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Want to LOSE WEIGHT? Boost Your Metabolism, here’s how…

What if you want to lose weight, but CAN’T?

It may be as simple as learning your body’s needs, and a new perspective. Some people try starving themselves, resistance, punishing themselves, or fad diets, yet all have the same results–failure. So if you’re starting to think you just can’t lose weight, maybe it’s not your body that’s the problem at all, and the fix might even be very simple.

You’ve heard it from us before, what you put IN your body, ON your body, and IN your mind can make or break you. When you look at your body through a new lens, not as the “enemy” but as an incredible divine creation that cares for you constantly, with every single breath, it’s easier to see your body as your valued friend. When we see our body through appreciation and gratitude, we naturally want to care for it, rather than to punish it, and that emotional transition can be essential in helping us to truly “care” for our body in a whole new way.

A grateful


is a magnet

for miracles

As for what we put IN our bodies, did you know that:

if you want to lose weight, one of the best things you can do is to boost your metabolism, it can make all the difference in the world.

Here’s why:

Your body’s metabolism controls how fast and efficiently the calories you eat are burned. Increasing your metabolism, even just a little, can help you burn calories even at rest.

Here are the food & ingredient super stars that can boost your metabolism:

  1. Add catechins. Hmph, what are THOSE? They are ingredients that will fire up your metabolism quickly. Catechins are helpful molecules that have been shown to aid in body fat reduction and metabolism increases. The best sources of catechins are Green tea (warm, not hot or cold) Black tea (but not quite as many as found in green tea), blackberries AND dark chocolate. It also contains some caffeine, which has thermogenic properties-which helps increase the heat inside your body’s metabolic systems, making it easier to ignite more calories. While it’s not a good idea to go wild with candy bars for this small boost, you may want to use a small piece of dark chocolate for a dessert instead of something else.
  2. Fiber – Adding fiber to your diet is another way you can get your metabolism back on track. Fiber helps speed up the digestion process, which may give your calorie burning a little more oomph. You can get your daily fiber intake from adding sorghum, quinoa, flax, and barley. Here’s a super yummy one you may want to do–here’s one you’ll love, try making some sorghum flour based cookies with Just Cookie Dough from hamptoncreek. Mmmm.
  3. Water. We all know this, but it really is important to constantly drink water throughout your day. Cold water especially has been linked to a slight increase in your body’s ability to burn extra calories. Essentially, your body needs to work to regulate the temperature of the water so that it matches your body’s core temperature. If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, and especially right before meals, this can help shave off a few more calories.
  4. Calcium – Some studies have found evidence showing that people who aren’t getting enough calcium in their diet have slower metabolisms. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of this essential nutrient. Try more green leafy vegetables, including spring greens, cabbage, swede, rocket, watercress, kale, broccoli and parsley.
  5. Vitamin D – for another small boost in your calorie burning, try foods that are rich in vitamin D. One natural sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish (like tuna, mackerel, and wild salmon–which we favor the most as it is so rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as well ). Other great natural sources of Vit D include orange juice, and organic beef liver and organic egg yolks.  Vitamin D helps keep your muscles strong and healthy, which is a key factor in burning calories more efficiently. It has also been shown to help keep your immune system at its peak, which may prevent or reduce your frequency of getting sick, and has even been shown to be effective in fighting depression.
  6. Grilled Organic Chicken – Eating plenty of protein has also been shown to help keep your metabolism working at its best. Protein is able to fuel your muscle fibers and contributes to the amount of lean mass you have. With more lean mass as part of your body’s composition, you are able to maximize your calorie burning. Protein sources like skinless grilled chicken breast are a great way to feel satisfied without adding too many calories to your plate.
  7. Spinach – it’s also important to make sure you get enough iron in your diet in order to help your muscles be more efficient. Iron contributes to the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. This process is essential if you want to burn fat when you’re cutting back on your calories. One of the tastiest sources of iron is spinach. A mixed salad that swaps spinach for lettuce can be an easy way to add this nutrient to your plate.

We’ll discuss this more and continue sharing more tips, but our goal is to help you celebrate the beauty of that miraculous body that you have. Embrace how wonderful it is and care for it because you are grateful, and watch how much better you can start to feel right away.

In that mindset, we challenge you to add these metabolism boosting foods and ingredients to your diet immediately and at the same time, watch and celebrate the changes you will start to see. Improving your body’s ability to burn fat is a successful way to lose weight in the right way.

