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Gatsby 1920s FLAPPER GIRL tutorial | using SAFE products!


thesis printing Gatsby 1920’s FLAPPER GIRL tutorial | inspired by Michelle Phan’s video – see how to get the look, only now you can do it, using SAFE products!!

No Heat, Easy Rag Roll Curls TUTORIAL  

MARILYN MONROE Makeup & Hair, using SAFE cosmetics!

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Hi LOVES!! Enjoy our Marilyn Monroe Makeup & Hair Tutorial using natural, organic & safe products we LOVE!!

english essays for free LINKS to products used in this video:

go to site We always love hearing from you! Please Comment below and let us know how you like it and what you’re going to be for Halloween this year! ENJOY and Be SAFE this halloween with non-toxic makeup!!


Laurie & Tiffany

BARBIE MAKEUP Tutorial,using SAFE cosmetics!

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Tiffany’s Halloween Barbie Makeup Tutorial, using safe makeup.

enter We’re all about clean beauty, which we believe ultimately improves your beauty, with more beautiful skin, hair, and nails. There isn’t a chemical that can do all that for you, but natural, organic, and safe products are the perfect way to amp up the nutrients, inside and out.

source url So when you hear of beauty, inside and out, think about what you’re putting in your body as a part of your skin care program, and then take a look at what’s in the products you’re putting in your skin. Maybe it’s time to make some changes, for the inside and the outside.

We hope to be your #1 beauty resource for everything you put in your body, on your body, and in your mind!

watch AND here are links to both of our cookbooks that we think you’ll LOVE! “Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies” “Beauty Bite Desserts”

follow site 100 Raw Desserts We didn’t write this one, but think you’ll love it too!

Join us for a fun way to play it safe this Halloween!


Tiffany & Laurie

SFX Makeup trick – How to Block Out the Brows (safely!)

SFX Makeup trick - How to Block Out the Brows (safely!)

extra super levitra Makeup trick – How to Block Out the Brows (safely!)

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follow site We’ve seen all kinds of posts and videos on how to block out the brows, and some are a little scary.  This is a tried and true method that’s been used by professional makeup artists for years.  And we like that we can use safe products to make it happen!

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follow url PIN IT We’ve had a lot of questions from viewers who have seen other methods and had a hard time making them work.  So I’ll explain our perspective on each of the following methods and how well we think they work and why we favor the soap scum version which we show in the video:


professional resume help 1.  SOAP SCUM

This is the method we demonstrate in this video and we think it’s the safest, simplest and most effective way to block out the brows completely.  As you’ll see in the video, layering it in thin layers is one of the tricks to making this technique look amazing every time.    We also layer it with morticians wax, which can be purchased at a theatrical supply store or online, and is very cheap.  Again, it just takes thin layers.  We don’t recommend mustache wax or molding wax, because they don’t blend in as well.  I think the secret to morticians wax is that it is a very pliable wax that melts slightly at body temperature, making it blend into the skin beautifully.


We don’t have a problem with spirit gum as it is a natural adhesive, which comes from tree sap.  It can be used in layering, but is harder to get off, a lot messier, and we’ve heard from actors who have had bad experiences with makeup artists getting it in their eyes, either during application or removal.  That’s a little scary.  So overall, we feel it is an okay option, but needs to be administered really carefully and once you’ve used the soap scum method it just really doesn’t seem necessary at all.


This method is our least favorite because of the potential problems with latex.  We’ve seen some actors swell up instantly with latex application because of an allergic reaction.  Most people don’t know if they are allergic to it until after a bad reaction, so theres always a concern.  You can smell the strong ammonia in latex as soon as you open a container because the ammonia content in the formulation is so high.  Another concern with latex on the brows, is that if a good barrier isn’t laid down first, it will literally rip the brow hair right off.  And yes, we’ve heard horror stories from actors who have had that happen.  So for those reasons, we avoid this method completely.


This is a new method that appears all over youtube, but we’ve never seen it used in a professional makeup trailer.  One thing that happens to MU artists all the time is either the director throws something at us or for some reason we have to invent something on the spot… a glue stick seems like one of those make-shift ideas that someone came up with in desperation.  Sometimes those inventions out of desperation are the best, but, unfortunately, we don’t think this is one of those cases.  We actually tried it on a makeup to see how well it worked.  We liked the idea that it was non-toxic, but when it came to performance we weren’t impressed at all.  It is actually too tacky and doesn’t dry or change in tackiness, making it hard to smooth and layer.  It actually was way too thick. By comparison, with soap scum, as you keep working it (like in the video) it starts drying and thickening so you can smooth it down flat…but with a gluestick, it just added bulk, so the brows were hard to visibly erase and too gooey to cover well.  So our vote for this option is a big thumbs down. 

Enjoy and please let us know if you’d like to see the makeup tutorial for the look in this video!  In the mean time, stay safe!  🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

September NATURAL FAVES + more!


It’s that time again– Sept. NATURAL FAVES + more!


Are you curious?? Can you guess which natural products we will share for our top picks for the month of September?  We hope so! Just click the video and see our Sept. natural FAVES! 🙂



PACIFICA PALETTES (Get 40% OFF on all Gift Packs!)







ALVERDE EYESHADOW PRIMER – sorry, we can’t find links in the US, but it’s available at drugstores throughout Europe

Top 10 Fall Essentials Collab! Our FALL COLLECTION


Laurie & Tiffany

NATURAL BEAUTY FAVES + say HI to us in person!


Here is our latest NATURAL BEAUTY FAVES video, just posted!!!  Let us know if this helps and if you’d like us to do a monthly faves????

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Giovanni Straightening Elixer

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FTC DISCLAIMER: Some of the items in this video were given to us by the manufacturers, others were purchased by us. We specify in the video the ones that were provided by company’s, however, anything that we share with our viewers is only shown because we like and believe in the particular products.


Brought to you by Laurie & Tiffany of Naturesknockout, a mom.daughter pro makeup & hair team determined to inspire you to be a knockout. naturally! Get ready for FUN and the best info ever! 🙂


Stay safe!

Laurie & Tiffany


False Eyelashes – Safe Glue, and How to apply Lashes

Q&A …Are there any safe false eyelash glues you recommend?

Safe Eyelash Glue



Question: I know that there are eyelashes that are made with “real hair” (vs. synthetic), BUT when it comes to the glue… I noticed that most, if not all, contain formaldehyde or some other variation of a similar chemical. OK, so: what brand/kind of eyelashes do you recommend. And what eyelash glue do you recommend. And where can we find them? 🙂  Nancy Ashmoz

False Eyelashes – Safe Glue, and How to apply Lashes

False Eyelashes - Safe Glue, and How to apply Lashes

False Eyelashes – Safe Glue, and How to apply Lashes


Your question is an excellent one and something we had to find as professional makeup artists, because we do have to apply falsies on set quite often.

You’re right that most eyelash glues contain formaldehyde, so when we saw in trade pubs about a year ago that a Japanese company had applied for a patent on a formaldehyde free lash glue we were excited that it was the beginning of a trend.

But in our line of work, we don’t have time to wait for product development and needed something now….so what were we to do???

We hunted down the safest glue we could find, and what we came up with was…TA-DAH!! we found an amazing natural lash glue!!

yes, we were SO EXCITED to find it, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Enough said, here you go….

Our #1 TOP CHOICE…..

go here True Glue All Natural Eyelash Glue

True Glue all natural lash adhesive is the first of its kind! It’s completely natural and actually beneficial for your skin and lashes, and it works! True Glue lash adhesive is for use with any type of false lashes and lasts all day until removed.

Traditional lash glues make your lashes dry and brittle, but True Glue lash adhesive is actually beneficial for your skin and lashes! Contains Rosewater, chamomile extract, biotin, candelila wax, pullulan, geranium, glycerin and castor oil. How cool is that?!


Another latex free glue we just found that we like and also recommend is by Kiss. Just check the ingredients closely to make sure you are picking up a latex free version. The nice thing about this one is that the price is quite cheap!

So what don’t we like about these products?

We can’t endorse Urban Decay’s or Kiss products entire lines, so be sure to watch their ingredient decks closely.

urban decay lash kit

We’d love to hear your comments, feedback and how well you like them if you try them or end up trying them!

How to Apply Lashes

Here’s a quick demo to show you just how easy it is to get those lashes on right! Please COMMENT & let us know your thoughts or ideas, we ALWAYS love hearing from you! 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany


Natural Concealer Reviews and Ratings by Makeup Artists

Natural Concealer Reviews and Ratings by Makeup Artists
Photography by Pepper Nix, Makeup & Hair: by Laurie Vukich


Natural Concealer Reviews and Ratings by Makeup Artists

gender studies essay In our work, Tiffany and I believe concealers to be one of the best kept secrets in our makeup kits.

That said, a good performing concealer is a must.  I’ll admit that as we first ventured into the natural, organic and safe arena, we struggled to find good safe concealers that performed well too.

We feel that pigment is key and we favor liquid and creams for concealing and keeping it in the right places and out of the wrong.  Nothing is worse than a thick application in order to get coverage or than creases in the lines on a close HD shot-ugh!

watch So we’ll share our top 3 choices of the moment

NOTE: This list constantly changes as we find new great products emerging in the natural sector all the time, so check back often!


Our top three current picks fall are listed below by order of how much we loved their performance  (strictly based upon performance)

Of course there are pros and cons to each, but we currently have these in our kits, which is probably our greatest endorsement, but they were chosen because they are safe, and perform really well.

The pigments in the ZuZu Luxe and Jane Iredale are outstanding, the Tarte was strong too, but maybe not quite as strong as the other two.  Also, we like that the ZuZu Luxe formula is more organically based than the others, meaning more nutrients naturally! 🙂   The Jane Iridale, in keeping in mind with their “Skin Care Makeup” theme does have added nutrients, which of course, we love!  All that said, here are our top three current picks…

ONE MORE THING…. If you want great coverage, with less steps and less products, you may want to try a BB Cream, we absolutely LOVE them. But just make sure it is natural– Check out our TOP 3 Natural BB Creams Review.

1. Jane Iredale Active Light Undereye Concealer

Natural Concealer Reviews

For pricing, go here


2. ZuZu Luxe Concealer

Natural Concealer Reviews

See it here


3. Tarte Smooth Operator™ Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer

Natural Concealer Reviews

For Pricing, go here

For more Product Reviews head Here


Let us know your favorites, we’d love to hear!!!


Laurie & Tiffany

PHOTO by Pepper Nix