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Smile – we dare you!

smile – we dare you! lol! here’s a funny little Video, and we dare you to watch it and see if it makes you smile or not – we’d love to know! 🙂

Funny Video, to make you smile!


This made me smile, and I think it will make you too. It is a funny little video I actually worked on and it’s really super cute! In fact, I dare you to watch it, and NOT to smile,  lol, because I’m not sure that’s even possible. At least that’s the hope, because a smile can’t help but lift your spirits and brighten up your day.


a smile is the

prettiest thing

you can wear!


In fact, did you know that laughing and smiling are both some of the best anti-aging secrets around? That’s right – so go for it & laugh your cute little guts out! 🙂

The director released it via youtube so it could be shared, so of course, I had to share…and if you’d like to see more smiles, and brighten someone else’s day–share it too, feel free.. Let us know how you like it, and anything else you have on your mind. We love hearing from you! And as always, have a wonderful day – YOU are worth it!!


Laurie & Tiffany


Want to be More Happy?

want to be more happy?


If you want to be more happy, we have some thoughts that just may help…

So just what is it that makes us all happier? Could it be the things we’re constantly reaching for in our lives…

Like riches, fame, and lots of things maybe?

Or maybe not.  (argh–are you kiddding??! )

What if, just maybe… the very things we’re seeking are actually getting in the way of our happiness?


Okay, let’s talk about the ways we can be more happy.  In my work, I’ve gotten to know several actors who’ve won oscars, which is the ultimate goal of many who never quite get close to them. But it’s really interesting to talk with them after the fanfare dies down and life comes crushing in.  I’ve actually been told that winning the oscar led to nothing but heartbreak afterward.

And I’ve worked with people with huge amounts of money, so their lives were perfect and they just flitted around happily, right?  Not at all.  They fought some horrific battles, illnesses, heartbreak and in many cases were afraid of who they could trust.


So if the very things we spend our lives reaching for aren’t the means to ultimate happiness, what is?

According to a University of Louisville, Kentucky Study, the more we participate in meaningful activities, specifically in helping others, the happier we will be and we will feel more purpose in our lives.

This study concluded that the subjects of their study became happier after they performed acts of kindness, suggesting that happiness does, in fact, come as a result of doing good things.

Cool.  So where do we start?

How ’bout, just start right where we are.  We all get those moments when we think of someone momentarily or have a quick thought to do something to help someone.  So what if we just dive in and follow those impressions?  Make a phone call, drop by, or just do whatever it is we were moved to do.  We believe great things will happen.  Really.

I’m going to give it a try and invite you to join me :_)

Please feel free to share your experiences below or on our Facebook Page we can’t wait to hear how happy you feel when you act on those little acts of kindness 🙂


To better health, inside & out!


Laurie & TIffany



A sweet love story

-behind the Scenes with Readers Digest



a sweet love story

It was a snowy day last year when I drove to the location where we would shoot this project.  I knew it wouldn’t be published in Reader’s Digest until February, but sometimes I can be a nerd (just sometimes 🙂  and I totally forgot to share this story with you.

Actually, I was asked not to until it was published, but then I just got busy and forgot.  So when I stumbled upon the story online today, it kind of startled me 🙂 and I gulped and thought, yikes, I’d better get a post up.

The story itself is a great read and the video is sweet too.  The set became a warm contrast to the snowy weather outside as Stewart and Lauren shared their story.

Head over to Reader’s Digest and enjoy it for yourself.  Love is something that fills the soul like nothing else and it’s fun to hear stories like this.


Funny Video, to make you smile!
Photo: Reader’s Digest


A touching Set Moment: Music Video with Hilary Weeks

by lvukich

Dear Diary!!!

I’ve always been a journal keeper but for some reason I got away from it a few years ago, which makes me sad because I’ve had so many incredible experiences.  I feel almost ungrateful, so I’ve decided to commit to it again, and in a crazy way, I think I’ll be more committed if I write it here so you can hold me accountable, lol.  So anyway,  my goal is to get back on track with a post at least once a week, usually on a Sunday, since that seems to be the most stable day of my week.

So the posts I’ll be posting will be my actual journal.  I don’t know where it will take us, but you’re welcome to read along as I share my experiences, thoughts, feelings and whatever pours out of my heart and onto the keyboard.