Probably the greatest thing about changing your perspective is that you’ll naturally want to change your diet, and will quickly see that you don’t have to work as hard to get the results you’d like.

Let us know your thoughts, victories, realizations, and how grateful you are for that spectacular gift (your body) that you have been blessed with. We love you and are cheering you on all the way.

We honor the Divinity within you and wish you the very best in this and every endeavor in your life!


Laurie & Tiffany

Tampons and Condoms – Natural Alternatives

Natural Condoms

tampons and condoms – natural alternatives

Okay, yeah, it is a little bit awkward to discuss the topic of tampons and condoms on a public forum, but it’s actually a great question that we’ve been asked about a lot, people wanting to know if any safe, natural condoms exist.

We love that you care about what’s going on or in your body in any way whatsoever, so we’re happy to tackle this issue.


a true

love story




The truth is, this is a tricky subject, because there is really a tradeoff that you need to consider with tampons and condoms. Most tampons and condoms are chemically produced, which we don’t feel is safe and believe could be potentially very hazardous.

So when it comes to condoms, the best natural alternative is natural membrane condoms. We feel they are a much safer alternative, and can be very effective, but if you’re concerned about animal rights, it could be an alternative you’re not going to feel good about. In that case we would recommend doing extensive research to find other safe and natural alternatives.

But if anyone has any feedback or advice on this, please feel free to share. In the mean time, here are some natural condoms that appear to be very safe and come highly recommended…


Hopefully this topic has made you stop and think about the safety of products we commonly use.  If so, here is another post you may be interested in as well:


Here’s a great little video Tiffany posted to help you think about how safe tampons really are…watch it and get a good laugh, but please comment with your thoughts too. In fact, if you look at this video on youtube, you’ll see some very insightful comments as well! 🙂

Natural lubricants we like too

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, we recently were asked about natural lubricants, so we thought we’d share some affiliate links to our very top natural lubricant picks as well:

Natural Personal Water Based Lubricant  – if used with condoms, water based lubricants are recommended, as they are less likely to interfere with condom effectiveness

Yes Personal Lubricant, Oil based

Viamix Organic Glide

We actually love the fact that we are finding better options for just about everything in our lives, and tampons and condoms are no exception  – it’s super important to think about what we’re putting in and on our bodies, and that when it comes to tampons and condoms – natural alternatives are available–yay!

We also love your interest and desire to stay safe and to do all that you can to preserve your health.

You guys are the best,

Please COMMENT and share your insights, ?’s and wisdom!


Laurie & Tiffany

Is Botox Dangerous or Safe?

I don’t know exactly why I’m being compelled to write this post, “Is Botox Dangerous or Safe?”  But my guess is that it will become more clear to me after it’s up and out there. Then again, maybe it won’t, but my hope is that someone will benefit from the thoughts I’m about to share.

A while back, I had the weirdest thing happen, I literally had a “pain in the butt.” If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was a crude thing to write, but it’s really true. I had this persistent, sharp pain that would not go away.

So I did some research on it and found there were options. The one I chose was a natural sugar water injection called “prolotherapy.” As I researched it, I decided that worst case it wouldn’t work, but at least there wouldn’t be any side effects as opposed to the other option, a steroid shot.

So I found a local naturopathic doctor who advertised it and went in and got a shot.  I felt a cold sensation which immediately seemed to wash away the pain, and I felt lightyears better. So yes, big huge kudos for the Prolotherapy, it was truly amazing and I’d get it again if I ever needed to.

But on the not-so bright side, when I was in that doctor’s office, I saw that Botox was offered on his menu of services. Of course, that came as a big surprise to me.

botox dangers

Is Botox Dangerous or Safe?

A big chunk of the celebrities I’ve done makeup on get botox injections basis, and I get asked often what my opinion is on the safety of botox all of the time. Let’s just say it’s not positive as I had a 26 year old nephew-in-law die after receiving botox injections for a migrane. If it wasn’t related, that’s a terribly young age for an otherwise very healthy young man to die. That, plus my feeling in general is that we should stay away from botox. So yeah, I was really confused as to why a naturopathic doctor would offer botox to anyone.

So as I got that prolotherapy shot in my behind, I asked that Naturopathic doctor why he would do botox injections on his clients. He shrugged and said, “Because they want it.”


