as it makes the aging process slow. Rice milk cleansers are loaded with calcium and vitamin A. Rice cleansers revive the skin and lighten the complexion too. Just apply the mixture to your face and rinse with lukewarm water. Do not forget to apply toner or moisturizer later.

  1. Papaya Mask 

Papaya mask is an anti-aging agent. Papaya is full of antioxidants and vitamin A. It also contains an enzyme known as papain that consumes dead skin cells. All of these collectively work to improve the elasticity of the skin and restores the firmness. Mash a few pieces of freshly cut ripe papaya to create a paste. Apply the facial mask on your skin for 15 minutes and wash with warm water afterwards.

  1. Make Avocado Facial Mask 

Avocado has oleic acid that makes the fruit a good moisturizer. It is also jam-packed with vitamin E. Prepare a facial mask by chopping half of the avocado fruit, add two table spoons of organic yoghurt and just one table spoon of wheatgrass juice. Make a puree of these ingredients in a blender and apply a thick layer on to your skin for an anti-aging home treatment. Let it dry for twenty minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. The lactic acid contained in yoghurt will make your complexion lighter whereas wheatgrass juice is another powerful anti-aging home remedies that performs wonders inside and out.

Anti-Aging Home Remedies

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you try any of these! Please comment below, we love hearing from you!


Laurie & Tiffany

Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

top 10 natural makeup

Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

It’s that time again! We are about to share our FAVORITE TOP 10 NATURAL Makeup FAVES. This is one of our all time biggest requests, and we are so grateful that you care. Because as we always say, if you’re going to wear makeup, make it count. If it’s anything less that a vitamin bath for your skin, it’s time to change gears–big time!

Perfect beauty begins with

perfect health.

And when the two shall marry,

it becomes a beautiful

and a lasting thing.

Most products actually age you faster because of all of the toxic ingredients in them. Our skin isn’t just the barrier to all of our major organs, but the carrier as well, and studies have shown all types of toxic ingredients to absorb into the major organs. Even unborn babies aren’t exempt as many toxins are sadly found in the placenta as well.

Enough of that, we could go on all day.

We’ve got wonderful news to share! We’ve searched long and hard for the most incredible natural and organic makeup lines and providers in the market. And these affiliate brands have shown to be the very BEST available. We don’t share anything that we don’t believe in 100%, and each of these brands and sites have come through like champs. We love these lines, use them ourselves and on actors and performers we work with, and we are sure you will too. Because they meet our standards for excellence in quality, ingredients, and performance, we are eager to share them with you!

Meet the NK TOP 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines:











top 10 natural makeup

Check them out, try them out, and PLEASE let us know your thoughts! We LOVE hearing from you, forever and always, YOU are amazing and we love you!

Have a beautiful day!


Laurie & Tiffany

Organic DIY Beauty, right from your kitchen!

We used to think you had to spend hundreds of $$ on products for beautiful skin. But once we started researching what it takes to make the skin beautiful, we realized that many of the answers lie in indulging in superfoods. Yep that’s right. And by that, we mean eating them AND applying them to the skin. And many of those superfoods can be found right in your own kitchen. And pssst if not, you may want to start adding them, lol! 🙂

Being nourished



Beauty never had it so easy.

And here is a great little infographic, that illustrates exactly what we’re talking about… nature’s skincare miracles….

organid diy beauty, right from your kitchen

We hope you LOVE this!! Please comment below, as always we LOVE you and love your comments! And a special shout out to Babies Travel Lite for putting this together for us. Thanks, and have a beautiful day!


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Valentine Hair Style Ideas for the Perfect Date

It’s that time of year! 🙂 And because we really love you, we’re about to share some super cute and simple Valentine hair style ideas for the perfect date! Or I guess even if it’s not the perfect date, at least you’ll look amazing. jk!

makeup makeover

So if you want quick, easy, adorable…you’re in luck, we’ve got them all (and then some)

You may already know, but we went a little crazy on youtube (400+ videos) with lots of tutorials for simply beautiful makeup & hair. In fact, I’ll share a playlist of a lot of different hair looks that would be perfect, depending upon how dressed up or down you plan to be.

