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Dear Diary…my healthy journey–backwards. Day 1 Healthy Diet  


Dear Diary… My healthy journey–backwards!

drug levitra china sale I live a super clean diet, and have been living it for over 5 years. I love feeling energetic, lively, free of heartburn, and aches and pains. My athsma and allergies improved dramatically after changing over my diet, in fact, I was able to get off all of the meds I had been on my entire life.  The only exception was when our area was hit with a terrible inversion from the cold smoggy air, trapped in the valley. That’s gotten worse each winter and over the last few years and I can tell my lungs don’t like it a bit.

click here When I looked at the side effects of the meds I once used, I decided it wasn’t worth taking anything, at least not at this point. So I went into my doctor (an MD who resorts to natural remedies and healing first) and she gave me an allergy antagen shot. Then she decided to check for food allergies as well. I thought that was a great idea until she said I’d need to add back in some of the things I haven’t eaten for 5 years for the rest of the week, then I’ll be tested on Friday.

I nodded, trying to sort out what I would now eat. I’ve been off of sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, and nightshades so it seems like it would be time to party, with an open invite to eat away, right? But actually, it didn’t turn out to be quite the party I immediately expected.  

source site DAY ONE – the first 24 hours…


tadalafil 5 mg tablets I didn’t leave my doctor’s office until after 2 pm today, and I was starving. Since it was an hour and a half drive, I decided to stop at a cute Mexican restaurant closeby, and order something I had really missed. I wasn’t sure what it would be. I actually used to love chimichangas, but ruled that out immediately.  The thought of adding transfats back in, made me cringe.  I had no desire to do that, so chimichangas were off the list before I entered the restaurant.

go to link I stepped inside and looked at a menu. It seems like I’d want to order everything on there, doesn’t it? But I looked through it 3 times, and nothing jumped out at me.  I thought to myself, “What items have I really missed?” Again, nothing.  Actually, I did see one thing on the menu that really sounded good. You’ll never believe what it was…a salad. Really? Not only that, but I even quizzed the waitress, asking what type of lettuce was in it. As soon as she said it had spring greens (an no iceberg) I was onboard. Ugh, I AM a nerd.  But maybe it’s the association I’ve developed of feeling better with every bite vs. the alternative? I don’t know, but that salad was delicious.

research paper meaning They also had a bakery window at the counter with all kinds of baked desserts. I looked at it and had no inclination. Then I told myself, I needed to eat gluten and there was a perfect haven of gluten, staring at me. But I don’t think they’re testing me for sugar on friday, and whether they do or not, staying away from it is probably one of the best things I can do for my immune system, and beyond that, I have zero desire to introduce sugar back into my diet again–ever!

source site But I guess I wasn’t a total failure, because I did manage to add back in some dairy, which was in the salad dressing and creamy salsa. It tasted good, but left me feeling a way I haven’t felt in ages–bloated. That afternoon, I made up a beautiful smoothie. I’m finishing up our Smoothies & Shakes ebook, and needed to take some pictures, but I also feel like if I have to fill my body with junky foods, at least my smoothies will help move the heavy foods through my system. Plus, I love how much better smoothies make me feel, even as I eat them.

follow link I like to eat something alongside my smoothies, to get a greater benefit by activating my digestive enzymes. So I found a loaf of my husband’s glutenous bread, and popped it in the toaster. I opened a jar of his peanut butter and slathered it on. It tasted good, but between that and the earlier dairy, I began feeling another old, familiar feeling working it’s way back. Heartburn. Ugh, that hot, acidy gurgle, was working it’s way up my throat. It wasn’t full on yet, but enough that I knew I couldn’t do any yoga afterward without some miserable consequences.

source url DINNER.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant that I’ll admit I have missed. Macaroni Grill. I ordered lasagne, since it would be full of gluten, dairy, and nightshades, and instead of passing on the artisan bread, I indulged. It was good, but not what I had imagined. And when the waiter offered a soup or salad, I couldn’t hold back, of course, I wanted a salad too. 

go to site As I ate that bread, I felt a heaviness in my stomach–bloat. Ugh. That was a feeling I had forgotten about until today. I was so grateful for my side salad though, that made me happy, and I hoped it could have the strength to overpower the yucky way I was beginning to feel.

follow link Then came the bill. $40 for 2 of us. It amazes me how many people tell me they can’t eat healthy or organic because it’s too expensive. But honestly, I could fill an entire basket with fresh fruits and veggies and healthy yummies for under $40!