I felt a little sick inside to hear him admit that. At least his answer was honest, and probably the same motivation behind every doctor that administers botox to their clients. But this guy should know better, he was a naturopathic doctor, right? Then again, he was a human being, wanting to make money and knew this was a sure way to get it.

So I asked, “Isn’t botox toxic?”

botox dangerous or safeHe said, “yeah, it’s called Bo “tox” for a reason. It’s the most poisonous bacterium known to man, if you were to eat it, you’d die.”

Really, do people even know or take time to look into that? It’s too dangerous to eat, but we can inject it into our bloodstreams without batting an eye? And doesn’t it seem like it would cause cumulative damage to the major organs that it’s delivered to as well?

So I went home and started tearing into every study I could find. I won’t preach my thoughts on this, but will share a few studies, and let you decide for yourself.

Botox induced muscle paralysis rapidly degrades bone

Risks of Botox, Mayo Clinic

Botulinum Toxin Deaths: What is the Fact?

The FDA Warns of Botox Death

On the bright side…

In every post that we share, we believe there is always a positive and safe alternative, and we love to help you find it. We were amazed when we first realized the beauty benefits that come with dietary changes and with using natural and organic products on our skin. The key to anti-aging is anti-oxidants, which come in rich supply in the products and recipes we share all of the time. You see amazing results with the use of stem-cells, which can be derived from fresh fruits. So what happens when our diets are rich in phytonutrients? Our skin glows, wrinkles fill in and soften, the skin holds moisture better, the hair and nails grow and we feel better, it truly is a magical approach to beauty.

botox dangerous or safe

If you’re not drinking those nutrient dense smoothies, now is a great time to start! And we’ve got plenty of delicious recipes that we’re happy to share. Our belief is that we don’t need to freeze our faces with toxins, but instead, nourish our bodies, inside & out, and beautiful things start to happen.

Let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear!!


Laurie & TIffany


Fight Flu Naturally

Fight Flu Naturally


Fight Flu Naturally

The hacking has begun. That would be cough and season type of hacking, but still one that is definitely unwanted. So whether it’s coughs and sneezes or the full on flu, we’re sharing some natural ways to help keep you sniffle free this fall. We’ve put together some of our best little tricks that work very well for us and we hope they work for you too!

  • Drink lots of water, 2 1/2 x your body weight per day
  • A spoonful of RAW honey 2 – 3 x daily can be helpful, especially for soothing a cough. Raw honey is full of nutrients and also contains antibacterial properties
  • Amp up your Vitamin C intake (but make sure it’s not genetically modified (non GMO,) because ascorbic acid is derived from corn, if you don’t live in Japan, Korea, or the European Union, most of the corn in your country is GMO–so it will say if it’s non GMO)   Here is some that we really like: Organic Vitamin C Powder
  • Rinse the mouth 2-3x daily with hydrogen peroxide (3%) – it helps to start using this mouth rinse as soon as you are in contact with infected people
  • I learned about one of the best flu preventatives from an actress who has used it her whole life when exposed to sickness and she’s never had the flu even once! I’ve used in numerous times and am amazed at how well it works!!
  • Make a tea of 1 cup warm water, 1-2 tablespoons raw honey, cinnamon and ginger to taste. Drink this 2-3 times per day to help fight infection and inflammation
  • Take Pycnogenol –  a natural plant extract derived from French maritime pine bark.  It is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and actives in Pycnogenol strengthen tissue permeability. Pycnogenol has been thought to reduce risks of some cancers, accelerated aging, and arthritis. It can reduce bruising and severity of sports injuries, reduce varicose veins, reduce risk of phlebitis, improves red blood cell membrane flexibility; has dermatological benefits including improving skin elasticity and smoothness, appears helpful in psoriasis, and protection against sun damage. We love Pycnogenol for hay fever, athsma, and allergy relief. It helps reduce inflammation and can also improve joint flexibility.

Fight Flu Naturally

Boost the Immune System

When the immune system breaks down, all kinds of colds, flu, and disease start to take hold, and they seem to hold on and on forever. So here are a few things that we do, to help power up our immune systems on a daily basis:

Take probiotics – we also love to make our own coconut milk yogurt and lacto-fermented juices and veggies, but the value of probiotics is huge on improving the digestive system, which effects overall health. These can be highly effective for people suffering from eczema and other skin disorders as well.

