BB Creams – are they as good as you think? Reviews by makeup artists..

bb creams

BB Creams – are they as good as you think? Reviews by makeup artists..

If you haven’t heard of “BB Cream” (i.e. beauty balm cream) you probably will be hearing about it soon–it’s become all the rage and here’s why…it provides all 5 of the following items in one container:

  1. Skin Treatment
  2. Skin Hydrator
  3. Protects skin
  4. Primes for smooth foundation
  5. Foundation

And it goes on like a dream.  So what’s a person not to love, right?

We’ve actually been watching it and are really impressed with the concept. We’ve seen some amazing results, especially preventing and correcting sun damage and un-even pigmentation, but we can’t say that we’re impressed with all of the brands that have popped up on the market.  It seems that every company out there is leaping to grab a piece of this brilliant new marketing space, but some may be more harmful than good, in our opinion.

In fact, after checking ingredients on many of them (even some that say they are natural, but aren’t), we say that if you’re using this wonderful new cream, make sure that it’s truly safe or natural.  Because if not, you are more likely to irritate above or below the surface, invite unwanted hormonal imbalances (which can lead to cancers, autoimmune disease, kidney problems,accelerated aging, etc.) and more.  So we say, if you want all of the good and to forget about the bad, go for natural BB creams.

We’ve found 3 safe versions that we like a ton.  Here they are, and here’s why:

Best Natural BB Cream review

1.  Suntegrity

 “5 In 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Spf 30

We have a rating system of 3 stars and we only rate items we believe to be “safe” and that we like.  If you don’t see it on our site, we don’t recommend it.

That said, we like that this product is safe, and that it performs exceptionally well.  We also love that it is loaded with all kinds of nutrients, and even contains some certified organic ingredients.   For those reasons, we rate this BB cream with 3 stars and would post this as our top “natural” recommendation.

This product in particular tends to be really effective with people with more oily skin.  If you have more dry skin, we’d recommend applying a good safe hydrating lotion underneath it.  HERE’S ONE we like and recommend.


Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

2. Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

We just had a small sample of this item and didn’t get a chance to try it over and over for a period of time, like we would normally do.  But first impressions were pretty good.  The coverage is seriously amazing.  It concealed well also, which is a true test, in our book.  The sample we had was quite light though, and it covered the entire face like a ghost.  So we’d say go lightly, very lightly, with the product, and maybe try a shade darker than you normally would.  It had a tinge of a yellow cast, which actually works great for covering dark circles and blemishes.

We believe it to be safe, non-toxic, with added nutrients.  We can’t classify it as natural or organic, so we would give it 2.5 out of 3 stars, because it is safe, performs well and has added nutrients. It works well to cover, brighten the skin, protect the skin, and minimize pores and wrinkles.

Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Blemish Cream

3.  Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Blemish Cream 

This is the original BB Cream company.  They actually have more BB creams, but this is the only one we recommend, based on the ingredient deck.  The others have some items we have concerns over.  This cream is something we would classify as “safe”.  We don’t see any red flag ingredients, but we also don’t see any real nutrients either.

As for a rating, we give this product 1 star for being safe, 1 star for excellent performance, for a total of 2 out of 3 big stars. We would say this is our top “safe” recommendation.


Some people have mentioned that they tried BB Cream and it seemed like their skin was too shiny.  We say that’s a good indication that it’s still on the surface and helping to hydrate the skin.  (Even oily skin needs hydration)  So to get the best of both worlds, apply a safe powder over the cream for a more satiny finish.  We recommend re-applying powder several times throughout the day.

So that’s our take on that–we are big believers, but are also big advocates of keeping you safe and healthy, inside and out.

Please comment below, we love to hear from you!!! Love the skin that you’re in–it’s amazing!


Laurie & Tiffany

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Natural Acne Remedies + free ebook!

Natural Acne Remedies + free ebook!



Natural Acne Remedies + free ebook!

Whether you’ve tried everything or not, we love natural approaches and remedies that work. We received this ebook from one of our online friends, Dave, who has compiled some excellent information to help you win the acne fight naturally.  Big cudos and now, here is your own free download of his book:


Natural Acne Remedies


Natural Acne Remedies + free ebook!

We would like to thank Dave, the skin king,  for sharing this Natural Acne Remedies + free ebook with our viewers–thanks Dave, and here’s to beautiful skin!  You can find him on youtube here!

Enjoy, comment & please SHARE!


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DIY Facial Peel + Pore Strips Recipes

DIY Facial Peel + Pore Strips Recipes


DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips Recipes

If you have blackheads and are prone to breakouts, this DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips Recipe is one of our favorites.  It’s super easy and will work as well, if not better than any of those pore strips you can buy.  This is an all natural way to go!

DIY Facial Peel:


1 Tablespoon hormone free egg-white
2 drops Frankincense or Sandalwood Essential Oil or the best essential oil for your face

Stir together and apply to a clean face and neck. Allow to sit 10-15 minutes. Remove with a damp warm cloth or by showering off. Immediately apply 1-2 drops of the best oil for your skin

DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips:


1/2-1 Tablespoon egg-white
1-2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil or the best essential oil for your face
1 tissue

Mix the egg white and essential oil and apply to your trouble areas. Immediately tear a 1-ply tissue and apply it over the areas being treated. Allow to dry completely (10-15 minutes) Then lift a corner of the strip and rip off. It works great!

For more info on what we think about essential oils and if they are safe and to know which essential oils are best for you, head to our posts so we can tell you what we think!

These recipes are both so easy to do and so inexpensive AND completely natural–we love it, of course!  But one thing that makes it even better is the beautiful smooth texture of your skin after it’s removed. It also leaves it feeling so soft and radiant!

COMMENT below how you like these recipes and what other ones you’d like to see, we LOVE your comments!!


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DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin

DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin


DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin- you can make yourself!

Brrrr, it’s SO cold outside!  It just makes me want get in a nice toasty shower, or just relax in a hot steamy jacuzzi.  Actually, I think I will, hit the tub that is. 🙂

Okay, but I have 2 ulterior motives for this therapeutic bath and spa facial treatment.  One is to deeply moisturize my skin that is parched from the dry cold air, and the other is to add moisture and magnesium to my entire body.  What?  heehee, the way I can do the latter is to add a cupful of epsom salt to my bath water, which, if you look at the ingredients in epsom salt, you may be surprised to find that it IS magnesium.  And to help moisturize my body, I’ll add in a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to my bath water. (It will help me absorb that magnesium too, btw!)

If I slather on the following mask a few minutes before getting into the tub, and then lay in that rich moisture therapy bath with the mask on…for about 10-15 minutes…I will de-stress my body, feel warm and pampered, while moisturizing the heck out of everything from my head to my toes.  Pretty dang amazing, right?!

Right now, the only thing that’s keeping me from that nice warm fountain of youth, comfort and joy is the fact that I keep on writing.  So I will spare both of us right now and head off for an evening of pure indulgence.

And when you do the same, we’d love to hear how you loved it! Enjoy this therapeutic bath and spa facial treatment!

Here is your shopping list:

epsom salt

DIY Spa Facial for Incredible Skin

  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook time: 10-15 minutes


1/2 banana
1 Tablespoon nutritious oil – see which will work best for you…  Best Oils to Improve Skin (by Skin Type)
2 teaspoons raw honey
1-2 drops organic, pure essential oil – see our post,  Which Essential Oils are best to Improve the Skin?


Place all ingredients in a mini blender and mix together well.  Slather mixture all over face and neck (avoiding contact with the eyes).  Leave on 10-15 minutes.  If you do this mask while in the bathtub, you could take a wash cloth and squeeze warm water from it, then place over the mask and relax.  The steam will allow more moisture to absorb into the skin.  It won’t dry out the skin because the mask will act as a lubricant and natural moisture barrier.  When ready to remove the mask, gently remove with a damp cloth.  (Be careful not to clog your drain so you don’t get in trouble 🙂

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Get glowing! (no excuses!)

Please comment and let us know whatever’s on your mind!


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Which Essential Oils are best to improve the Skin?

natural hairspray


Which Essential Oils are best to improve the Skin?

Here is a question we get asked a lot.  Which Essential Oils are best to improve the skin?  What about the hair? So we decided to round up all of the superstar essential oils and let you know why we’ve picked them.  For skin, make sure to dilute according to manufacturers suggestions with carrier oil.  For hair, just a drop or two added to your hair preparation will be sufficient.


take care of your

skin – it takes

good care of you


And before you spend a cent on essential oils we’ve said before and will say again, NEVER buy essential oils that aren’t truly organic. Especially in the States, there are vague regulations and marketers can say just about anything to make you think they are organic when they aren’t. Watch for “beyond organic” “better than organic” and RUN! Since essential oils are so powerful and concentrated extracts from plants, if the plants have been soaked in or sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, it will be in the extracts that come from them. So we believe that the most important thing to watch for when comparing essential oils is that they are organic.

Here is our favorite source for organic essential oils and we’ve even set up as affiliates with them because of their high standards and because we truly love and trust their products. Another great place for quality organic products, including organic essential oils (for GREAT DEALS) can be found at this ORGANIC MARKET. We love what they are doing and have set up as affiliates with both of them. So as you shop, just smile about the savings & especially the extra health benefits you’ll be getting! 

Bergamot Oil – promotes healthy, clear skin. Aids in skin tightening which helps give the appearance of smaller pores. It is antibacterial, an analgesic, antiseptic, andtispasmodic, and offers soothing effects. It also can be very helpful in treating cold sores and mouth sores.

Carrot Root Oil – High in carotenes and other antioxidants, Carrot oil stimulates and regenerates skin and hair. Retin-A – a form of vitamin A, has long been used to support hair growth. Carrot oil is an extract of carrot root emulsified in Jojoba oil.  It may very beneficial for people experiencing hair loss, but is also good for improving overall hair health.

Carrot Seed Oil  Carrot Seed is fantastic for skin care (revitalizing and toning) and considered one of the best essential oils for mature skin. Carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxins and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance. Carrot seed oil has a detoxifying effect on the liver and cleans the digestive system and the body as a whole. Aromatic Scent: Woody-earthy, slightly spicy, strong, fruity, warm, herbaceous and musky.  Warnings: Should be avoided during pregnancy. For external use only.

Cedarwood – It has been used for acne, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, greasy skin, hair loss, skin eruptions, ulcers, arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, catarrh, congestion, coughs, cystitis, nervous tension and stress-related conditions.   Cedarwood is has been successfully studied for treatment of hair loss.

Blue Chamomile – One of the most effective oils for reducing inflammation. Hair loss is sometimes attributed to inflammation in the scalp and follicles, resulting in less-than-ideal cellular function. Some even attribute hair loss to an over-heated scalp. German Chamomile is both anti-inflammatory and cooling.  Also used for skin problems including allergies, infections, burns, inflammation, rashes, and bites.

Clary Sage – Used to rejuvenate skin cells, calm the complexion and reduce dandruff. Deeply relaxing, and it may be helpful to reduce melancholy, stress and relieve tension. Also thought to reduce symptoms associated with PMS and menopause.  Used as a sedative, hormonal balancer, for it’s soothing, relaxing effects. Can reduce menstrual cramps, PMS and menopausal hot flashes. Adrenal stimulant. Warnings: Possible skin irritant for some. Avoid use during pregnancy

Clove – Antiseptic and an excellent antioxidant. Can increase circulation, and shown to be successful in stimulating new hair growth. For scalp circulation stimulation.  Warnings: Use in very small amounts due to possible skin sensitivity.

Cypress – Excellent for reducing the appearance of broken capillaries in the skin. Cypress oil is antiseptic and a rich antioxidant. Stimulates circulation which is optimal for hair growth.  Helps Reduce oiliness of skin.  Qualities:Antiseptic, toning, diuretic, astringent, reviving

Frankincense – Excellent to aid in un-doing the damage the skin has endured. This oil is fascinating to me, as I heard it would help with basil cell skin cancers (which I’ve had quite a few). The first time I used it, I was stunned to watch the skin cancers completely vanish after using it repeatedly morning and night for about a month. I later worked with one of the top dermatologists in the country on a shoot, and asked her about it. She said it is highly effective on basil cell, however not effective on the more dangerous form of skin cancer. I believe it works by penetration below the surface, and restores damage to the DNA. Impressive and very intriguing. This oil is known for qualities to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and appears to tighten and even skin tone as well.

Geranium – Shown to be effective for use with oily, acne prone and even mature skin. Also appears very useful on skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis, and has the effect of brightening and revitalizing dull skin.

Grapefruit – appears to be highly effective for use as a cleansing agent and for oily skin. 

Helichrysum  Shown to be regenerating to soft body tissues, helichrysum is found in blends for both mature skin and for healing wounds. Helpful for scalp tissue as well, for anti-aging and healthy hair production. Also an excellent antiinflammatory, and excellent for enhanced circulation.

Lavendar – Balancing, soothing, regenerative, anti-inflammate and antibacterial. The most commonly used oil for stress reduction. Lavender is also good for the skin, especially when mixed with bergamot it helps promote skill cell growth. Lavender is also good for taking the sting out of sunburns and some herbalists prescribe lavender paste to be applied to minor burns. It is helpful in treating a number of skin conditions including burns, cyctitis, vaginitis, and leucorhea. It helps to improve circulatory problems such as varicose veins when rubbed onto the skin.

Lemon – Used for skin lightening effects and said to aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is antiseptic, however can be a skin irritant in some, especially those with sensitive skin.

Myrhh – Pure myrrh can be mixed with a carrier oil and applied externally for skin problems. It can also be mixed with water to relieve throat and gum problems.  It may be useful to revitalize and nurture mature skin. May also provide relief for bronchitis and colds when used in a diffuser or vaporizer. Reduces wrinkling, antiseptic and anti-fungal. Heavy warm base note. Qualities: Sedative, uplifting, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Palmarosa – Great to help stimulate new cell growth, moisturize skin, and can even help to regulate oil production. Excellent for the face and neck, and any anti-aging skin care product.

Patchouli – Works well as an antimicrobial, astringent, fungicide, and in deodorant. Also has properties to aid with acne issues, dry, cracked, chapped skin, eczema, oily and even appears effective in aiding mature skin.

Rosemary  This oil has been considered one of the premier hair growth enhancing oils. It is found in many preparations for hair and scalp. Shown to increase cellular metabolism, and stimulating healthy hair growth.  Also shown to be successful in alopecia areata treatment.

Sage – Used for hair growth, with stimulating properties found in Rosemary – along with hormone balancing of Clary Sage. Can balance scalp oils, and is found in blends for scar reduction and skin regeneration.  Used to rejuvenate skin cells, calm the complexion and reduce dandruff.  Not for use if pregnant.

Sandalwood – Used to help soothe damaged and irritated skin, also to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars. Also appears to be effective in smoothing out the surface of the skin.

Sea Buckthorn – This oil has been used for centuries for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetically, Sea Buckthorn Oil has been used for numerous purposes. Natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids help reverse damaging effects of sun radiation and minimize long term effects of sun exposure, like wrinkles, dryness, dark spot reduction, and the soothing of skin inflammation. The oil is well tolerated by any type of skin and provides long term anti-inflammatory, restorative and revitalizing actions. Appears to enhance the skin and scalp health for every skin type and imbalance. Highly nutritive, potent antioxidant and regenerative.

Ylang Ylang – Used to reduce stress. Long history of used to increase the thickness of the hair and for healthier hair. Can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production, and may help with split ends.  Ylang ylang oil could have a soothing effect on the skin and its stimulating effect on the scalp could promote more luxurious hair growth. Appears highly effective for use on irritated, oily, or acne prone skin. Has a strong aroma.

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You guys are the BEST!!! Please share your thoughts, as always, we love hearing your ideas!!


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The Ultimate DIY Chocolate Facial


The Ultimate DIY Chocolate Facial

AND our new DESSERT Cookbook is now available!!!  In paperback and digital formats.  For MORE INFO

The Ultimate DIY Chocolate Facial


1 Tablespoon Raw Cacao
1 teaspoon almond flour (optional)
1/2 Tablespoon raw honey
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or read our post on how to know which oil is best for your skin type)
1/2 Tablespoon acidophilis or probiotic
1/2 Tablespoon coconut milk
Mix together all of the above ingredients in a mini blender. Apply directly to clean skin on face and neck areas (avoiding the eyes of course!)
Allow to sit until dry, at least 10-15 minutes. Remove by showering off or with a damp warm cloth. Add 1-2 drops of the oil that is best for your skin type.
DONE! Now comment below and let us know how you like this and what other recipes you’d like to have. We are always happy to hook you up!

Yay! Now you can be healthy and eat your chocolate too!


Laurie & Tiffany

Coconut oil a billion uses!

Coconut oil, a billion uses


Coconut oil, a billion uses!

We LOVE coconut oil! It not only adds a yummy scent as we’re cooking with it, but it also makes an awesome replacement for butter or margarin and is classified as a healthy fat. But beyond that, it’s great for the skin, inside and out.

We’ve talked about it for years, it’s saturated fat, but is completely natural, so our bodies know what to do with it, unlike some of it’s synthetic and GMO counterparts. So our feeling is that it’s a fat worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve heard many testimonials from so many people, including some of you and we are big believers. I keep a jar in my kitchen for cooking, and a jar in my bathroom for beauty uses. Sometimes I even swish it around in my mouth to act as a cleaning agent and protectant for the gums and teeth.

When Tiff’s little guys, Ashton had a toothache, she gave him some to swish around in his mouth (aka oil pulling) and his pain went right away. He was a happy little guy and we thought that was pretty neat.

We’ve shared tons of ways you can use coconut oil, and here’s a really great video where we shared some of those. It’s not great because of what we did, but because of what you added. We asked for your input and ideas on why you like this amazing healthy fat and you generously offered your wonderful ideas and enthusiasm as well. Coconut oil, a billion uses!

We have the best viewers in the world and we love your comments!!

Please comment & share!


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Coconut Oil
Lemon Clarifying Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil

Coconut oil, a billion uses

Natural product reviews


Join us as we share a really exciting announcement-wheeeee!!  And we’re going to give you some fun tips and review a few of our current favorite things!

Natural Product Reviews on Hair Spray, Hand Cream, Coconut Oil, and Peppermint Essential

Favorite Natural Hair Spray

Favorite Coconut Oil

Favorite Peppermint Essential Oil

Natural Hand Cream

Enjoy this video of some of our favorite natural product reviews and let us know some of your favorite natural & organic things!!!

Love you guys 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany