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Dry hair and scalp? Natural Remedies that work!

Q&A – Dry hair and scalp? Natural Remedies that work!

QUESTION: My daughter and I have severe dry scalp. We have been to the dermatologist with no results. We have been using DermOrganics Shampoo and Masque. Added Flax seed and Omega oil to our diet. We have even used Teatree and Olive oil as a treatment directly on our scalps. Our hair is healthier and looks great however we are still suffering from dry and flaky scalp and I mean dry, itchy and irritated to the point of sores. Any other suggestions? My daughter is 12 and going to Middle school this year and would love to get some relief for her that wont pump her growing body full of chemicals… 
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ANSWER:  Thanks so much, and it sounds like you’re doing a lot of things right.  We may be able to give you a few more suggestions, but if there is a medical condition, you may need to see another doctor for another opinion.

That said, here are our thoughts..

The scalp needs moisture, and we feel there are a couple of different ways to approach that, through the body and through direct application to the scalp.

Hydrating from the inside-out  🙂

Dry hair and scalp? Here are some Natural Remedies that work!

Chances are the entire body would benefit from more moisture.   The first thing everyone will recommend is drinking more water.  We agree, but also feel that water itself can be drying, so in order to get the most benefit, we add the healthy fats to our diet every time we eat (avocados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil)…  but that’s still not enough.  We also make sure that the bulk of our diet includes lots of organic fruits and vegetables.  They will help tremendously to hydrate the body internally as well.

Are you dehydrating your body? 🙁

Natural remedies for dry hair and scalp

Another thing some people over look are the things that they may be doing to dehydrate the body….caffeine, alcohol, and chemicals are big offenders.  They have been shown to dehydrate everything, including the brain and should be eliminated from the diet as soon as possible.  While you’re at it, eliminating chemicals from the diet in general can help a great deal in nutrient and moisture absorption.

Since water is dehydrating, avoid swimming, unless using a swim cap (not cute, we know, but…we’re talking about how to avoid dehydrating the body, right? 🙂

Also washing the hair too often can be a culprit in dehydration, so try skipping an extra day or two and see if that makes a difference.

Also, environmental factors can play a huge roll in the health of the scalp and hair.  If you live in a dry climate, it’s important to protect yourself from the elements as much as possible.  Wearing hats with a sunscreen protection is very helpful.  I wear hats every time I know I’ll be out in the sun and there are some pretty cute ones out there (yay!)  But it seriously can make a difference.

If you’re in a dry climate, adding a humidifier to your home or bedroom can help a greta deal too.

Another thing–is your water hard?  You’d be surprised what a difference a water softener can add to helping maintain the moisture in the hair.

Here’s an excellent tip that Leah Nyenhuis wrote when I posted this on our facebook page,  “I just put a water filter attachment to my shower head and have noticed significant improvement to my itchy scalp!”

And of course, lay off on heat to the scalp and hair, especially blow drying 🙁  Yeah, bummer, but it’s true and will make a big difference.  If you need to blow dry the hair on occasion, make sure to not direct heat onto the scalp.  Also use a safe heat protectant prior to applying any heat.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive oil is a wonderful conditioner for the hair and body–from the inside and outside.  Make sure it’s a part of your diet every day.  For the hair specifically, it conditions it and adds shine, and we’ll share some tips on how to apply it topically as well for amazing hydration, shine, and conditioning.

Hydrating from the outside-in 🙂

Natural remedies for dry hair and scalp

Massage extra virgin olive oil into your scalp and hair and cover with a shower cap (the monounsaturated fatty acids will help protect the hair and scalp, making hair more shiny, while nourishing hair and scalp at the same time) leave it in for up to a couple of hours and then wash with a safe shampoo (of course!)   Psssst, while we’re here, check out our  I-spy and chemical spy sections of our website to help understand why this is so important.  But in a nutshell, make sure your shampoo has no sulphates, or fragrances, which are especially drying.

Other highly effective conditioners that could be added to the above olive oil treatment:


After conditioning, rinsing and towel drying hair, you can spritz pure aloe vera juice (no sugar of course 🙂  onto the scalp as a leave on conditioner.  It can be purchased at a health food store and poured into a spritz container.


OKAY, I will make this one quick, I promise, but this is really important.  Since your scalp is causing you so much frustration, this is super important.  We talked about not washing it as much, but the other thing is to remember the importance of protecting the scalp from the drying effects of water.  So each time you immerse it in water, make sure to coat it with a protective oil (like I mentioned above) before applying any water.  This will act as a barrier and help protect the delicate skin.

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Whew, okay, this time we are done.  We’ve covered a lot of territory, but you should be able to find some things that can make a big difference for you.  Keep us posted, we’d love to hear what works for you and especially what works well!


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Like BIG SEXY Root pump plus? Then you’ll LOVE THIS!!!…


Do you Like BIG SEXY Root pump plus? Then you’ll LOVE this!!!…

Welcome to our “Like that? Then you’ll LOVE THIS!” Series, where we take old favorite products and replace them with something natural, safe, or organic.

Watch this quick video to see what we recommend replacing Big Sexy Root Pump Plus with and some great reasons WHY!

Comment below and let us know how you like it and what product/s you’d like to replace with something better.

GO NATURAL and be a knockout naturally! 🙂


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Gatsby 1920s FLAPPER GIRL tutorial | using SAFE products!


Gatsby 1920’s FLAPPER GIRL tutorial | inspired by Michelle Phan’s video – see how to get the look, only now you can do it, using SAFE products!!

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DIY Headband, Designer Inspired

Yes! You heard it right, we are about to teach you to make this super cute DIY Headband, Designer Inspired!

I saw this headband in a magazine, a VERY HIGH end name brand was selling it for well over $200. Yeah, crazy, but YAY for easy DIY’s 🙂

DIY Headband, Designer Inspired – enjoy this video to see how simple and cheap it is to make! Yay! 🙂

It’s so fun to make and in a weird kinda way, I even like the compliments I get from my DIY headband, even more than if I’d paid $200 for it!

I don’t know, it’s silly, but there’s just something very validating about making it yourself. And if you make it for someone you love, be sure to think of them and how much you love them as you spend your time making it. We really believe that the energy felt will be passed on with the gift. Some of my very favorite gifts growing up were homemade gifts, mainly from my grandma. I’d eagerly await her sweet gifts more than anything else I thought I might be getting, but I think I could feel the love she infused into those gifts as she made them. Just saying 🙂

DIY Headband, Designer Inspired

Happiness is



with love


Learn how to make your won DIY Headband at home for a little over $2!!

Have fun knocking them out 🙂 Oh, and if you make this (or any be sure to let us know how you love it–AND if you post it anywhere, please tweet or tag us, we’d love to see it!  We love you guys!


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Cute Simple Hairstyles to hide extensions!

We’ve got LOTS of Cute Simple Hairstyles to share with you! 

We LOVE to do hair, in fact, so much so, that doing hair is our profession, lol! And we also love to share. So we have tons of cute simple hairstyles on our youtube channel to help you do them yourselves!.

Join us as we share one of those Cute Simple Hairstyles. In fact, the purpose of this video is to show you a cute way to hide extensions.  

Cute simple hairstyles to hide extensions

Let us know your thoughts!! It’s super cute, right?! And such a cute, simple hairstyle. We want to thank our model on this video, her name is Kaesi Moulton, and she is such a sweetheart. We love that girl and really appreciate her willingness to help us out! We had a ton of fun with her. 🙂

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Tea Tree Oil – A Billion Uses


Tea Tree Oil – A Billion Uses. Ok, we know, sometimes we have a tendency to exaggerate just a tiny bit. So I guess we should just call it like it is….A Billion and ONE Uses, lol. Enough said, once you realize what an amazing oil it is, it will totally rock your world. And you may even boost it all the way up to Tea Tree Oil – A Billion and 500 million uses, who knows?

But what we DO know, is…


Tea Tree Oil is seriously

one of those wonderful gifts

the earth shares with us,

and thank goodness for that!


NOTE: Since this video aired, I need to just add that we’ve found some tea tree oil that is more pure… it’s actually organic and at this point, we strongly believe that any essential oils used must be organic. The best source we’ve found that we completely endorse is here

We wanted to share some great Tea Tree Oil Uses & Remedies because it’s become an essential item in our home first aid kits.

Enjoy this video where Tiffany shares some personal favorite uses, but if you watch this video on youtube, you’ll find tons of additional ideas from our wonderful viewers.

Please comment below and blab your guts out–it’s very therapeutic and that way we won’t be the only ones that do. LOL! But seriously, we love your comments and insights–you guys seriously ROCK!


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