Vitamin D3 – Most people tend to be low on this vitamin. Most experts agree that Vitamin D is extremely important for heart, prostate, breast, colon, bone, dental and immune health. Supplementing Vitamin D orally using Vitamin D3 softgels may provide broad spectrum health benefits for overall wellbeing.

Omega 3 fatty acids – We love these for what they do inside the body, while outside, they seem to cause hair and nails to grow faster, and skin to glow. But inside, they’ve been connected to helping improve the heart, brain, and other organs too.

Quercetin – this is something that seems to take some time to get into your system and is naturally occurring in onions and apples (“an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” really does have a lot of merit 🙂

Rieshi mushrooms – these could be used as an alternative to quercetin, if desired, but have been used widely in Asia to boost the immune system.

AND of course we would say to get off sugar, and all inflammatory foods, such as sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy, and replacing them with super nutrients. You can easily replace them all by using any of our recipes on this site, or find even more in our Beauty Bite Desserts Cookbook

Those are some of our favorite tips, but we’d love to know yours too!  Please share by commenting below–we love your comments!!

Take care of yourselves–YOU are worth it!

Please comment, we LOVE hearing from you!  🙂


Laurie & Tiffany


TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces, Summer 2015

TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces


It’s time for our TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreen Picks for 2015….

For this post, we’re going to focus on our favorite natural, safe, & organic Sunscreens for Faces, mild enough for the face, as we’ve found some don’t do so well in that area.

As professional makeup artists, we need good products that also perform well and don’t break our actors and talent out.

Then, if we get enough requests,  next week we’ll branch out to our  TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreens for bodies, because bodies are a little more tough, and coverage can be a little less expensive for the whole body. If you’d like a Top 3 picks for natural bug repellants, let us know down below too. 🙂


NOTE: We aren’t going to compare these by SPF’s as that is a numbering system that we believe does more harm than good. So often we hear people say, “Oh, this one’s a 100” blah, blah, blah… We say, DON’T buy into it, the higher numbers are all marketing schemes and give people a false sense of protection, but leave them wondering why they still got fried afterward. So ignore the numbers, a 15 is as effective as a 100, but BOTH must be re-applied every 2 hours, whether you go into water or not. So here we go…


Suntegrity Face Sunscreen

1. Suntegrity 

This sunscreen has made it in our top picks before, and once more is going to head our list as our #1 pick. It’s organic, naturally rich in nutrients and goes on super smooth, creamy, and leaves a fresh, dewy look without all of the grease. With the testing we’ve done, we’ve come across many people who normally break out from sunscreen, but had consistent results of improved skin and no additional breakouts. We also love that it is lightly tinted and can work easily as a base as well. If we have to find a down-side, we’d need to say that it would be the price, retailing for about $45 a tube, but for us and our clients, we feel that it is an investment that is ultimately worth every penny.




2. Eco Tint Sunscreen Stick 

Here is another option we found in a tinted sunscreen. The color is a medium skin tone and tends to blend in well, unless it’s cold. It may also be a little hard to match up to very fair and light skin tones.

Another thing we liked was that it’s nice to re-apply, and instead of taking off color like most sunscreens, it just blends into what may still be on the skin, so re-applying every 2 hours is pretty easy to do.

Our favorite thing about this sunscreen is the lineup of ingredients–this one qualifies as a true organic product. At $29.99, we think this tinted sunscreen is a great option.



mineral fusion mineral brush on sun defense

3. Mineral Fusion mineral brush on sun defense 

We really find that a powder sunscreen is essential in our kits since we have to re-apply sunscreen often to our actors faces. We also re-apply powder constantly throughout the day, so this product can easily kill 2 birds with one stone–eeek did I just say that? The truth is it won”t kill any birds or any humans for that matter as it is a product that we feel safe saying is “safe”. So whew, don’t worry about the sweet little birds, they will be just fine.  The best price we could find on this product is just over $17 which is pretty decent. So as a different type of option for sunscreen, we are big fans of this one and had to add it to our Top 3 Picks Natural Sunscreens for faces.

Please comment below and let us know your questions, thoughts, or any awesome other products that we should be checking out.  You guys are the best!!

Stay safe!


Laurie & Tiffany

Healthy Diet can improve a child’s IQ

the fact that a healthy diet can improve a child’s iq shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since what we feed our bodies, effects us, for good or for bad.vegan sources of calcium


Healthy Diet can improve a child’s IQ

I saw a quote that said, “If you are what you eat, I’m going to go eat a skinny person” LOL, it is pretty funny.

But all kidding aside, what we put inside our bodies is fuel (good or bad) and it really does matter. And in the case of children, what they eat really matters a lot, especially in some of the most formative years. 

We did a pop-quiz on our facebook fan page–and we were SO impressed 🙂

We shared this, “A Bristol University study showed that processed foods may have a negative effect on a child’s IQ.  At what age does a child’s diet have the biggest impact on his/her IQ?” And you nailed it!

This is what you said:
drumrole :)…..
The biggest dietary impact on a child’s IQ happens by age THREE–ugh and yikes!  We were actually surprised to learn that, so does that mean if we’ve had unhealthy diets that it’s too late to do anything about it?

No, absolutely not–but knowledge is power, right?! We’ve seen enough research and learned from our own experience that it’s never too late!

What if we stopped throwing sugary, chemically colored treats at them and they learned to love the flavor of fresh fruits and veggies.  Not only could their IQ be improved, but what about the brain itself, the heart, lungs, immune system….and the list goes on.


kids are great

imitators, so give

them something

great to imitate


Just start today and do a little better–one step at a time, and before you know it, great things start to happen.

Take care of yourselves, you are so worth it!!!

Please comment below, we love it when you do 🙂 Love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany



Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables


Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables


I need tips on getting kids to eat their vegetables. I have a 13 month old little guy and I am having THE hardest time getting him to eat fruits and veggies! He isnt the biggest fan of meat, but will eat some of it, but when it comes to fruits and veggies, its a nightmare even getting him to taste it! I dont know why all of a sudden he doesn’t like them, because he ate all organic baby foods until he started solids and LOVED fruits and veggies. I dont know if its a texture thing, or taste or what. We have tried cooking them different ways, offering them raw, hiding them in things, it doesnt work! I can see from your videos Tiffany that your little guy has no problem chowing down on his fruits and veggies so I was wondering if you guys had any tips, tricks etc that I could maybe try? Thanks guys, xo!  Natasha Alain


Hi Natasha,

Great question and if you’ve watched Tiffany’s vlogs, you’ve seen that we don’t have all of the answers, but have found a few great tricks that are working really well with getting kids to eat vegetables.  Her little boy Jameson tried so hard to like a juice concoction she made, but couldn’t quite stomach it.  So sometimes vegetables straight on, might be a little hard for a little one to swallow.

So here are some tips we’ve found for getting kids to eat vegetables successfully:

1.  Use powdered dry blends of dehydrated fruits and vegetables by adding them to cool or lukewarm soups, sauces, salsas, or raw desserts. Blendfresh is something we have found and can’t say enough about. It’s an amazing source for real nutrients, completely non-gmo and 100% organic with all kinds of plant based blends, proteins, fiber, pre & probiotics. With dehydrated foods, always make sure to amp up the water intake as well (for kids of all ages, even the grown up ones 🙂

2.  Hide veggies in a smoothie.  If the green color of a smoothie is enough to bring on the fear, add fresh berries to the mix to add some color.  Another way to boost color and nutrients is to add a little sliver of an uncooked beet.  A little goes a long way, but it will turn it a fun bright red.

3.  Try to find local produce whenever possible.  If your fruits and vegetables are local, chances are they’ve had a chance to ripen on the vine, which not only provides more nutrients, it also gives richer, more delicious flavor.  I was recently working in Austria and my assistant (who previously hated strawberries) couldn’t get enough of the fresh strawberries we got from a local farm.  They were seriously just like candy.  It’s crazy how much different the flavor is when produce is fresh and naturally ripened, verses when it’s picked way in advance and shipped hundreds of miles. o_o

4.  Make popsicles from smoothies.  Even if your child hates smoothies, there’s something magical about a popsicle.  So, capitalize on that!  You could literally fill ice cube trays and place little serving sticks in them or use popsicle molds. HERE ARE SOME that we love! They are always a hit at our houses.

5.  Make fruit (& veggie) leather.  After making a smoothie, coat a dehydrator teflex tray with a light coat of coconut oil.  Then pour your smoothie onto the tray and dehydrate until dry.  It makes a delicious fruit & veggie treat for all!