The video above leads to a hairstyle playlist, loaded with all kinds of fun and perfect Valentine hair style ideas. Try one out…shoot, try all of them out! And please tweet or tag us anywhere (naturesknockout) because we’d love to see them on YOU.

You guys are the best, and btw, we have some FREE downloads you won’t want to miss out on. We’re sharing all kinds of tricks that we use to give our clients the most amazing lips, a cheat sheet to help you be up on the trends, and more. Just subscribe in the box in the middle of this post for all kinds of great info you are about to absolutely LOVE!

And with that, have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!

We love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany

DIY Fall Headband & Makeup Tutorial

We thought we’d come up with a fun DIY Fall Headband that would be adorable through the holiday season.  Plus while we’re at it, we thought we’d throw in a simple and pretty makeup tutorial (using all natural & organic products as well)


“Gratitude can transform

common days into thanksgivings,

turn routine jobs into joy,

and change ordinary

opportunities into blessings.”

William Arthur Ward


We LOVE this time of year and look forward to a day of thanks giving. Whether you’re joining us from the States or not, it’s a beautiful thing to take the time focus on gratitude and having a thankful heart!

But actually whether you’re from the States or not, it’s such a blessing to fill our hearts with gratitude no matter what. I actually go through a list of things I’m grateful for every day, and make sure they are new things so that I’m always absorbing the good in everything I do and see. And it’s amazing!

So with grateful hearts, and in order to honor of this very special upcoming holiday, join Tiffany, as she shows how to whip up this cute DIY Fall Headband and beautiful makeup tutorial (using natural, safe, & organic products of course!) So YOU can be a knockout naturally, YAY!

We hope the spirit of this season fills your heart with an abundance of joy. We love you guys!  Please comment below, share your thoughts, reasons to be grateful, etc., we love to hear from you! 


Laurie & Tiffany

MAKEOVER, Head-to-toe

Yes, it’s time for a makeover, head to toe – using natural, organic, and safe products, of course!

As makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist’s we’ve been doing this professionally for years (and years and years) on Movies, TV, and for print & editorial jobs.

And it hit us, WHY aren’t we doing this for YOU?!

Ok, so we repent, lol and let’s get going on this. As the requests and questions keep pouring in from our adorable viewers, wanting personal help to know how to improve their own skin, which colors are best for them, which natural mascara is best for their thin straight lashes, which clothing style would flatter their shape or fit their personality best, and on and on, we know there is a need for more, and especially more help on a personal level.

So we are embracing our passion, and ready to start making transformations (using only natural, organic, and safe products) with and for YOU, yay!!)

We’re so happy you’re joining us, we’ve got so much more to share! A big shout out to August Miller Photography who has done all of the after shots for us. We’re super excited to have him on our team.

Enough said–let’s do a makeover!

Meet Jill…                                         

makeover, beauty

…and meet the NEW Jill!

Jill is an actress and a blogger. Here is her Blog  She said she wanted this makeover because she needed to make some changes, and had been on a medication for cancer for 5 years, and she felt it had taken a toll on her look. With that, how could we resist. We knew Jill should be our model for this makeover.

The Night Before:

We sent Jill her personality profiler test. After she sent it back, we went through it, we found that she is a Casualette Fashion Personality. We sent her a complete Casualette packet, illustrating everything about her personality, style, and characteristics. She sent back a note saying she was surprised at how spot on it was. makeover, head to toe makeoverThe before shots are the look that Jill showed up in. She made a comment that she was worried about what to wear, which is a typical concern most people experience most of the time as they try to dress for any specific occasion. Our goal was to change that for her, by opening up a new style direction that would help her feel confident and more beautiful in clothing and colors that would be best suited to her.

makeovers head to toe


We met at Ross and took Jill into the changing room, where we did a complete color analysis, and also charted her body proportions, measured her shape, and then set out to grab everything we could find that was perfect for Jill. She tried on several options, and it was a little tough to weed out which ones didn’t work, because most of them did.