Dear healthy journey--backwards

enter site Am I losing my mind too? lol.  This picture is from inside the women’s bathroom at the Macaroni Grill–I thought I had been in the mens as I walked out! I don’t know why they had that on the door–but I’m sharing it so I can validate that I really haven’t lost my mind too! 🙂 

click here MORNING.

I slept alright last night. The only thing that made sleeping difficult was the churning of my stomach. So I did a little tossing and turning, and got a little more sleep.

Waking up seemed a little more difficult than normal. I just felt a little beat up. As I rolled my hands into fists, I could feel inflammation. My joints were stiffer and more sore than they’ve been in a really long time.  I’m not so sure I like this little assignment I’ve been given.

I got up and showered, but still felt a little sluggish. A weird thing is, it seems like my eyes are having a harder time focusing–I can’t tell if it’s actually affecting my eyesight, or if it’s just fogginess. The last thing I felt like doing was exercising, but I thought maybe I could counter some of the ill effects with a little exercise.  So I went downstairs and walked on the treadmill a while. I did feel somewhat better with every step.


Dear Diary,healthy journey,backwards.jpg

I really didn’t feel much like eating this morning, so I just made up a piece of peanut butter toast.  That and some water. I plan to drink as much water as I can this week, to flush this stuff through my system. But still, a little hint of heartburn started to return again, eew.


Dear Diary,healthy journey,backwards.jpg

I was thinking about going out to eat something, but I really have a hard time wasting money on foods that are about to make me sick. Plus the serving of last night’s lasagne was way too huge for one person to eat. So I pulled my leftover lasagne out of the fridge and heated it up. You can see in the picture how huge my leftovers were! It really didn’t have the same flavor and texture as it did the night before, but did have the same heavy effect on my stomach–hello bloat.

Right now, it’s close to 2 pm (my 24 hour mark) and I’m feeling pretty tired. And that foggy feeling is hitting again too.  So maybe I’ll go down and do some more walking.

I’ve almost hit the first 24 hour mark of this journey and I can already say, I wish it was over. But I’ll hang in there, and keep doing all I can to combat the ill effects of this old diet that I used to think was so wonderful, and if you’d like to hear more over the next few days, please let me know, if it can help anyone, I’m happy to share!


Laurie (& Tiffany)

Raw Honey – 3 tips for the love of honey!

Raw Honey


raw honey, + WHY you want it raw… 

Raw Honey – 3 tips every honey lover should know!

We’ve written about the amazing qualities of honey before, but this afternoon, we were making sunbutter & honey sandwiches (gluten free bread of course 🙂  and realized we should share a few tips to make honey easier to use and to help you get the most nutrients from it!

TIP # 1

Raw honey is more nutritious than regular honey.  Yep, and that’s huge!

You’ve been trying to eat honey for a better nutritional option than sugar, but did you know what you may be eating may be more harmful than good?

Yeah, if that seems shocking, be sure to read on!

We didn’t know there was a difference until Tiffany realized her rhuematoid arthritis would flare up when she ate regular honey.  But raw honey didn’t bother her at all-which made no sense (or so we thought).

Sooo, we did a lot of research.  You may be wondering…what happens when a couple of blondes put their heads together? 🙂  Actually, sometimes some very good things happen! What we learned raw honey is not heat processed, which means it contains more nutrients.

But because of Tiff’s reaction to regular honey, we feel that heating honey must change the molecular structure, causing it to become toxic to some people…another thing about regular processed honey is that some manufacturers add artificial colors and flavors to the honey, which add additional toxins to the contents.

So that, plus the lack of nutrients with processed honey = why buy processed honey at all????????

Soo, how you can tell if honey is raw?

It should say “Raw” somewhere on the label.   here It will also become cloudy and thick.

TIP #2 Don’t heat up raw honey!

The first thing we used to think was to throw it in the microwave, but NO!  That kills the healthy properties of raw honey and can make it toxic for some people.

We also try to only buy raw honey in glass containers.  The main reason is because often the plastics used (especially the honey bears) contain BisphenolA, which can be highly toxic, especially when heated.  You never know how long your product has been sitting in hot warehouses or trucks, so it’a always best to avoid plastics as much as possible.

TIP #3

go to link So how do you scoop out hardened raw honey, without heating it?

This is one of our fave tips!!  Are you ready???

We figured out a really great tip.  We get a glass of hot water and place a knife or spoon in it long enough to heat it up and then dig into the honey with it–it just melts what you touch enough to scoop it right out!   Pretty cool, huh?!  Raw Honey – 3 tips every honey lover should know!

If you have any more raw honey tips you’d like to add, feel free!  We’re all in this together!

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PLEASE COMMENT, we LOVE your thoughts, requests, ideas, etc. We love YOU!!


Laurie & TIffany


Tea Tree Oil – A Billion Uses


Tea Tree Oil – A Billion Uses. Ok, we know, sometimes we have a tendency to exaggerate just a tiny bit. So I guess we should just call it like it is….A Billion and ONE Uses, lol. Enough said, once you realize what an amazing oil it is, it will totally rock your world. And you may even boost it all the way up to Tea Tree Oil – A Billion and 500 million uses, who knows?

But what we DO know, is…


Tea Tree Oil is seriously

one of those wonderful gifts

the earth shares with us,

and thank goodness for that!


NOTE: Since this video aired, I need to just add that we’ve found some tea tree oil that is more pure… it’s actually organic and at this point, we strongly believe that any essential oils used must be organic. The best source we’ve found that we completely endorse is here

We wanted to share some great Tea Tree Oil Uses & Remedies because it’s become an essential item in our home first aid kits.

Enjoy this video where Tiffany shares some personal favorite uses, but if you watch this video on youtube, you’ll find tons of additional ideas from our wonderful viewers.

Please comment below and blab your guts out–it’s very therapeutic and that way we won’t be the only ones that do. LOL! But seriously, we love your comments and insights–you guys seriously ROCK!


Laurie & Tiffany


Tampon Talk on the News!

We got the word out in an awkward way today,Tampons talk on the air! Here is the clip:

Tampons & Pads are they safe

It’s actually a subject that should be of interest to every woman and especially teen, since warnings on the label actually state that those of the highest risk include teens and women under the age of 30.  We really appreciate KUTV’s Fresh Living Show for bringing us back, and letting us do a little tampon talk and share info on something that really matters to us all.

Check back on Wednesday for a YouTube Video Tampon Talk update and review on our favorite girly feminine products!  We’ll have lots more great info you’ll love to hear!

Girl talk – tampons and pads… are they safe?

Girl talk – tampons and pads… are they safe?


We’ve had some great discussions about tampons and pads… are they safe? + an on-going forum on this video itself.  If you’re not sure whether you should try them or not, read through our comments on the video, as we’ve gotten a lot of great input from our friends. Thanks so much for all of your input, we really love it and it helps so much!


GIRL TALK about tampons, pads, and more that you’ll want to know!! bloggity..

Purchase menstrual cups here:
cloth menstrual pads:
Wet bags (small)
For more hippie talk:

Girl talk! Tampons and pads toxins in menstrual pads harmful and scary.

cloth pads diva cup
dioxin & sodium polyacrylate
Pad/diaper bag for dirty pads I love:

We’ve also had a lot of requests for information on Safe “Cup” options, we think they’ll change your world!  Sorry for the awkward moments for some of you, but we feel that it’s best to be informed!


Stay safe!!


Laurie & Tiffany


Are Essential Oils safe?!! Read this before using…

Are essential oils safe?


Are Essential Oils safe? Read on…

I had actually heard about Essential Oils for years, but thought they were just a bunch of hocus-pocus.

I even worked on a catalog shoot for an essential oil company and at wrap, they gave us all huge gift baskets of their products.  I was super excited to get a bunch of freebies, and loved that they were so generous!  But ahemm…okay, I admit it–I didn’t use them because I had no idea what to do with them.  So that beautiful gift sat in my makeup closet without one single ounce of love.

That is, until I was called to do a video shoot for a different essential oil company…

During the second shoot, several people were brought in to share their actual testimonials of how essential oils had blessed their lives… so sitting there, hearing their testimonials really made me wonder, “Is there any truth to all of this hype?”

It just so happened that I had recently had a skin cancer on my arm removed.  Then out of nowhere, 2 more of those little monsters -grrrr- appeared on the other arm.  So I was planning to get back in to have those removed too, but I was super busy working and couldn’t break away from set to get that done.

So with sparked curiosity and growing skin cancers on my arm, I asked several of the people from that company if any of the oils worked on skin cancer.   Without flinching, every one of them independently answered that frankincense was the answer.

Frankincense–really?  Like as in the Bible???  How and why would…????  But, I knew I couldn’t get into the doctor for a while, sooo…I think you may have guessed what I ended up doing.

Yup, I pulled the forgotten frankincense from my makeup closet and started applying a drop to each spot several times a day.

And did it work?  YES!  It totally did–and was I blown away???  Okay, yes, I was.  I don’t know why it made them completely disappear, but it did–whoooosh…gone!  Totally vanished–AND they have never returned.

