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Set life adventures in Boston Set Life Adventures in Boston PIN IT

Set Life Adventures in Boston

here I’m working on a feature still, called “Out of the Dust”.  We’re filming most of it in Boston and some in Utah.  It’s been a blast, which makes the hours and all night shoots do-able!  We’re all having a hard time flipping over our schedule, can’t say I’ve ever loved all nighters, ugh! This picture was taken by one of my cute assistants as we were filming in a tiny little cottage.
Luckily we’ve had a wonderful cast & crew that have become just like family.  We’re scheduled to wrap on this one next Thursday, and it will be sad to say goodbye to our little gang.  I remember my first big feature, I was literally sobbing when it came to saying goodbyes.  Then the fun thing was I ended up working with so many of them again and again.  It’s weird tho, cuz with each show, you get such a great synergy, so it’s kind of a bittersweet thing when it comes to an end.

saab master thesis The director wrote this film with sequels in mind, so who knows, maybe we’ll be back again after all.  I wouldn’t mind it at all.

watch I’ve had some challenges with makeup and hair on this one, but I love them, cuz it pushes my skills.  I’ve had 2 actors they replaced, so I had to make them look identical to the previous cast.  It worked out great, but was a little exciting to  figure out how to get there without time for prosthetics or anything.  We even got desperate for a hair match and rigged ringlets out of crepe wool!

click here We’ve filmed most of this show in Boston, and are now filming in Utah, so we’ve gone from pure humidity to absolute dryness.  It’s made hair work a little exciting!

follow link We also had 3 main unit segments on this film and did pieces in the fall, winter, and now summer.  So matching everything has been a task, plus it’s an 1820’s period, so that’s longer guy hair and facial hair cut into the look of the period. We’ve had a few effects on this show…I got to do a swollen thumb and a little blood, some babies being birthed, some sick people, lots of added facial hair and wigs.  Funny, but I actually love all that!  =)  Am I warped or what?  haha!!

Anyway, I’m really tired, so posts have been spotty, but I’ll be back before too long!  And here I go, off for another night!!  See ya soon… Laurie

Life as a Makeup Artist


viagra and dapoxetine pills uk Life as a makeup artist–the good, bad, and the awkward! 🙂

follow link Tiff and I have some super crazy fun memories and have a lot of opportunities for some great laughs. I’ve kicked myself for not keeping a journal as I’ve had some really great and fun experiences all over the world over the years. So this is actually my own attempt to journal a funny experience I had while we were shooting a commercial series.

kamagra viagra sildenafil life as a makeup artist

source We started the out in the morning, filming up in the mountains. Then we were given maps and told to meet downtown, at a corner cafe, next to our next location (a barber shop.)

watch So I got there, and they told me to order, so I went to the counter and just said I’d like the chicken. The guy added me to the crew order and I went to wait with everyone else to get served.  A few minutes later, he brought out an entire baked chicken and announced my name. Everyone looked at me, shocked. I think my jaw dropped about a 1/2 mile before I knew what to say.

source link “Are you sure?” I choked, wondering just how hungry I had looked. He nodded, “You ordered a chicken, right?” “ummmmmm…..needless to say, when you work with a bunch of guys on set, they become more like brothers, so yes, I offered to share, but still took a beating, lol.

follow link After that, we went to the old fashioned barber shop next store to work.

essay online education Production brought the barber over to me so I could get him ready. I looked at him, and something in his eyes looked familiar. They told me his name, and it hit me–“I know him” I thought. A few memories flashed through my mind, and it hit me–I had dated him 25 years ago. I didn’t remember much more than his name and that we had dated.  Over the years, I’ve worked on a few guys I dated back in the day, who were/are actors. It’s always a little strange, but this one was the most awkward of all.

enter site I smiled and said, “I know you.” He was startled and could NOT remember me at all!!! Awkward–Lol! By then, every crew member in the room perked up their ears and listened to me trying to help him remember, which of course was even more awkward yet… He stood there, scratching his head, uh, a big fat nothing. It was SOOO funny! Secretly I was thinking “please just say you remember me so I don’t feel like a total fool,” haha.

go Finally it hit him–he remembered me, whew. It’s nice to be so memorable! haha! =) But it turned out fine, he said we really liked each other and went our separate ways…I couldn’t really remember any details at all, other than the fact that he had the same first and middle name as my ex…and I think he went off of my list immediately. So yeah, it was a funny day. It was nice to reconnect and to share pictures of our families and laugh at the awkwardness, with an entire crew laughing along side us.

go to link I’m glad that laughter is so good for the soul, lol!  Another day in the life of a makeup artist…. can’t wait to see what’s next! (i think 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

Life as a Makeup Artist, a very Interesting Day


life as a makeup artistlife as a makeup artist

Photo by August Miller


Life as a Makeup Artist, a very Interesting Day

see url Today I worked on a shoot with a couple of research Dr.’s that study the brain.  It was so cool to uh, well, pick their brains!  =)

thesis statement for a research paper I was super happy to hear what they had to say in their interviews….

They talked about the things that cause the brain to age.  They also talked about ways to keep it young–which included lots of nutrients in the diet & exercise.  They said it was interesting that as better nutrition was added to case study’s diets, the skin cleared up and people lost weight as well.  Not surprising, but very fun to hear it from the these research scientists.  It’s crazy to me how as we become so advanced, the things we really need most are the most very basic of all!

follow url So for today, just a couple of crazy moments.

here I set my GPS to the address I was given.  Then when it announced I had arrived, I pulled into the parking lot of the only building around.  They were under construction, so I parked a ways away and lugged my case and bags and directors chair all the way, down 2 full flights of stairs.  When I got to the lobby, I called the production manager, who said he’d be right out.  Well, he wasn’t, and I started to wonder.  I asked the receptionist and learned I was at the wrong place.  Ugh.  So needless to say, I packed back up and out and loaded back up and continued on til I found the right place.  I was grateful for a good morning workout!  Luckily the talent and gaffer had the same problem, so all was well, yay.

I almost had a panic moment as yesterday I sent my kit off to Boston for a shoot next week, so I grabbed what I needed for today’s shoot and ran off, not realizing I forgot to grab hair products!  Gulp.  Luckily I had a few small products in my set bag, so WHEW, it all worked out.

Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

So that’s my day, my life, and how bout YOU?!!  Please share your thoughts, we LOVE what you have to say 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

Nature’s Knockout in the news today!

This afternoon, KSL invited us to join them on the Browser to talk about some exciting things we’re involved with.  Tiff couldn’t make it, but watch for her next week, when we hit another show!  Here’s the show:

Youtube Next Up Gurus and Beauty Bite Desserts Cookbook

Pro Makeup Artist Tips

We get asked daily for Pro Makeup Artist Tips and how to do what we do. So here is a question from one of our viewers and here is what we think you really need to know before becoming a pro makeup artist!How to work as a Pro Makeup Artist

Laurie getting Lauren Holly ready on the set of “Down & Derby.”  Photo by Eric Johnston 



How did you and your mom start doing hair on movie and photo shoot sets? i have been a hairstylist for over 11 years and would love to have that experience. thanks, KC Willis

our answer

Hi KC,

How to work as a Pro Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist’s a long story, but we’ll try to keep it simple (and not bore you to death:)

How to be a professional makeup artist

Laurie prepping the cast of “Zombies,” for Sci Fi Channel.

Laurie (mom) started as a makeup artist and went to a makeup school and a film school (for FX & film makeup) and later went to hair school and got a hair license.

But while in film school, would do student projects and just started getting referred all over for a lot of various jobs.

Tiffany (daughter) had a kit taller than she was, at the age of 5 (with all of mom’s old makeup). When she was 12, she traveled all over the US and Canada with Laurie as she was working on movies. Laurie would pay Tiffany $10 per day to just be there and to be good (we’re big into bribes, J/K!)

Later, Tiffany went to hair school as well.

How to work as a Pro Makeup Artist

Tiffany on set in Springfield, Illinois with crew members, Eric Johnston and Ben Cook.

In college, Tiffany had a full ride scholarship and was planning to go into psychology, when Laurie needed to fill a position in the makeup dept. of a show…after some arm twisting (j/k) Tiff dropped out of college and went on the road, working on her first big movie in NY, Wisconsin, Illinois, Canada and England. It was a blast and Tiff did amazing work, knowing she had to prove herself.
And the rest is history 🙂

How to work as a Pro Makeup Artist

Playing in the makeup trailer with the cast of “Gentlemen Broncos”

Advice: You’re on the right track by starting as a hairstylist–for anyone else we say, get a hair license

  1. Get a Cosmetology License (even if they only want to do makeup) It increases your skills, gives you better dexterity and confidence, and makes you better at doing things like hand laying facial hair, shaping brows, manicuring nails, etc. It also teaches you the color wheel inside & out, which will make you better as a makeup artist as well.
  2. Professional Makeup training and SFX training are vital. We’d go beyond that to say, get trained for the specific line of work you want. Sometimes a professional is willing to allow you to intern, but that should only be done once you’ve gone through hair school and makeup school.  We figure a mistake costs a show about $5000 a minute, so learning on set isn’t a great idea for anyone.
  3. Volunteer to help youtubers, and film students/ or budding photographers.  It is a mistake to go marching into the elite photographers and expect that they will be ok with you learning on their dime. That rarely happens, and there is  learning curve that you need to pay for or the production will.  We’ve seen stylists and “artists” fly in from nowhere, and they typically fly right back out again once it’s obvious from costly mistakes that they really don’t know the business.
  4. In order to get experience, plan to give your work away for 1-2 years in order to prove yourself and build a portfolio and network. But once you’re ready to play in the big leagues, get your rates up to the going rate or you’ll actually hurt your image and be known as the “cheap” makeup artist or a wanna be. People tend to respect artists who charge what they are worth.
  5. It’s a lot of hard work, for sure! It’s an extremely competitive field, so don’t try to cheat the system. Be nice to everyone, because you’re a nice person, not because you’re a kiss up.
  6. Don’t ever put down another artist. When someone isn’t qualified or talented, it will speak for itself. We like to run a positive team on set, and the energy it brings is wonderful. When someone is really negative or wants to gossip, it can change the dynamics in an instant. We also know that if that person is gossiping about someone else to us, we will be next on the hit list. SO our motto is, just don’t go there. There’s way too much good going on that we can enjoy. Life is wonderful if we let it be!

For those of you still reading, you deserve a medal, lol! thanks! Please comment – we LOVE hearing from you!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Life on Set, “What’s Mine Is Yours” with Katherine Nelson

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

Music: Katherine Nelson, Photography: Russ Dixon, Makeup & Hair: Laurie Vukich

Life on Set, “What’s Mine Is Yours”

We are huge fans of Katherine Nelson and also happen to be good friends.  We first worked with her on a feature film, “Prophet of the Restoration”, about 10 years ago. She was up for a big roll, and selected from over 800+ applicants (something she would never tell you, but I will 🙂  She happened to have a look they loved, but there was one drawback. She was a singer, not an actor.

But the director took a chance and flew her out to Illinois to shoot a piece of the film, which also happened to be her formal screen test. That’s quite an investment for a film to make and a huge chance to take too.  But they did, and for my entire makeup and hair department and everyone working on that show, it was love at first sight. She was gracious, fun, and confident, in everything but her acting ability.  She wasn’t sure how to get to the “acting” part of things, so innately decided to read every book about “Emma” the part that she might be playing.  She came to know the real life character and would simply “feel” what Emma would feel in each situation.  The outcome was magical, real, and genuine and I can honestly say, Katherine nailed it.

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

I’ve continued working with Katherine from time to time and every shoot with her always turns out to be an inspiring and wonderful experience.  Somehow, that non-acting singer has a way of drawing from the heart and capturing the exact words I need to hear.  She is truly an inspiration.

A couple of years ago, we did some commercials, which she was brought in to play the part of a snow princess.  We had a great time glitzing her out, but once again, in our conversations as we got her ready,  her words were music to my ears. When I asked her what she was up to, she lit up and told me about writing a new album, with a whole new style, and she was thrilled.  She had so much that she hoped to share, and felt that this was the perfect opportunity. I was excited for her and could hardly wait to see what amazing things she would come up with.

So when her  Born Brave CD was recently released, I could hardly wait to hear it.  The messages were clearly from her heart and from many struggles in her own life that she had overcome…it was a message every woman can embrace…and that message was: When we strengthen women, we are all born brave.  Absolute perfection.

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

As I did Katherine’s makeup & hair on the “What’s Mine is Yours” Music video, she did it again.  She left me inspired by our conversations and went on to share a message that was very deep and meaningful to her.  Every now and then, I’d have to step in to reset her makeup from the tears that trickled down her cheeks. Real tears from a singer with a real heart, not from an actress. It was hard to hold back tears of my own, knowing the sincerity and the heart behind this message.

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

And now, just in case I’ve left you thinking that Katherine is just an emotional sap, there’s another side to her that is absolutely endearing.  She is very tender, compassionate, and caring, but she also loves to have fun, and has a sense for adventure that keeps life exciting. We recently worked on another feature together, “Ephraim’s Rescue” and were thrilled to have an early day. So what else would 4 women do, with a few moments to spare?  Shop, of course!  Here are some pictures from that little spree with Katherine and 2 of our other actresses, Mia Ramsay and Christine Torriente-Robey. (soo so cute!)

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson

Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson


Life on Set: What's Mine is Yours, by Katherine Nelson


So I think I can sum it up easily, Katherine Nelson is real, she’s genuine, and is a very fun person with a whole lot of heart.  Enjoy her new music video–it was a treat to work on it with her, as always.  Once you become a huge Katherine Nelson fan (which we think is as soon as you hear her sing 🙂 Here is where you can connect with her:

Katherine Nelson

Love you guys!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Life on Set – Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!

We just finished working at the Sundance film Festival where Tiffany was doing makeup & hair with HBO and Laurie was working with E! News.  The stars were shining brightly and it was a lot of fun and adventure.

Anyway, this is our Life on Set – Sundance stars + Giveaway for all, plus we’ll share and a bunch of pictures, and add a list of some of the stars we were able to work with.. here ya go…


Here are some interviews we did in this lounge:

Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all! Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys – they were SO cute and super darling!

Daniel Radcliff - Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!

Daniel Radcliff Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!

JASON WITH DANE DEHAAN, DANIEL RADCLIFFE (Harry Potter)Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


JANUARY JONES, Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


EVAN RACHEL WOOD, SHIO  Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!



Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!

Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!




Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all! jessica alba, Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


Life on Set - Sundance stars + Giveaway for all!


go here And before we call it a wrap, don’t forget to enter our giveaway and get your free ebook…

That’s it for Sundance 2013, please comment, we love hearing from you!


Laurie & Tiffany


Silent Night, with Jenny Oaks Baker and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

PIN IT Silent Night, with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp

Enjoy the beautiful music (above) as you read over this post!!! Merry Christmas to each of you!!  This “Silent Night” music video is one I worked on, doing the makeup & hair on both Jenny and Alex.

It’s always a blast to work with Jenny–I love that girl–she’s such a cutie and so much fun.  She’s got the spunkiest cute personality and keeps me laughing non-stop!  She’s the bomb!! 🙂

I hadn’t met Alex before, but it was such a pleasure to work with her as well, she was so gracious and kind.  She was really a sweetheart.

But the most amazing thing about working on this shoot was to be completely immersed in such beautiful music for a day.  It was so heavenly and truly peaceful and uplifting.  I really enjoyed it a lot and know you will too.  Here’s a sweet reminder of how beautiful this time of year can be–if we let it.

Here are some more pictures from this shoot:

Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker


Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp - Makeup & Hair: Laurie Vukich


Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp - Makeup & Hair: Laurie Vukich

Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp - Makeup & Hair: Laurie Vukich


Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp - Makeup & Hair: Laurie Vukich


This was a cute moment, when Jenny’s dad stopped by for an unexpected visit.  I love how, as a parent, your children are always your children, and what they are up to is always important to you.

And one last thought that we posted on our FB last night…. “We finished the feature film we’ve been working on-whew!! And yesterday was the first day of Christmas shopping this year–eek!
As people cut me off in the parking lot and pushed their way into lines, it made me think of the crazy business and the hustle and bustle that’s so easy to get sucked into.
I looked at the Christmas stars adorning the shop I was in, and saw their sparkle–so simple, so peaceful, so beautiful and bright…and I got it.
It really doesn’t take much to savor the beautiful moments that we can all feel in the next few days. No matter how hectic, how difficult or how sad our circumstance is…it’s up to us whether we will feel the joy of the season or not. It’s a choice.”

May you feel the peace and abundant love that awaits you this holiday season.  Even if we feel hurt, lonely, or sad, the fastest way to heal is to reach out and do something kind for someone else…another way to feel peace is to count the blessings in our lives–they are there, sometimes a little more hidden, but if we seek to see them, we will find them.

Have a beautiful, Silent Night tonight.

Enjoy and have the merriest Christmas ever!  🙂

Silent Night with Jenny Oaks Baker & Alex Sharp