A touching Set Moment: Music Video with Hilary WeeksI stole this from Hilary’s blog, so I’ll link to her below 🙂

Hilary’s Blog

A little over a week ago, I went to do Hilary Weeks makeup again for a big concert to release her new CD.  We had fun, as always, and cute Dani, her hairstylist was there too.  I love that we’ve worked together a total of 3 times (well, 3.5 if you count the one that got rained out, lol!) but we were already full of “remember whens,”  haha.  To me, that’s the mark of true bonding!  🙂 hahaha

But the getting ready was only half of the treat for me that night, as the concert was amazing.  Hilary is an incredible artist, and that was obvious, but she’s so cute and real and says the cutest things, and this night was no exception.  She did an outstanding job and looked absolutely stunning!  I took pictures with my phone, but they turned out like pink blobs, so I don’t have any good ones to share, sorry 🙁

There was another highlight to the night, they showed Hilary’s music video which we had done (that I posted about) so here is the link to the video:

I just did Hilary’s makeup in this video, but didn’t get the chance to meet the other 2 featured women.  Hilary told me about them and I was so moved by their stories and really wish I could’ve met them.  Maybe someday, I really believe that would be a real honor.  I love that they are women whose lives have been molded by embracing the tragedies that could have so easily destroyed them…

A touching Set Moment: Music Video with Hilary Weeks Read more at http://naturesknockout.com/a-touching-set-moment-music-video-with-hilary-weeks/#f2YjQe2vSUetS3s4.99

Oh and this is SO COOL!  I got a note from Hilary this week saying the CD, Every Step, made the Christian Billboard Charts!!!  And it is number 6 on the Christian Charts and Number 1 on the Indie Music charts….she was writing to say thank you and you know what, after working beside Hilary even just a few times, I can say that if anyone deserves that kind of success, it’s her.  She poured her heart & soul into that project and beyond that, she’s every bit the gem she appears to be and then some!  I’m so excited for her!  I love it when great things happen to great people, yay!

I’d better scoot and go enjoy some time with my hubby.  I worked all morning on NBC’s Music and the Spoken Word, then tomorrow will come early and I’ll be on another set somewhere–still waiting for call time & info.  But I’ll keep ya posted.  In the mean time, go spend some time with someone you love, time flies way too fast!

Love you!

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On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender day

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender day


Just working on set and hit with a realization…

The main focus of our site is to inspire positive replacements for what’s going on your body, in your body, and in your mind. So if this can have a little of the impact it had on me today, it’s well worth posting.

Ok, the pictures below are with me getting thrown into a shot–something that happens all the time, not because I’m an amazing actress (I know that must come as a shock jk lol) but really just because it’s a great way to get cheap labor for no extra cost– lol!  But this post isn’t about me or an acting career at all, I think it’s something much more….

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender dayI had a realization today that I want to share.  It didn’t have anything to do with work, but had everything to do with life.

Several of us were talking on set about a mutual friend who seemed to have it all.  He even said one day, “My life is perfect, if I could just get a big promotion…”  Then, not long after that, he did get promoted to VP over his division.  And then, it looked as though he had finally stepped into that perfect life.

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender dayBut sadly, perfect didn’t last.  It wasn’t long before his little girl was diagnosed with a devastating tumor and that is what he and his family are fighting with today.

As we shared our feelings of sadness for them, I realized how telling his story really was, not just about him, but about all of us.  We all want this to happen or that to happen and THEN everything will be perfect, won’t it?  Well maybe not, because that’s not what life is really all about.

Why do we do that?  Why do we cheat ourselves out of the life we’re currently living, waiting for perfect, which really doesn’t exist?  But beyond that, the really crazy thing is that  those “imperfect” things are the very things which provide us the greatest growth of all.  Yet someday…..

Those thoughts simmered in my soul today, for which I’m so grateful.  I drove home tonight with a heart full of gratitude for all of the imperfect things in my life.  I think I am truly happy with imperfection.  Now, if I can just wake up tomorrow and hold on to what I learned today!

In closing, I’ll share a beautiful thought…

“The most important thing in life

is to enjoy your life

and to be happy

That’s all that matters.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Please share your comments, we LOVE hearing from you!


Laurie & Tiffany