Those two took about a month to remove, but I’ve used it on a few since, and it seems like if you get on them immediately, they tend to disappear faster.

Yes, I’m a blabbermouth and so of course I’ve shared this little trick with a lot of people, my mother included.  And I hear back from people (even my mom) all the time, as shocked as they should be that the frankincense took away their skin cancers too.

The only thing I can figure is that in order for those skin cancers to vanish, the DNA has to be altered somehow.  SO in my own blonde head, I think that the frankincense works below the surface (as do most things we put on our skin) but what it appears to do is to attack the damage to the DNA and restore the cell back to a healthy state.  Amazing, to say the least.

Frankincense is also used as an anti-inflammatory and appears to be great for treating wrinkles too.  Well, that’s not hard to figure out why, at least in my book anyway.

So if frankincense can do all that and so much more, think of the possibilities with all kinds of essential oils.

In fact, here is a video Tiffany did on some of the amazing therapeutic qualities of tea tree oil, because yes, we believe they are (how many ways can I say this?) therapeutic. In fact, very therapeutic.


So am I just trying to sell essential oils by putting up this post?  I’d love for you to buy the right ones:)  but no, that’s surprisingly not where I’m going with this.


buy generic viagra online cheap I’m hoping to bring a gentle word of warning to the misuse and over-use of essential oils. We believe them to be very therapeutic and helpful for ailments and as needed, but we think they shouldn’t be slathered on like perfume or used all of the time for no real purpose.

Or if someone tells you they’re natural and you can’t overdose on them…hmmmm, we’re not so sure.  We think your liver may know better.

Do you get where I’m going???  If a plant thrives on water, is it good to over water it? What happens when you do?  So what about our natural bodies that we can’t fool?  If we use essential oils for therapeutic ailments, our bodies will know what to do with them, but if we overuse them, or mis-use them, are we going to cause adverse reactions?

go to link Another word of warning is that you may be buying unpure oils without knowing it.  This problem is unfortunately a huge problem because marketers can market synthetic essential oils as “pure” “therapeutic” “better than organic”, “beyond organic” or whatever buzzwords they choose, when they aren’t even natural at all.

Because essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, we feel very strongly that the ONLY type of essential oils that should be used should be 100% organic. If a company markets them as anything BUT that, we’d say, stay away.

These are the only essential oils that we currently trust:

Organic Essential Oils
My husband isn’t even prone to allergies, but I learned this lesson really fast when I misted our bedroom with lavendar from a highly respected company.  He had terrible headaches each time I used it.  Then I tried another lavendar oil that was 100% organic, and it didn’t phase him at all.

Another concern is that many companies will switch from pure oils to synthetic oils to make more money. I did some checking into this because I wanted to know why companies with good reputations would transition from truly natural essential oils into the synthetics.  I learned that a manufacturer can buy a 55 gallon drum of a synthetic essential oil for the same cost as 1 gallon of the natural.  So is it all about money?  Sadly, it looks that way 🙁

So as therapeutic as the good oils are, we believe the synthetics can potentially be hazardous.

Basically, if you have any adverse reaction at all to essential oils, we believe there’s a good chance you’ve got a synthetic oil on your hands, and it would be wise to discontinue use immediately.

So that said, we really are huge fans of good essential oils as long as they’re truly natural, and used wisely.

Our theory is that truly pure, natural essential oils are amazing, and should be in every medicine cabinet.  But they should be used for therapeutic reasons and nothing more.

i need someone to help me wiith my essay Our final warning:  Don’t Eat Them.  Even if the manufacturer claims their oils are so pure you can eat them, we say don’t.  The skin will absorb what it needs when we apply them topically.

So there ya go, that is our theory of essential oils.  Here are more posts we hope you’ll love..

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Please let us know your thoughts, ideas and insights–we love hearing from you!! 🙂

Stay safe!


Laurie & Tiffany

Natural Eczema Cures & Remedies

Natural Eczema Cures & Remedies



Natural Eczema cures & remedies, making the fight a lot easier and winning it!

This is something we get asked about all the time on and we have a lot to share.  It’s not really a “recipe” per say, but a lot of tried and true natural eczema cures and remedies and what we believe to be cures as well (based on our own experience and feedback from all of you) So anyway, here we go…


Water is one of the worst irritants and literally fuels the eczema, so you’ll want to protect the skin from it as much as possible.  We tend to over clean and eczema is one of the bodies ways of telling us that the immune system is not very happy.  There’s so much more to say, but basically our skin is covered with a natural protective oily coating.  It’s important to keep that intact and using water can actually strip that away.  So the better option is to use an emollient (like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) to clean because it actually lifts the impurities off of the surface.

When you need to shower or immerse yourself in water, you can apply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to the skin prior to exposure, then wash with a gentle, safe soap, and follow up with a little oil after towel drying the skin.


With your son’s eczema, it’s important to avoid all products containing sodium laureth or sodium lauryl sulphate (for more info on those, head to our I-Spy.) It’s best to make sure he only uses natural or organic soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents…but even if an item says it’s natural, check the ingredients to make sure it’s completely non-chemical.  This might sound odd, but oil based cleansers will lift impurities, without drying the surface. So we feel that unfefined, pure organic cold pressed coconut oil is the best cleanser you could use. Use it alone and without water while skin is irritated.


If the eczema has a thick and rough texture and no lesions, freshly ground sea salt can be added to the coconut oil to scrub the area (not close to the eyes though)…often eczema will respond well to that as it usually carries bacteria that the salt fights.  Remove it with a damp cloth and reapply the coconut oil to relubricate. Please be sure skin is not broken or the salt could really hurt.

Another thing to consider is that if the acid mantle has been stripped, it can cause eczema breakouts. One way to restore the acid mantle is by applying a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar to the affected area.


The skin needs lubrication, not hydration.  So that means, using healthy oils is good, using water or products with water is not so good (boo)  The number one best treatment we’ve found is Emu Oil It works great and soothes burning skin immediately. We believe this should be a staple in ever medicine cabinet of a person with skin problems.


Yes, that includes lotions.  Bummer on that–at least, until the skin is healthier.  But most lotions tend to aggravate eczema because of the high water content in them.  And unfortunately, that even includes many of the safe and natural ones.  Heavy lubricating creams and oils are the best for protecting and nourishing the skin to get it back to a more healthy state.  Again, we say, the skin should be treated with Pure Emu Oil for quick relief and lasting results.


One more thing–get away from fragrance and any product that contains it.  Even if it says “natural fragrance or fragrance blends” the skin can’t be fooled. :-/


Oops, I just thought of another, so one last thing :)..  covering the skin after lubricating it will help tremendously.  If it’s on the hands, apply a lubricant, put cotton gloves on, and keep them on for a few hours or overnight.  The skin will usually respond well.


And I don’t want to get off on a negative note, but when it comes to steroid creams, use them sparingly if you have to, but be sure to read all of the side effects thoroughly, because they are real.


Some foods may cause a reaction in people who are eczema prone…some to watch for are red meats, sea food, eggs, dairy, GMO grains, breads with yeast, additives, preservatives, blueberries, tomatos, lemons, and lime.  Psssst, I’ll share a secret–I have eczema too.  I guess it’s not really a secret because I blab it all the time.  Sorry, off task—anyway, I can have those items when my skin is doing well, but when it’s broken out, I try to avoid them until I can get it under control.

Something to add to the diet is more probiotics or acidophilus, more dark leafy greens


Please comment below, we LOVE to hear your thoughts, abut this or anything else that crosses your mind–we’re ready!

Take care of yourselves, YOU are so worth it!


Laurie & Tiffany



Coconut oil a billion uses!

Coconut oil, a billion uses


Coconut oil, a billion uses!

We LOVE coconut oil! It not only adds a yummy scent as we’re cooking with it, but it also makes an awesome replacement for butter or margarin and is classified as a healthy fat. But beyond that, it’s great for the skin, inside and out.

We’ve talked about it for years, it’s saturated fat, but is completely natural, so our bodies know what to do with it, unlike some of it’s synthetic and GMO counterparts. So our feeling is that it’s a fat worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve heard many testimonials from so many people, including some of you and we are big believers. I keep a jar in my kitchen for cooking, and a jar in my bathroom for beauty uses. Sometimes I even swish it around in my mouth to act as a cleaning agent and protectant for the gums and teeth.

When Tiff’s little guys, Ashton had a toothache, she gave him some to swish around in his mouth (aka oil pulling) and his pain went right away. He was a happy little guy and we thought that was pretty neat.

We’ve shared tons of ways you can use coconut oil, and here’s a really great video where we shared some of those. It’s not great because of what we did, but because of what you added. We asked for your input and ideas on why you like this amazing healthy fat and you generously offered your wonderful ideas and enthusiasm as well. Coconut oil, a billion uses!

We have the best viewers in the world and we love your comments!!

Please comment & share!


Laurie & TIffany


Coconut Oil
Lemon Clarifying Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil

Coconut oil, a billion uses