Want to LOSE WEIGHT? Boost Your Metabolism, here’s how…

What if you want to lose weight, but CAN’T?

It may be as simple as learning your body’s needs, and a new perspective. Some people try starving themselves, resistance, punishing themselves, or fad diets, yet all have the same results–failure. So if you’re starting to think you just can’t lose weight, maybe it’s not your body that’s the problem at all, and the fix might even be very simple.

You’ve heard it from us before, what you put IN your body, ON your body, and IN your mind can make or break you. When you look at your body through a new lens, not as the “enemy” but as an incredible divine creation that cares for you constantly, with every single breath, it’s easier to see your body as your valued friend. When we see our body through appreciation and gratitude, we naturally want to care for it, rather than to punish it, and that emotional transition can be essential in helping us to truly “care” for our body in a whole new way.

A grateful


is a magnet

for miracles

As for what we put IN our bodies, did you know that:

if you want to lose weight, one of the best things you can do is to boost your metabolism, it can make all the difference in the world.

Here’s why:

Your body’s metabolism controls how fast and efficiently the calories you eat are burned. Increasing your metabolism, even just a little, can help you burn calories even at rest.

Here are the food & ingredient super stars that can boost your metabolism:

  1. Add catechins. Hmph, what are THOSE? They are ingredients that will fire up your metabolism quickly. Catechins are helpful molecules that have been shown to aid in body fat reduction and metabolism increases. The best sources of catechins are Green tea (warm, not hot or cold) Black tea (but not quite as many as found in green tea), blackberries AND dark chocolate. It also contains some caffeine, which has thermogenic properties-which helps increase the heat inside your body’s metabolic systems, making it easier to ignite more calories. While it’s not a good idea to go wild with candy bars for this small boost, you may want to use a small piece of dark chocolate for a dessert instead of something else.
  2. Fiber – Adding fiber to your diet is another way you can get your metabolism back on track. Fiber helps speed up the digestion process, which may give your calorie burning a little more oomph. You can get your daily fiber intake from adding sorghum, quinoa, flax, and barley. Here’s a super yummy one you may want to do–here’s one you’ll love, try making some sorghum flour based cookies with Just Cookie Dough from hamptoncreek. Mmmm.
  3. Water. We all know this, but it really is important to constantly drink water throughout your day. Cold water especially has been linked to a slight increase in your body’s ability to burn extra calories. Essentially, your body needs to work to regulate the temperature of the water so that it matches your body’s core temperature. If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, and especially right before meals, this can help shave off a few more calories.
  4. Calcium – Some studies have found evidence showing that people who aren’t getting enough calcium in their diet have slower metabolisms. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of this essential nutrient. Try more green leafy vegetables, including spring greens, cabbage, swede, rocket, watercress, kale, broccoli and parsley.
  5. Vitamin D – for another small boost in your calorie burning, try foods that are rich in vitamin D. One natural sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish (like tuna, mackerel, and wild salmon–which we favor the most as it is so rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as well ). Other great natural sources of Vit D include orange juice, and organic beef liver and organic egg yolks.  Vitamin D helps keep your muscles strong and healthy, which is a key factor in burning calories more efficiently. It has also been shown to help keep your immune system at its peak, which may prevent or reduce your frequency of getting sick, and has even been shown to be effective in fighting depression.
  6. Grilled Organic Chicken – Eating plenty of protein has also been shown to help keep your metabolism working at its best. Protein is able to fuel your muscle fibers and contributes to the amount of lean mass you have. With more lean mass as part of your body’s composition, you are able to maximize your calorie burning. Protein sources like skinless grilled chicken breast are a great way to feel satisfied without adding too many calories to your plate.
  7. Spinach – it’s also important to make sure you get enough iron in your diet in order to help your muscles be more efficient. Iron contributes to the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. This process is essential if you want to burn fat when you’re cutting back on your calories. One of the tastiest sources of iron is spinach. A mixed salad that swaps spinach for lettuce can be an easy way to add this nutrient to your plate.

We’ll discuss this more and continue sharing more tips, but our goal is to help you celebrate the beauty of that miraculous body that you have. Embrace how wonderful it is and care for it because you are grateful, and watch how much better you can start to feel right away.

In that mindset, we challenge you to add these metabolism boosting foods and ingredients to your diet immediately and at the same time, watch and celebrate the changes you will start to see. Improving your body’s ability to burn fat is a successful way to lose weight in the right way.

Probably the greatest thing about changing your perspective is that you’ll naturally want to change your diet, and will quickly see that you don’t have to work as hard to get the results you’d like.

Let us know your thoughts, victories, realizations, and how grateful you are for that spectacular gift (your body) that you have been blessed with. We love you and are cheering you on all the way.

We honor the Divinity within you and wish you the very best in this and every endeavor in your life!


Laurie & Tiffany

McDonald’s Hamburger nearly 6 years old

This is a pretty random post, but have you had a McDonald’s Hamburger lately? If so, you may want to keep on reading.

AND weird, I don’t know why the photo won’t straighten out–I’ve turned it and saved it but it keeps wanting to be sideways. Hmm, ok, so maybe our website is pretty freaked out about this hamburger too, lol! 🙂 Ok, we’ll just go with it.

So yeah. We have a McDonald’s Hamburger that’s nearly 6 years old.

Why? I got it on July 15, 2010, just out of curiosity.

I stuck it in my pantry in the original wrapper and bag. I never opened it, but I’m guessing it had mustard and ketchup and a pickle on it once upon a time.

You know how food rots? Well, I’m not going to draw any conclusions, but what I will say is that it never smelt up my pantry at all. And it sat there for a few years.

Then one day, Tiffany and I were hosting a live BlogTV, when I mentioned it and our viewers wanted to see it. So I thought why not? And I grabbed it from the pantry, and slowly opened the bag. Then, I pulled out the burger and unwrapped the wrapper. I don’t know if our viewers eyes were as big as ours, but we were truly stunned. It looked identical to any McDonald’s Hamburger you could buy today. Sigh.

Since then, I’ve taken it along to several of the Expo’s that we’ve spoken at, but for some reason, I can’t figure out why no one wants to eat it?! Lol.

Ok, so here is a photo I just shot today…

mcdonald's hamburger 6 years old

You can see the bag was dated April 22, 2010.

I heard today on Good Things Utah that someone else shared a McDonald’s hamburger online that was about as old as ours. He put his burger in a glass container. According to the news report, McDonald’s responded saying, “Guess what. In order to decompose you need certain conditions, like moisture, he didn’t add moisture under the glass, therefore decomposition is unlikely. It’s not our fault, it’s moisture.”

Well I guess I have something to say about that.

So guess what McDonald’s, our burger was in the actual protection you put it in ever since it was first made by YOU. It has been exposed to the same identical air that my fruits, vegetables, and other foods have been exposed to. The funny thing is my real foods have rotted, molded, and done just exactly what real foods do…but hmmm, we can’t quite figure out what’s happened with you?

And I don’t think I need to say one more word.

Please feel free to share your your thoughts though, we love hearing from you!

To your health–we love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany