McDonald’s Hamburger nearly 6 years old

This is a pretty random post, but have you had a McDonald’s Hamburger lately? If so, you may want to keep on reading.

AND weird, I don’t know why the photo won’t straighten out–I’ve turned it and saved it but it keeps wanting to be sideways. Hmm, ok, so maybe our website is pretty freaked out about this hamburger too, lol! 🙂 Ok, we’ll just go with it.

So yeah. We have a McDonald’s Hamburger that’s nearly 6 years old.

Why? I got it on July 15, 2010, just out of curiosity.

I stuck it in my pantry in the original wrapper and bag. I never opened it, but I’m guessing it had mustard and ketchup and a pickle on it once upon a time.

You know how food rots? Well, I’m not going to draw any conclusions, but what I will say is that it never smelt up my pantry at all. And it sat there for a few years.

Then one day, Tiffany and I were hosting a live BlogTV, when I mentioned it and our viewers wanted to see it. So I thought why not? And I grabbed it from the pantry, and slowly opened the bag. Then, I pulled out the burger and unwrapped the wrapper. I don’t know if our viewers eyes were as big as ours, but we were truly stunned. It looked identical to any McDonald’s Hamburger you could buy today. Sigh.

Since then, I’ve taken it along to several of the Expo’s that we’ve spoken at, but for some reason, I can’t figure out why no one wants to eat it?! Lol.

Ok, so here is a photo I just shot today…

mcdonald's hamburger 6 years old

You can see the bag was dated April 22, 2010.

I heard today on Good Things Utah that someone else shared a McDonald’s hamburger online that was about as old as ours. He put his burger in a glass container. According to the news report, McDonald’s responded saying, “Guess what. In order to decompose you need certain conditions, like moisture, he didn’t add moisture under the glass, therefore decomposition is unlikely. It’s not our fault, it’s moisture.”

Well I guess I have something to say about that.

So guess what McDonald’s, our burger was in the actual protection you put it in ever since it was first made by YOU. It has been exposed to the same identical air that my fruits, vegetables, and other foods have been exposed to. The funny thing is my real foods have rotted, molded, and done just exactly what real foods do…but hmmm, we can’t quite figure out what’s happened with you?

And I don’t think I need to say one more word.

Please feel free to share your your thoughts though, we love hearing from you!

To your health–we love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany