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Best Anti-Aging Home Remedies for Your Skin

Anti-Aging Home RemediesDon’t you wish that you were in the possession of a timer turner and just rewind the time when your skin was tight and healthy? It is an undeniable truth that people want to remain young forever. But, it is not just the natural process of aging that causes your skin to get wrinkled. Our unhealthy lifestyles have also contributed in speeding up the aging process. Most people do not know that they are surrounded by so many natural organic skincare products at their homes that can slow the process of aging, making you look young and radiant.

Here are some of the home remedies that you can try to make your skin wrinkle-free and devoid of fine lines:

  1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel and Drink Its Juice

Cut a leaf from Aloe Vera plant and gently remove the top layer. Scrape away the gel and apply it in circular motion for approximately ten minutes and then let it stay for a while. Wash off the facial mask with lukewarm water. This remedy is extremely beneficial because Aloe Vera contains malic acid, which maintains the skin’s elasticity by removing lines and wrinkles. Drinking Aloe Vera and honey juice makes one youthful. The mixture will remove harmful toxins from your body and keep your skin hydrated. Aloe Vera is also great for moisturizing the skin.

  1. Make Organic Face Wash with Rice

Ever wondered why Japanese women look so young and evergreen? It is because they use rice cleansers prepared with water or milk on their skin. Rice water is one of the best anti-aging agents. It contains lots of minerals its rich in Vitamin E that make skin beautiful. Cold rice water is particularly magical for regaining the tightened skin as it makes the aging process slow. Rice milk cleansers are loaded with calcium and vitamin A. Rice cleansers revive the skin and lighten the complexion too. Just apply the mixture to your face and rinse with lukewarm water. Do not forget to apply toner or moisturizer later.

  1. Papaya Mask 

Papaya mask is an anti-aging agent. Papaya is full of antioxidants and vitamin A. It also contains an enzyme known as papain that consumes dead skin cells. All of these collectively work to improve the elasticity of the skin and restores the firmness. Mash a few pieces of freshly cut ripe papaya to create a paste. Apply the facial mask on your skin for 15 minutes and wash with warm water afterwards.

  1. Make Avocado Facial Mask 

Avocado has oleic acid that makes the fruit a good moisturizer. It is also jam-packed with vitamin E. Prepare a facial mask by chopping half of the avocado fruit, add two table spoons of organic yoghurt and just one table spoon of wheatgrass juice. Make a puree of these ingredients in a blender and apply a thick layer on to your skin for an anti-aging home treatment. Let it dry for twenty minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. The lactic acid contained in yoghurt will make your complexion lighter whereas wheatgrass juice is another powerful anti-aging home remedies that performs wonders inside and out.

Anti-Aging Home Remedies

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you try any of these! Please comment below, we love hearing from you!


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Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

top 10 natural makeup

Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

It’s that time again! We are about to share our FAVORITE TOP 10 NATURAL Makeup FAVES. This is one of our all time biggest requests, and we are so grateful that you care. Because as we always say, if you’re going to wear makeup, make it count. If it’s anything less that a vitamin bath for your skin, it’s time to change gears–big time!

Perfect beauty begins with

perfect health.

And when the two shall marry,

it becomes a beautiful

and a lasting thing.

Most products actually age you faster because of all of the toxic ingredients in them. Our skin isn’t just the barrier to all of our major organs, but the carrier as well, and studies have shown all types of toxic ingredients to absorb into the major organs. Even unborn babies aren’t exempt as many toxins are sadly found in the placenta as well.

Enough of that, we could go on all day.

We’ve got wonderful news to share! We’ve searched long and hard for the most incredible natural and organic makeup lines and providers in the market. And these affiliate brands have shown to be the very BEST available. We don’t share anything that we don’t believe in 100%, and each of these brands and sites have come through like champs. We love these lines, use them ourselves and on actors and performers we work with, and we are sure you will too. Because they meet our standards for excellence in quality, ingredients, and performance, we are eager to share them with you!

Meet the NK TOP 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines:











top 10 natural makeup

Check them out, try them out, and PLEASE let us know your thoughts! We LOVE hearing from you, forever and always, YOU are amazing and we love you!

Have a beautiful day!


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Organic DIY Beauty, right from your kitchen!

We used to think you had to spend hundreds of $$ on products for beautiful skin. But once we started researching what it takes to make the skin beautiful, we realized that many of the answers lie in indulging in superfoods. Yep that’s right. And by that, we mean eating them AND applying them to the skin. And many of those superfoods can be found right in your own kitchen. And pssst if not, you may want to start adding them, lol! 🙂

Being nourished



Beauty never had it so easy.

And here is a great little infographic, that illustrates exactly what we’re talking about… nature’s skincare miracles….

organid diy beauty, right from your kitchen

We hope you LOVE this!! Please comment below, as always we LOVE you and love your comments! And a special shout out to Babies Travel Lite for putting this together for us. Thanks, and have a beautiful day!


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DIY Hair Moisture Treatment

Make your own DIY Hair Moisture Treatment–quick, easy & cheap!

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer (hmm, new word, lol!) or not, this DIY Natural Deep Moisture Pack Hair Treatment will turn you into one really fast!

You may love it because of the simplicity or the cheapness of it in the beginning but whatever it is that lures you into trying this treatment, we say YAY, you are in for a treat!

If you have dry, damaged hair or static laden hair or your hair is dull and lifeless because of the change in climate or cold air, you are going to really find a welcome relief.  And you can use it often without it weighing the hair down.

We do recommend altering it with a good (safe) protein based treatment as well because your hair needs both moisture and protein.  So if you want a great recipe for that, just say the word, lol and let us know!  In the mean time, enjoy your DIY Natural Deep Moisture Pack Hair Treatment.

Hair moisture treatment with probiotics

DIY Hair Moisture Treatment + Probiotic

1/2 cup Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

2 tablespoons raw honey – buy local

1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder or 1 tablespoon homemade water kefir

6 drops of rosemary, thyme, or lavendar pure ORGANIC essential oils

Mix all ingredients together in a mini blender and apply to hair.

Allow to sit for at least 15 minutes before washing. Shampoo and condition as normal. You may have some left over product, depending upon the thickness and length of your hair. If so, just place in the refrigerator and use the rest next week.

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Enjoy, share, and comment!

Be healthy, we hope to make it more fun and simple than ever!

We love you guys!!!


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DIY Acne Mask with Probiotics

DIY Acne Mask


This is like magic if you’re looking for a really effective, easy, and inexpensive DIY Acne mask.

We’re not big into grains, but the oats in this recipe actually help absorb excess oils while exfoliating the surface dead skin cells which could otherwise cause irritation to the skin.  For those who are grain intolerant, you can use almond meal instead. It’s not quite as absorbent, but will exfoliate still, to keep the skin clear and smooth.

If you don’t have active manuka Honey, you can use what you have. The active manuka Honey is derived from bees that pollenate the Manuka Tea Tree bush in New Zealand, which has the highest anti-bacterial properties.  Honey is also a humectant, and adds more moisture to the skin.  This also balances the drying effect that the oats could otherwise promote.

In New Zealand, the honey is rated with a UMF system, which rates how active it is.  If the honey doesn’t list a UMF or if it’s less than 10+, it’s not active, so the higher the UMF, the more beneficial the honey will be for your skin.

motivational quotes

a surprising fact about oily skin…

Jojoba is one of the best things for oily skin, which surprisingly doesn’t aggravate it, but instead helps promote healthier skin. It’s actually not a true oil, but an elixir that tricks the skin into thinking it has enough oils so it will balance itself out.  We always make sure to only use pure organic and cold pressed.

The water works as a binder.  With the honey, it allows more moisture penetration into the skin, without it, the water could cause dryness.   If you have oily skin, you may be hesitant to add the malaleuca or tea tree oil, however it won’t promote excess oiliness on oily skin.  It does add minimal emulsifying effects but is mainly used because of its therapeutic benefits as an acne treatment.  It is high in anti-bacterial properties and therefore helps promote a sterile environment which is necessary in helping acne sores to heal. 

We’ve searched to find the best deals on quality organic ingredients for GREAT DEALS and found this ORGANIC MARKET that give you the freshest & finest ingredients at prices that no one else has been able to beat! Another place we love to get organic essential oils is here. We love what they are doing and have set up as affiliates with them. So as you shop, just smile about the savings & especially the extra health benefits you’ll be getting! K, here goes:

DIY Acne Mask

2 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 tablespoon active manuka Honey
1 teaspoon mineral water
1 teaspoon almond meal – see how to make it cheaply in our video below!
1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder
2-3 drops pure certified organic tea tree essential oil

Mix all of the above ingredients in a mini blender and apply to the skin in a circular motion. Allow to sit on the skin for up to 15 minutes, then wash away in the shower or remove with a warm damp cloth.

NOTE: This is enough for one treatment for your entire face and neck, but if you want to increase it, you can double, triple, or quadruple it and it will keep well for up to a month.

Additional tips…

1  Keep your hands away from the face.  Yes, that is really hard when you’re used to doing it, but they actually introduce oils and bacteria, which acne thrives on.  So the secret is to starve the bacteria at the source then you can enjoy clearer skin!

2   You can apply pure tea tree oil with a cotton swap.  Just dab it directly onto emerging breakouts.  This too will battle the inflammation and eliminate bacteria, which can also allow the skin to heal faster.  NOTE: Some people are allergic to the tea tree oil and may actually break out from it.  Make sure you’re using a NON-synthetic tea tree oil, which can help a lot or you may need to skip this step altogether.

3.  Another treatment that can work well with acne prone skin is aloe vera gel.  Apply it to clean skin prior to applying moisture.  You can spot treat with it as well.

4. This mask may be used on a weekly basis and may help provide some relief.  Since acne can be caused by such a wide variety of underlying issues, if acne persists we suggest visiting a licensed professional who can help narrow down the best on-going and daily treatment for your skin.

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PLEASE COMMENT–We love to hear from you, let us know how this works for you!


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TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces, Summer 2015

TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces


It’s time for our TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreen Picks for 2015….

For this post, we’re going to focus on our favorite natural, safe, & organic Sunscreens for Faces, mild enough for the face, as we’ve found some don’t do so well in that area.

As professional makeup artists, we need good products that also perform well and don’t break our actors and talent out.

Then, if we get enough requests,  next week we’ll branch out to our  TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreens for bodies, because bodies are a little more tough, and coverage can be a little less expensive for the whole body. If you’d like a Top 3 picks for natural bug repellants, let us know down below too. 🙂


NOTE: We aren’t going to compare these by SPF’s as that is a numbering system that we believe does more harm than good. So often we hear people say, “Oh, this one’s a 100” blah, blah, blah… We say, DON’T buy into it, the higher numbers are all marketing schemes and give people a false sense of protection, but leave them wondering why they still got fried afterward. So ignore the numbers, a 15 is as effective as a 100, but BOTH must be re-applied every 2 hours, whether you go into water or not. So here we go…


Suntegrity Face Sunscreen

1. Suntegrity 

This sunscreen has made it in our top picks before, and once more is going to head our list as our #1 pick. It’s organic, naturally rich in nutrients and goes on super smooth, creamy, and leaves a fresh, dewy look without all of the grease. With the testing we’ve done, we’ve come across many people who normally break out from sunscreen, but had consistent results of improved skin and no additional breakouts. We also love that it is lightly tinted and can work easily as a base as well. If we have to find a down-side, we’d need to say that it would be the price, retailing for about $45 a tube, but for us and our clients, we feel that it is an investment that is ultimately worth every penny.




2. Eco Tint Sunscreen Stick 

Here is another option we found in a tinted sunscreen. The color is a medium skin tone and tends to blend in well, unless it’s cold. It may also be a little hard to match up to very fair and light skin tones.

Another thing we liked was that it’s nice to re-apply, and instead of taking off color like most sunscreens, it just blends into what may still be on the skin, so re-applying every 2 hours is pretty easy to do.

Our favorite thing about this sunscreen is the lineup of ingredients–this one qualifies as a true organic product. At $29.99, we think this tinted sunscreen is a great option.



mineral fusion mineral brush on sun defense

3. Mineral Fusion mineral brush on sun defense 

We really find that a powder sunscreen is essential in our kits since we have to re-apply sunscreen often to our actors faces. We also re-apply powder constantly throughout the day, so this product can easily kill 2 birds with one stone–eeek did I just say that? The truth is it won”t kill any birds or any humans for that matter as it is a product that we feel safe saying is “safe”. So whew, don’t worry about the sweet little birds, they will be just fine.  The best price we could find on this product is just over $17 which is pretty decent. So as a different type of option for sunscreen, we are big fans of this one and had to add it to our Top 3 Picks Natural Sunscreens for faces.

Please comment below and let us know your questions, thoughts, or any awesome other products that we should be checking out.  You guys are the best!!

Stay safe!


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DIY Facial Scrub – smooth and brighten the skin naturally


DIY Facial Scrub - smooth and brighten the skin naturally


Ready to smooth & brighten your skin?? Here’s our DIY Facial Scrub that will easily get you there!

The skin needs to be exfoliated to stay healthy and youthful.  This DIY Natural Facial Scrub is wonderful to smooth & brighten the skin and keep it soft and smooth.

The recipe just takes about a minute to put together and use and is so gentle it can be used weekly.  That should be easy to remember as soon as your skin gets rough, dry and acne laden – that’s what tends to happen when you wait too long.  So our goal is to help you try this out, feel how nice your fresh skin feels, and keep you using it regularly.

I’ll tell you an awesome secret about this recipe. If you want to make it super anti-aging, add a teaspoon of greens. We have 3 different types we’ve listed below, but there are more. They are so power loaded with anti-oxidants and will do a world of good. We may do a post to explain why we are so focused on phytonutrients anyway, but here’s a quick example. Most commercial foods boast of being fortified with a handful of nutrients, but an apple contains over 125 phytonutrients. Each teaspoon of the organic dry food blends contains up to 1700+ phytonutrients.Which is huge, and applying these onto our skin is extremely nourishing to the skin.

Science has also finally figured out that pre and probiotics are also good for the skin, and you’ll be seeing more products pop up that will be including them. But we’ve amped this recipe up with those as well because we know the healing power and nourishment they provide to the skin, plus we know enough about formulations to be able to say that when a product declares that it has added probiotics, you can know that it is unlikely to contain as much as 1%. With this recipe we’ve added much more, and you can amp that up more still, if you wish.

Get ready for a treat that your skin is about to fall in love with!

DIY Facial Scrub Recipe

Mix ingredients together in a small blender jar. Pour into a covered container and use right away. Refrigerate after using. Use once weekly.

And oh, btw, if you don’t have almond meal, you can find it online, but it’s also easy to make.  And another really exciting btw….if you like almond milk, you can make it yourself too.  Here’s an Almond Milk video we did that shows you how simple it is and then you can use the pulp left over for your almond meal scrub. Pretty cool, huh?!  We think so (obviously, lol)

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oh and ps…. almonds have been connected with lowering cholestorol, lowering blood sugar, aiding weight loss, fighting cancer…and a great source of protein, fiber AND omega 3 fatty acids.  It might not be a bad idea to eat some of those raw almonds while you’re at it 🙂


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DIY Peel & Acne Remedy – goodbye blackheads

DIY Peel & Acne Remedy


Say goodbye to blackheads with this awesome DIY Peel & Acne Remedy that we think you will LOVE!

Oh, and did we forget to mention softer, smoother skin too?

Expensive Pore Strips are for pansies, lol.  At least that’s what you’ll think afte you try this DIY Deep Cleaning Pore Strip Peel, and btw you can make right in your own kitchen!  That means you’ll be saving a lot of money and guess what else…it works great!

If you’re looking for a natural blackhead removal remedy, this is the perfect option.  It only takes about 1 to 2 minutes to prepare and you’re ready to go.  It leaves the skin feeling so soft and clean and also fights bacteria that acne will usually thrive on.

DIY Facial Peel and Pore Strips:


1/2-1 Tablespoon egg-white
1-2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil or the best essential oils for your face
1 tissue

Mix the egg white and essential oil and apply to your trouble areas. Immediately tear a 1-ply tissue and apply it over the areas being treated. Allow to dry completely (10-15 minutes) Then lift a corner of the strip and rip off. It works great!

For more info on what we think about essential oils and if they are safe and to know which essential oils are best for you, head to our posts so we can tell you what we think!

It’s actually fun to use this DIY Deep Cleansing Pore Strip Peel, and could be a little addicting, but that’s okay, because it’s so gentle too.  So if you’re OCD kicks in, it’s okay and it’s cheap too, so it’s still ok.

DIY Peel & Acne Remedy


Here is our DIY Acne Peel that your skin will love as well!

We can’t wait to hear how much you love this DIY Deep Cleansing Pore Strip Peel – we love hearing from you!  Comment below, and stay healthy!!! Remember, there’s always a healthy alternative and we hope to help you find it!


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