6.  Cook vegetables minimally.  I have a little secret.  Even Tiffany and I weren’t crazy at all about fruits and vegetables when we first started down the natural and organic road.  I remember thinking a salad was way too much work and thinking fruit was fine, but not necessary.  Yikes!  But the first trick we figured out was what a difference it made to cook produce a LOT less than we’d always done.  We also don’t use any canned produce–it just tastes like watered down mush, compared to the crispy fresh alternative.  So we do a lot of raw produce or if we cook it, we do it very minimally. We literally drop it in a pan to steam it for only 1-2 minutes…just enough to warm and lightly soften.  But we’ve fallen in love with the rich taste and light crunch of vegetables.

7.  Make food fun.   You can do so many fun things to make healthy snacks more cute!  We’ve found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest and are happy to share.  We don’t want to violate anyone’s copyrights, so please join us HERE for lots of great ideas!

SO, there are a few ideas to get you started, hopefully those will help.  I’m sure some of our viewers will have some other fun ideas, so we invite you to share!  Comment below, we love hearing your great ideas!


Laurie & Tiffany 


Orange Julius Knockoff

Who doesn’t remember the yummy taste of a fresh Orange Julius? Well hold back the guilt and hang on, you’re about to make one yourself so delicious and easy, and we’re sure that you’ll not only LOVE it, you’ll actually crave it! Orange julius knockoff recipe


Oh gosh, this flavor takes me way back. I remember the first Orange Julius I ever had. I was in 7th grade and went to a new mall with my friends. One wet frothy taste and I was in love! But now that we’re living in a world full of gmo’s, unhealthy sugar, and even dairy loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and even pasteurized at such high levels that no nutrients remain, those delightfully delicious orange drinks aren’t exactly sharing the same love and affection that we would wish.


inspirational quotes, strength, smart quote

SOO what’s an Orange Julius lover to do?

We’ve come up with the perfect recipe, not only loaded with nutrients, but amped up with fruits and vegetables, natural plant proteins, probiotics, fiber, AND a healthy fat, making it a complete meal. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with this delicious drink that will sustain them for hours? Oh, and did I mention 100% organic, pesticide free?!  Yeah, its true!

 Yep. 🙂 AND, before you move on, we highly recommend that you make your own organic almond or coconut milk, it makes things so much, ok, I’ll say it, CHEAPER! 🙂 Here is our EASY DIY ALMOND MILK RECIPE that shows how easy it is to make. Or if you haven’t subscribed yet, just head to our sidebar and SUBSCRIBE and we’ll hook you up!

We also try to get the best deals for you too, so building that new pantry won’t be so crazy scary! In fact, we’ve found a market with the best deal ever on quality organic ingredients. Just check them out, their prices are better than amazon, or anyone else we’ve ever found. Because they provide a way for our viewers to try incredible healthy ingredients and foods for huge discounts, we’re big fans, and have set up to be affiliates to their program, so you can get the best bang for your organic buck! Enough said, lol, K, here ya go…

So here’s a quick Orange Julius Knock off recipe that we’re sure you’re going to LOVE!



1 1/2 cups organic coconut or organic almond milk
1 full orange, or 2 cuties, peeled (the juicier the oranges the better)
1 tsp. organic freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon Greens superfood
1/2 scoop Raw Organic Vanilla Protein Powder
1 tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil
1/2 banana
1 teaspoon organic flax seeds
2 tablespoons raw honey, organic maple syrup, or pure stevia powder
8 cubes ice


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend 1-2 minutes until smooth and creamy. I usually like to start my day by adding the probiotic and fiber. But if you’ve had them already in your day, you can leave them out.

A little note on the stevia–we recommend avoiding all stevia that is white or trademarked, as it is not natural. The one we’ve linked to above is one that we believe to be pure, and not processed.

This smoothie recipe constitutes 1 complete meal replacement–woohoo!! 🙂
Let us know how you LOVE it and what else you’d like us to share! You guys are amazing, have a wonderful and healthy day!!

AND here are links to our cookbooks…

“Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes & Creamies”

“Beauty Bite Desserts”


Comment and please share!

We can’t hardly wait to hear how you LOVE it!! It’s SO yummy and amazing and yeah, please share!!! You guys are the best, take care of your beautiful, amazing bodies, it feels SO GOOD! Love you like crazy 🙂

Wishing you the most beautiful health ever!


Laurie & Tiffany