It was so fun to see Jill’s transformation take place. Not only did Jill look better, she walked away with a new sense of empowerment, an eagerness to embrace new styles, colors, and shapes that would flatter her more. As an actress, she also liked learning that if she auditions for a character that isn’t likable, she can dress in the wrong colors and styles to get a psychological advantage over the director, who won’t know why, but will likely feel the disharmony those will bring. Kind of fun to know, but also it really helps to illustrate the importance of dressing in colors, lines, and styles that are fine tuned specifically to you.

makeovers head to toe

Before our shopping trip and makeovers, we also asked Jill where she likes to shop so we could get a price point for what she’d be willing to spend. She said she typically shops on ebay to save money, as it’s not important to her to invest a lot of money in her clothing. So we decided to meet her the next day at 1 pm at a local Ross Dress for Less. We had planned to find one complete outfit, but since she loved this black shirt as well, we ended up doing 2 outfits, and worked the second outfit around her own bohemian skirt that was a perfect piece for Jill. We found all that we needed to complete not one, but 2 entire outfits (including shoes, boots, and bags, and it totaled at around $110.  Pretty amazing, huh?!

Avady Clothing Company Shop the Latest Trends Now

For some reason, our wordpress won’t allow me to upload any more pictures–argh! So I guess this is the end of this post for now, in the mean time I’m off to figure out why it does this. It happens quite often and we’ve paid for professional help to fix it, but haven’t found anyone that has been able to successfully fix it…so if any of you wordpress smarties out there know what we can do to fix this issue, please share!!!

But in the mean time, I promise to be back, and we will be uploading footage and photos of more from our Image transformation Makeover with Jill.

Please comment below, we LOVE hearing from you!!


Laurie & Tiffany

TOP Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES

TOP Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES

Years ago, I remember reading a book that talked about the beauty traditions throughout the world. It was fascinating, I can’t remember the name of the book, but I liked learning how the Sweedish or the English or the Scottish beauty secrets evolved.

Fast forward to today, when we are sharing our secrets with the world everyday online. I kind of really love that about the internet. We’ve made so many wonderful friends with common interests that we never could have known in any other era. Anyway, where am I going, lol. Sorry about that : /

beauty quotes,life quotes

I guess those thoughts were sparked because in a weird way, it feels like we’ve searched the world over in our efforts to find the best safe, organic, and natural makeup around. Whew, not really, but we have literally bought makeup in many countries, in our hopes of finding the most luxurious makeup options we could.

It’s been kind of a learning curve, remember back in the day when “healthy food” was worse than the cardboard box it was packaged in? That’s how our journey has felt as we’ve gone through $1000’s of “natural” products, trying to find the very best, so we could use them on set, and then share what we’d found and loved with you.

We started our quest to share with the world on youtube, by making quick little 1 minute videos, talking about all of the “toxic” ingredients we had huge concerns over, based on all of the studies we had read.

So today, we continued to test, try, review, and rate anything that meets our very high standards but that also performs like a dream.

That brings us to our list:

Top Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES Collection that we really love and trust. We get so many requests for this info, so we’re excited to share it with you! We truly love each of these products and sites and use them on ourselves and on our clients because yes, we LOVE them!! AND we’re sure you will too!


The products we are sharing are from our current top few lines that we’ve been using ourselves, and especially in our professional makeup & hair kits.

These items are natural, safe, or organic and have performed beautifully for us.

What collection would you like to see next? Let us know! 🙂

Stay safe & healthy, it’s beautiful!


Laurie & Tiffany


HoLiDaY HaIr aNd MaKeUp TuToRiAl

We’ve got so much jingling tingling fun planned for the Holidays, but first we thought we’d start with an elegant look that you can achieve naturally.


The holidays are the

perfect time to reflect

on life’s beautiful blessings

and to seek opportunities

to make life

even more beautiful

for those we love


Join Tiffany on this quick tutorial so you can be a knockout naturally and get that holiday hair and makeup going on!

Let us know what plans you have for the holidays AND of course, let us know if you do this holiday hair and makeup on yourself (or anyone else that you love! 🙂 We wish you the happiest of holidays and the very best and most beautiful coming year.  Oh, and if you do this holiday hair and makeup tutorial, tag or tweet us–we love to see your creations. You guys are the best–we love YOU!


Laurie & Tiffany