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Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!

I’m just about to head off to heaven.

Ok, not totally, but pretty close, lol. I’m heading up to Park City (Sundance home) and it’s  10,000 feet closer to heaven than if I were at sea level. Yup, it’s that time of year, Sundance is opening it’s doors and people are flying in from all over the world right this second.

It always makes me laugh, because I know they’ll all show up in their Uggs. 🙂 We kinda joke about it here. If you ever see a local person wearing Uggs, they are worn to death, and very different than the fresh and fluffy new Uggs that come in to the SLC airport in droves.

I’m heading up to work with a celebrity (not sure if I can disclose his name yet or not, so for now I won’t) I’ll work as his personal MU/H stylist over the next several days and stay with him for touch-ups and to freshen his makeup for interviews, events, etc.

We’ve worked up at Sundance for years, for Oprah Network, E Channel, and more, so I think we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that we are happy to share.

Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!


  • big crowds
  • to see lots of Celebrities
  • excitement & energy
  • Quaint old Western charm
  • beautiful mountains & scenery
  • fresh powdery skiing
  • cute old fashioned shops with really cool stuff
  • amazing & charming restaurants
  • lots of shows, parties, and action
  • AND if you like great deals on Hotels, Travel, etc., here is an awesome Travel Site with super deals. We’ve used them for years!!

So what’s the down side?

It would be the parking. It’s a zoo in Park City during Sundance, so give yourself plenty of time to park. Once you get downtown, many of the venues are within a close proximity, so you can easily make your way around by foot.

The other downside for some people may be the cold. Thus, the Uggs, lol. But one thing to know before you buy them is that if your feet get wet from puddles, you will freeze. So waterproof warm wether boots are best. Here are some super cute Uggs on my to buy list that Tiff already has and LOVES…and here are the Sorels  thatI have and love.

Anyway, I’m heading out in about 5 minutes, so let me share a few more secrets about Park City.

If you aren’t into the crowd scene and just want a nice relaxing trip to Park City, there are better times to come. It’s beautiful every time of the year, with 4 distinct seasons. The busiest is most of the ski season.

But if you want to know the SLOWEST time of the year in Park City for shopping, dining, enjoying day spas and a wonderful winter getaway, come in December. Yeah, isn’t that crazy? I just learned that and was shocked.

Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!

Early last month, we were invited along with some of our blogger friends to spend a day shopping and dining in Park City, by the Downtown Alliance. I have to admit, I was dreading one thing about it, and that was the parking. But I was pleasantly surprised that parking was a cinch. It was an awesome day!

The Park City reps and merchants were wonderful and said that December is the slowest season of the year for them. Whoa! That’s right. We were pretty stunned (and stoked)…it’s seriously the best kept secret! So if you want to come and have a fun trip, get lots of great powdery skiing in, shopping, playing, etc., it would be worth a trip up to Park City in December (up until Christmas time–after that, I’m guessing all bets are off. 🙂

And while we’re telling secrets about Park City, I have one of my own. 🙂

My mom is a big genealogy lover, so she’s done tons of genealogy on our family. But there’s one big hole she can’t fill. It is my grandpa’s grandpa. His name was Frank Adams, and he emigrated to the States from Ireland. He showed up on a census in Park City in 1880. I saw a copy of the census with his own handwriting that showed he and his wife had 2 little girls and he worked as a Barber. Hmmm, as soon as my mom told me he’d been a barber, I was on a quest to find out about him.

So I went downtown to SLC to the worlds largest Genealogy Library. I pulled up actual copies of every local newspaper back in the 1880’s. It was fascinating to go through them. I learned so much about the history of Park City. It was a wild little Western mining town, right in the path of the California gold rush, where many travelers would stay. There were so many brawls and gunfights, and the newspaper articles made it clear that the Irish and the Chinese were less than friends. They had shops in separate areas of downtown. I found ads for the local barber shop on Main Street, and I’m pretty sure Frank Adams worked there because the other barber shop/bath houses were Chinese run, and since he was Irish, I narrowed it down to that little barber shop. As I continued digging through the news and stories, I learned that a big fire took down half of Main Street in 1882, and the barber shop I think he worked at went down in those flames.

So my guess is that he left at that time, and we have no records to show anything else about him before or after that time.

I had an idea that I was hoping would help me find him. I thought I could go to the City Records and look up his Barbering License. But when I got there, I learned that in the 1880’s, the only professionals that were required to have licenses were the prostitutes. Yeah, the prostitutes. That was an interesting surprise, and I guess all of those ladies lived up in the area called “Deer Valley” and some people think they are the reason it was given that name. Not for the cute deer prancing around, but yeah, ahem, for other reasons.

Anyway, it was really interesting. I guess the people in SLC weren’t huge fans of Park City and the wild lifestyle, and Park City felt like SLC was too pure. Funny.

So a little side note, I never found my great+ grandpa, but I learned some really fun facts and trivia about Park City Utah. If you’ve never been there, it’s a super fun place to come!

Park City is a spectacular place to go any time of year. All four Seasons are as beautiful and inspiring as they can be. And if you’re out doorsy, you WILL also believe you’ve gone to heaven.

If you like shopping and dining and decide to VACATION in Park City, here are some businesses on Historic Main Street that we highly recommend visiting:

  • Southwestern Expressions – 312 Main St.
  • The Egyptian Theater – 328 Main St.
  • Dugins West – 352 Main Street
  • Gallery MAR
  • Pine
  • Flight
  • Willie Holdman Photograpghy Gallery
  • Root’d
  • Mountain Town Olive Oil
  • Mary Jane’s

Here’s a photograph by Willie Holdman that took my breath away. It looked almost like a painting, it was so perfect. I asked him if he’d dressed it by adding flowers or anything and he said no, it was just the way the setting looked–breathtaking!Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!Anyway, hope to see you there!

Actually if you ever make your way to Park City for a vacation, please let us know!! We LOVE hearing from you!

Have a great weekend! We love you guys!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Silent Night, A Savior Is Born…MERRY CHRISTMAS + a Free Song!

We recently worked on this Silent Night Christmas video with a bunch of YouTubers, actors, and musicians. Here is a PHOTO by Scott Jarvie of Laurie, doing touch up makeup on the cute Tiffany Alvord.Silent Night, A Savior Is Born...MERRY CHRISTMAS

It was super fun, but super touching too (you’ll know what I’m talking about as you listen to the caroling–soo so beautiful!)

When we were asked to come and do the makeup & hair for this video, we had no idea who we would be working on, and didn’t really think much of what the job would be…it was just kindof another job as far as we were concerned, but we figured we’d have fun, which we did.

But we had no idea what else we would feel on that shoot.

As everyone trickled in, we worked like crazy, running each one of them through the works. They were all so cute, and so fun, and the energy in that room was awesome. And that was just the beginning.

silent night

holy night

all is calm

all is bright

Once we got outside, the signing began…Silent Night, and A Savior is Born…and the spirit of the season was glowing brighter than we had ever expected as we witnessed these talented people sing their hearts out over and over, to door after door, on that chilly night. It was so sweet and tender as they greeted people who didn’t know they were coming. And even sweeter to see the tears, the joy, and the outpouring of love and kindness.

We hope you enjoy this video and the spirit behind it. And more than anything we hope you are filled with the peace and joy that this season brings. 

OH! And click to DOWNLOAD a FREE copy of Silent Night, A Savior Is Born

From our hearts to yours!–we wish you a very merry Christmas!! And special thanks to all of the wonderful people who made this video possible. We love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany

Behind the Scenes: Take Me to work Tag


Behind the Scenes: Take Me to work Tag

If you’re watching this, consider yourself tagged!!  We’d love to see a slice of your life, a day at work, school or PLAY!

The youtubers I tag are:





Here is the tag for you to copy & share!!

Behind the Scenes: Take Me to work Tag

Behind the Scenes: Take Me to work Tag

1.  Show us your office

2.  What do you normally wear at work?

3.  How long have you been employed?

4.  How did you start in your line of work?

5. Share your most embarrassing work moment/s.

6.  Have you ever been written up?

7.  Is there drama at your work, and what?

8.  Do your co-workers know about you being on Youtube?

9. Do you plan to do what you’re doing forever?

10. What is your best advice for going “natural”?

11. Who do you tag?

Anyway, have some fun, enjoy and share!

PLEASE COMMENT and let us know your thoughts, dreams, lol, and what else you’d like for us to share!

You’re awesome!


Laurie & Tiffany

What I learned on set today will forever change my heart

I’ve kept a diary ever since I was 10 years old. If I were to write an entry for what I experienced today, it would go something like this…

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

DEAR DIARY…. What I learned on set today will forever change my heart. We were filming a music video  – “Beautiful Heartbreak,” with Hilary Weeks, and wow. I had no idea how it would impact my life.

Hilary is possibly one of the cutest things on this planet!  You know how some people just draw you in and you feel an instant connection–sort of like long lost soul mates or something? Yeah. Well that was Hilary all the way. I seriously fell in love with her and felt so blessed that our paths could connect.  

I try not to follow any celebrities at all. I purposely know nothing about any of them so that when I work with them I’m not dying of awkwardness. But it’s not just me, I feel like I owe it to them to give them a safe place, where they can share what they want, be who they are, and be loved and accepted for who they are instead of for what they’ve done.

So, for me, I never knew Hilary Weeks, or her music at all, and had no expectations at when we did our first shoot together (the cover above). But she is truly a person who shares her heart and really means it.  And she is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met too.  

So yes, the cover shoot was a wonderful experience and a lot of fun to work on and when they called me back about doing the music video with her, I was happy to clear my calendar to make it happen.  And I guess that time I knew her and had expectations, but I had no idea the effect this “job” would have upon me.

There’s so much more to share…but first, here is the finished video. I know you’re going to love it:

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

You know how some experiences sink so deeply into your heart that you hope they’ll never leave?  Today’s shoot did that for me, on so many levels…. and I can’t stop thinking about it–

Today started out like any other day.  I prepped my gear and loaded my car and headed up to a beautiful mountain location.  I was afraid it might be cold, so I wore long layers and Uggs (big mistake, lol)  Let’s just say it got hot! 

Here are some pictures as we were getting Hilary ready….

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

Her cute hairstylist’s name is Dani–so adorable!  I met Dani when we worked together on Every Step, so by now we were old friends, ha! 🙂

We laughed and gabbed about silly girly things as we tortured her with glamour and glitz.

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

One random conversation we had was…”What do you say to someone who’s struggling?” Hilary’s thought was to just talk about your feelings, rather than to try to advise or anything.  I totally don’t know why our conversation went there, but her words would come back to me in a few hours time….

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

Touch-ups just before stepping on set, cute Kim, Hilary, Dani and me (hiding under my big hat, of course 🙂

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

I have to admit, this was the first time I had heard Hilary sing or play. So when she played and sang on that hillside today, something very magnetic happened to everyone there. It was spectacular. And then,

I listened to the words. Oh gosh.

“Beautiful Heartbreak” was written by Hilary and Tyler Castleton.  It was beyond touching.  It was about the painful struggle of a heartbreak, then realizing the struggle was actually a beautiful gift. It’s really a powerful song and I was moved to tears repeatedly throughout the day.

Then extras started showing up.  The extras for this shoot weren’t handpicked at all, just random invites.  I think we had around 20-30 altogether.

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary WeeksAfter the extras got there, the director asked them to take one of the blank poster boards (above) and write a heartbreak in their lives that they had overcome.  

I started walking through the group and found a few featured extras to touch up.  As I did, I looked at their boards and could hardly say a word.

“Share your feelings” came back to me and I quietly asked a few questions about their experiences.  As we talked, I couldn’t help but feel a special bond toward each person there.  I just shared my feelings about those heartbreaks and walked away. I didn’t know a heart could be so full. Those people had been total strangers to me just a few minutes earlier.  I was touched by their attitudes, their strength and sweet honesty.

Next, we lined them up in front of the cameras and tender feelings overwhelmed me once again. I saw each of these people holding their trials for the world to see.  Each of their trials were huge. 

I think that is what shocked me the most. How is it that each of those random extras could have suffered so much heartache? The death of a child, a parent, a sibling, cancer, a burn victim, two beautiful teenage girls who had lost their dad in an airplane accident, and so much more.  It was pretty heart wrenching to think of the struggles they each had endured.

These “strangers”wove a place in my heart.  Then it hit me how everywhere we go, people are dealing with hard struggles of every kind, and we just don’t know it.  We’re all in this together, but we don’t see it.  

What if people carried signs all the time? Would we suddenly see them as real people with real pain and real agony?  Suddenly we would know no strangers. We would let so many more people into our lives and learn and grow so much more, right?  I think we would have so much more compassion and feel so much more love in our hearts. And all the “little things” that weigh us down wouldn’t have so much power over us.  We’d see the big picture so much more clearly.

I’m so grateful for this day and for the powerful realizations that came with it. 

During the shoot, a woman passed out, and smack her head on a concrete driveway.  The paramedics came and it was intense.  We were all worried, but I could see Hilary agonize over the comfort and safety of this woman.  It turned out to be okay, but it’s those stressful moments that bring out what lies within a person’s heart.  Hilary’s is obviously full of compassion.  I love that girl to pieces!  I love working with her, and feel really inspired by her presence.

I loved today’s crew, loved my girls (Dani & Kim) loved our extras, and everything.  If there ever was a real Groundhog day, this is the one I would choose!  What I learned on set today will forever change my heart

Please share your comments if you can–we love to hear from you, in fact, I’d also love to hear of your own trials and triumphs!  love you guys–you’re awesome!!!

Listen to “Beautiful Heartbreak” — so inspiring.

Thanks for reading!


Laurie & TIffany

A Makeup Artists Life – Lauren Holly or bust!

Here’s a fun little video,  day in a Makeup Artists Life… My mom (Laurie) and I have both worked with Lauren Holly and absolutely adore her. Life as a Makeup Artist can be pretty crazy. My mom started this shoot and I was assisting her, but then she had to leave to Dept. Head a TV series called Leverage (up in Portland.) It was a huge period show (turn of the century 1900’s) so it was Gibson Girl Hair and I’d have to hire a whole flock of hairdressers to pull it all off. I like a challenge, but it was a pretty big role to tackle. So she twisted my arm hard  to get me to take over this show once she was gone. I thought it over and decided I would do it, so I did… Here’s a picture of a couple of the stylists that came to save the day (posing with me) Life as a Makeup artistAnd YES, it was a tough shoot, but Lauren made it a blast!! She really made it a fun experience and taught me not to take life so seriously. She’s hilarious, I couldn’t even stop laughing while i was editing it, so hope you enjoy it too! Let me know in the comments below =) Thanks for watching my Life as a Makeup Artist, send some love her way & hers, you guys are the best!!



Laurie & Tiffany


Positive thoughts, even when our plans fall through – Behind the Scenes

positive thoughts


I’ll just start by saying, that sometimes our wonderful plans, hopes, and dreams fall through.

positive thoughts

Sometimes life’s lessons suck.

And sadly, that’s just life, BUT we’ve found that life goes better when we make the best out of things and find room for laughter every single day.

And that’s HUGE.

I was invited to do a shoot at the top of Mount Timpanogus. It’s over 11,000 feet high and the hike up is rated extremely difficult. The plans were to ride horses up until it was too steep, and then to climb the last mile without them. We would shoot, eat, camp, and shoot again in the sunrise, and then hike all the way down by foot.

Luckiy, I had just done a shoot for Wolverine boots recently, and they gave me some free hiking boots, so I knew this Timp job was meant to be! Here are some shots of that shoot:

positive thoughts 10577001_10203344921516559_5772009973599343695_n

So I started hiking in the hills behind our home every day that I could, at least 3-4 miles, to break in my boots, get used to uneven footing, climbing, everything. I was genuinely excited.


I bought some more gear, and put together a small complete makeup kit that would work best for this shoot.

I packed and I was all ready to go.

And then…

it got cancelled-nooooooooooo!!!! 


I have to admit, I was sad.

But as the time grew closer to the time we had been scheduled to go, the biggest rain and thunder storm pelted that mountain and the entire valley below. It was one of the biggest storms I’ve seen in a while and I realized. I could’ve been up on those slippery slopes and slapped with a jolt of thunder that would easily spook any horse. I really think I was protected, and as the raindrops increased and the storm brewed on and on, throughout the entire night, I became so very grateful.

Then last night, when I melted into my soft cushy bed, I knew that I had been blessed. I was so grateful that I wasn’t on top of that mountain, freezing and soaked, sore, or broken.

I honestly hope that the shoot will resurface, but that the weather will be much more agreeable, and that it won’t be as big of a risk as it would’ve been had we stuck with our original plans and headed up at 4pm last night on horses. (And the truth is, I’ve only been on horses about 5 times in my entire life–eek!)

positive thoughts

SO I like to look at the lessons I learn along the way, and I think the most powerful lesson I gained from this experience was to find the window of gratitude amongst the disappointment. Life doesn’t go as we plan, ever, and it won’t. But we can look at what life gives us and find a way to glory in the journey….that is what can make it beautiful, exciting, and even more wonderful than our wildest dreams.

COMMENT below, we LOVE hearing from you!


Laurie & Tiffany


Like MAC Blot Powder? Then you’ll LOVE this SAFE replacement!


It kinda sucks when you really like something that you know isn’t the best for you, and believe me, we’ve been there too–many times. And in our line of work, performance is really key or we really can’t do our work well.

Back in the day, when we started this website and our youtube channel, we spent so much money on safe and natural products that we didn’t optimal results out of. But we kept on going, and going, and hoping and praying, jk, lol. But seriously, we were concerned and really needed better, safer replacements. But one by one, they keep rolling out. So when we found this new pressed powder that works like a charm, we knew we would have to share!

S0, do you like MAC Blot Powder? Then you’ll LOVE this SAFE replacement!

We hope this video will help inspire you to know there IS something better, way better, than MAC Blot powder, and it also happens to be loaded with nutrients that your skin can love.

Yes, FINALLY, we’ve found a perfect replacement that will help nourish and replenish the skin, rather than to fill it with toxins-grrr!

AND btw, in the US, the FTC wants us to disclose if we have an affiliation with a product we show. We want you (and them) to know that we personally pick the products we choose to share with you. We turn down good offers all the time to promote products that are sub-standard, because we care about what we share with you guys. This IS a product I purchased myself, and fell in love with. I’ve used it on a feature, and several commercial and print shoots since it came out, and have nothing but good to say about the product and the way it performs. So I guess that’s that.

So yeah, please COMMENT and let us know what else you like that you want a great replacement for!!!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Happiness and How to Be More Happy…

FrIdAy FuN & FeElInGs…

simple steps to happiness

Ok, let’s talk.

Why do you think some people seem to be more happy than others?
Here are some of my thoughts…

For some crazy reason, we see ourselves differently than everyone else does. Somehow we look at them and see the beauty, the perfection, everything that’s right. Then when we look into the mirror, the first thing we see are the zits, the scars, and of course the flaws.

Once, when I was on a film shoot in a tiny village in Malawi Africa, one of my powder compacts dropped to the ground and all of the powder crumbled. I was about to toss it when I remembered the mirror inside which was still in perfect condition. So I took it back to my hotel room that night and cleaned the compact until it was nice and shiny. Then I tucked it into my makeup belt to give away.

simple steps to happiness

The next day we were shooting in a cornfield when I noticed 4 girls watching us. I thought about my compact and  walked over to them. I smiled and they giggled back, their faces beaming brightly, something that appeared to come naturally. Then I tucked a hand inside my makeup belt and drew out that shiny empty compact.

They looked at it, very unsure of what I was holding.

I handed it toward them and they pulled away, their faces filling with a hint of fear. So I opened the compact and showed them the mirror. They looked at it, puzzled, then one by one, they started recognizing one another in that little mirror. They pointed at the glass and then pointed at a collar or at a tattered shirt and they lit up with laughter.

I think I just stood there, stunned. These girls had never seen their own reflections. It struck hard. I reached toward them with the compact and handed it to the girl closest to me. “Here, it’s for you” I whispered. Her eyes caught mine and immediately rimmed with tears. I could feel mine start to do the same. Hers appeared to be tears of gratitude, mine stung with humility as I could see her thankfulness for something so very little. She was touched deeply, and so was I.

In retrospect, it was such a small token, in fact, it wasn’t even a legitimate gift–I gave her my garbage and she was thrilled. My heart swelled with the most awesome crimson warmth.

I’m not holding myself out to be a perfect example of someone who gives and always does good, I wish I was, but for that moment, I felt that surge of glee that comes when you touch a life. I actually wish I could say that I gave her something much better, but unfortunately I didn’t…in fact I hope the “gift” I gave her hasn’t changed her life in a negative way…could it affect the way she perceives the world now because she can now see herself ? I really hope not, I really truly hope not.  I hope it was more about the kindness of a stranger. I know for me, it helped me to not see myself at all, at least for those moments, “I” was definitely not on my mind. And how sweet that was. And those feelings brought a current of happiness from way down deep.

Now back to my point. I believe that when we desire to do good, our hearts change. When we focus on others and desire to help them, we can’t help but forget ourselves, our “needs” wants, shortcomings, etc. and at that point, we feel something beyond (the often fleeting feeling of) happiness. We feel an abundance of joy, which is lasting, pure, and becomes a part of our nature. I think the ultimate key is understanding the desires of our heart.

So when we see those people who constantly beam with happiness, it may not be because everything in their life is running smoothly at all, in fact, it more than likely isn’t. I think those people have learned the greater feeling of joy, which is something regulated by the heart, the spirit.

happiness help


My niece, Brittany, is in the Philippians right now, helping to rebuild from the hurricane damage.  She took this PHOTO, which I loved. To follow her 3 month journey and to feel inspired, head over to Life of a Wanderous Mind

I’d love your feedback on this…and I want to give you an assignment:

  • Right now, stop for one moment, and tap into the desires of your heart. If they are wants or “things”, steer past them to the people in your life. What can you do to make their lives happier? What can you say? How can you treat them today? What can you do right now to step outside of yourself and move your focus to others?
  • Do something every day to touch a life, but don’t expect anything in return. Just savor the peace of lifting another’s burdon.
  • Write down your feelings, it doesn’t have to be long, just from the heart.
  • Place it in you calendar and set up reminders every day. (I use an app that is a daily journal, it also sends me reminders every day. 🙂

My challenge is to do this every day for 1 week. Then come back here and please share how that one little exercise worked for you, what you learned, fears you overcame and how you felt.

I believe that you will be a happier person in one week if you can take the time to do this…and I can’t wait to hear back!!


Laurie & Tiffany