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Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

watch top 10 natural makeup

Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

https://recyclefloridatoday.org/6600-an-essay-on-peace/ It’s that time again! We are about to share our FAVORITE TOP 10 NATURAL Makeup FAVES. This is one of our all time biggest requests, and we are so grateful that you care. Because as we always say, if you’re going to wear makeup, make it count. If it’s anything less that a vitamin bath for your skin, it’s time to change gears–big time!

Perfect beauty begins with

perfect health.

And when the two shall marry,

it becomes a beautiful

and a lasting thing.

how to purchase viagra in india Most products actually age you faster because of all of the toxic ingredients in them. Our skin isn’t just the barrier to all of our major organs, but the carrier as well, and studies have shown all types of toxic ingredients to absorb into the major organs. Even unborn babies aren’t exempt as many toxins are sadly found in the placenta as well.

help essay writing Enough of that, we could go on all day.

essay writing service We’ve got wonderful news to share! We’ve searched long and hard for the most incredible natural and organic makeup lines and providers in the market. And these affiliate brands have shown to be the very BEST available. We don’t share anything that we don’t believe in 100%, and each of these brands and sites have come through like champs. We love these lines, use them ourselves and on actors and performers we work with, and we are sure you will too. Because they meet our standards for excellence in quality, ingredients, and performance, we are eager to share them with you!

Meet the NK TOP 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines:

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https://pvadamh.org/fda-regulations-on-viagra/ GABRIEL COSMETICS

https://theoregoncabaret.com/who-will-do-my-homework/ JUICE BEAUTY

essay on sant tukaram LAUREN BROOKE COSMETIQUES

https://www.perichoresis.org/age-recommended-for-taking-viagra-7418/ REAL PURITY



source url THRIVE MARKET

https://www.hearfoundation.org/cialis-does-not-work-for-me/ ZUZU LUXE

https://bmra.org/bmra/how-to-do-a-review/21/ W3LL PEOPLE

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http://www.chesszone.org/lib/research-paper-university-4442.html Check them out, try them out, and PLEASE let us know your thoughts! We LOVE hearing from you, forever and always, YOU are amazing and we love you!

Have a beautiful day!


Laurie & Tiffany

DIY Fall Headband & Makeup Tutorial

go to site We thought we’d come up with a fun DIY Fall Headband that would be adorable through the holiday season.  Plus while we’re at it, we thought we’d throw in a simple and pretty makeup tutorial (using all natural & organic products as well)

here .

see “Gratitude can transform

source url common days into thanksgivings,

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http://magazine.lynchburg.edu/article/science-fair-projects-for-5th-graders-with-hypothesis/81/ and change ordinary

https://cscaz.org/8957-canadian-pharmacy-vcl/ opportunities into blessings.”

William Arthur Ward

follow url .

how to write a good research title We LOVE this time of year and look forward to a day of thanks giving. Whether you’re joining us from the States or not, it’s a beautiful thing to take the time focus on gratitude and having a thankful heart!

get link But actually whether you’re from the States or not, it’s such a blessing to fill our hearts with gratitude no matter what. I actually go through a list of things I’m grateful for every day, and make sure they are new things so that I’m always absorbing the good in everything I do and see. And it’s amazing!


https://fiestapoolsandspas.com/2465-help-with-dissertation-proposal/ So with grateful hearts, and in order to honor of this very special upcoming holiday, join Tiffany, as she shows how to whip up this cute DIY Fall Headband and beautiful makeup tutorial (using natural, safe, & organic products of course!) So YOU can be a knockout naturally, YAY!

https://stageone.org/business-writing-courses-online/ We hope the spirit of this season fills your heart with an abundance of joy. We love you guys!  Please comment below, share your thoughts, reasons to be grateful, etc., we love to hear from you! 


Laurie & Tiffany

HoLiDaY HaIr aNd MaKeUp TuToRiAl

We’ve got so much jingling tingling fun planned for the Holidays, but first we thought we’d start with an elegant look that you can achieve naturally.


The holidays are the

perfect time to reflect

on life’s beautiful blessings

and to seek opportunities

to make life

even more beautiful

for those we love


Join Tiffany on this quick tutorial so you can be a knockout naturally and get that holiday hair and makeup going on!

Let us know what plans you have for the holidays AND of course, let us know if you do this holiday hair and makeup on yourself (or anyone else that you love! 🙂 We wish you the happiest of holidays and the very best and most beautiful coming year.  Oh, and if you do this holiday hair and makeup tutorial, tag or tweet us–we love to see your creations. You guys are the best–we love YOU!


Laurie & Tiffany

TOP Natural Eye Makeup FAVES

Toxic Makeup is a thing of the past for us…we’ve moved onto bigger and much better things, and here’s why…2015 Top Natural Eye Makeup Faves

Some of you know that we come from the Beauty Industry and have worked as makeup and hair stylists on 100’s of movies, TV shows, and just as much Print work.

So to take the plunge and transition to all natural, organic, and safe products was a pretty crazy move, yet we’re so happy that we did it.

2015 Top Natural Eye Makeup Faves


7 years ago it was even harder to find amazing cosmetics that were pure, and we went through $1000’s worth of products as we hit and missed along the way.

But the changes that we found in our own skin, nails, and hair helped reassure us that we were onto something really great. Then we would use the best performing natural, safe, and organic products on our actors, celebrities, and dignitaries in our chairs and the results they saw convinced us that this was a trip worth taking and that there was no turning back.

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So as the years passed, we continued to test, try, review, and rate anything that met our already high standards but that also performed like a dream. When we find products we like on ourselves, we try them on our clients on set. If they meet our standards and perform well, we share them with you gladly. So here are products and lines that we have set up as affiliates for because we think they are by far the best of the natural, organic, and safe lines available anywhere.

That brings us to our list:

Top Natural Eye Makeup FAVES 











Here is a post with over 3000 ingredients we believe to be toxic and in many cases very hazardous. Just helping to keep you informed!

The products we are sharing are from our top few lines that we’ve found ourselves using all of the time, and especially in our professional makeup & hair kits.

These items are natural, safe, or organic and have performed beautifully for us.

Comment below and let us know what collection you’d like to see next!

Stay safe & healthy, it’s beautiful!


Laurie & Tiffany


Sexy Vampire Makeup Hair Tutorial

On Monday, we posted Natural Zombie tutorials, on Tuesday, we posted a Barbie tutorialon Wednesday we shared our Frankie Stein makeup tutorialon Thursday we shared a

Tinkerbell Tutorial, and on Friday,our Halloween Cat Smokey Eye Makeup & Hair Tutorial

AND finally, today, we decided to go a little scary and share our 


Sexy Vampire Makeup Hair Tutorial

Love, kisses, hugs + a very Safe & Happy Halloween to you!


Laurie & Tiffany

Halloween Cat Smokey Eye Makeup & Hair Tutorial

On Monday, we posted Natural Zombie tutorials, on Tuesday, we posted a Barbie tutorial

on Wednesday we shared our Frankie Stein makeup tutorial

on Thursday we shared a Tinkerbell Tutorial, using SAFE products of course!


And now for our Halloween Cat Smokey Eye Makeup & Hair Tutorial

Thanks so much for visiting, we’d LOVE your comments!


Laurie & Tiffany

Tinkerbell Makeup & Hair Tutorial

On Monday, we posted Natural Zombie tutorials then on Tuesday, we posted a Barbie tutorial and on Wednesday we shared our Frankie Stein makeup tutorial so today, we’d like to share a…


Tinkerbell Makeup & Hair Tutorial,using SAFE products of course for Beauty, inside & out & a motivational quote to keep you going!

 We hope you liked that! Stay tuned for what we come up with next–whether it’s lipstick, beauty, healthy diet, how to diet, it all adds up to beauty! Please comment, share and we will always get back with you! You guys are the best!!

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Here are links to both of our cookbooks that we think you’ll LOVE!

“Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies”

“Beauty Bite Desserts”

AND, we didn’t write this one, but think you’ll love it too! 100 Raw Desserts

Love and fairy kisses – ok, it’s just that time of year 🙂


Laurie & TIffany 

Frankie Stein Makeup Tutorial

On Monday, we posted Natural Zombie tutorials

On Tuesday, we posted a Barbie Tutorial

and Today we decided to post this Frankie Stein makeup tutorial, using SAFE products of course!

frankiestein monster high

It’s a really cute video that Tiffany’s son Ashton did all by himself! It was his first time to ever apply makeup and we think he did a super great job, especially for a 5 year old!

Here ya go!!

And p.s. the sunscreen is a much safer alternative and gives an opaqueness to the makeup. So even though he was 5, he did exactly what we would recommend. And it’s also a physical (not chemical) sunscreen and doesn’t burn the eyes, etc.

This is So FUN, isn’t it?!

Come back tomorrow to see what kind of fun we’ve got in store for you!


Laurie & Tiffany