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Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

source top 10 natural makeup

Top 10 Natural & Organic Makeup Lines

levitra at cvs It’s that time again! We are about to share our FAVORITE TOP 10 NATURAL Makeup FAVES. This is one of our all time biggest requests, and we are so grateful that you care. Because as we always say, if you’re going to wear makeup, make it count. If it’s anything less that a vitamin bath for your skin, it’s time to change gears–big time!

Perfect beauty begins with

perfect health.

And when the two shall marry,

it becomes a beautiful

and a lasting thing.

follow link Most products actually age you faster because of all of the toxic ingredients in them. Our skin isn’t just the barrier to all of our major organs, but the carrier as well, and studies have shown all types of toxic ingredients to absorb into the major organs. Even unborn babies aren’t exempt as many toxins are sadly found in the placenta as well.

summary biography of martin luther king jr Enough of that, we could go on all day.

click We’ve got wonderful news to share! We’ve searched long and hard for the most incredible natural and organic makeup lines and providers in the market. And these affiliate brands have shown to be the very BEST available. We don’t share anything that we don’t believe in 100%, and each of these brands and sites have come through like champs. We love these lines, use them ourselves and on actors and performers we work with, and we are sure you will too. Because they meet our standards for excellence in quality, ingredients, and performance, we are eager to share them with you!


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top 10 natural makeup

Check them out, try them out, and PLEASE let us know your thoughts! We LOVE hearing from you, forever and always, YOU are amazing and we love you!

Have a beautiful day!


Laurie & Tiffany

TOP Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES

TOP Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES

go site Years ago, I remember reading a book that talked about the beauty traditions throughout the world. It was fascinating, I can’t remember the name of the book, but I liked learning how the Sweedish or the English or the Scottish beauty secrets evolved.

see Fast forward to today, when we are sharing our secrets with the world everyday online. I kind of really love that about the internet. We’ve made so many wonderful friends with common interests that we never could have known in any other era. Anyway, where am I going, lol. Sorry about that : /

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click here I guess those thoughts were sparked because in a weird way, it feels like we’ve searched the world over in our efforts to find the best safe, organic, and natural makeup around. Whew, not really, but we have literally bought makeup in many countries, in our hopes of finding the most luxurious makeup options we could.

It’s been kind of a learning curve, remember back in the day when “healthy food” was worse than the cardboard box it was packaged in? That’s how our journey has felt as we’ve gone through $1000’s of “natural” products, trying to find the very best, so we could use them on set, and then share what we’d found and loved with you. We started our quest to share with the world on youtube, by making quick little 1 minute videos, talking about all of the “toxic” ingredients we had huge concerns over, based on all of the studies we had read. So today, we continued to test, try, review, and rate anything that meets our very high standards but that also performs like a dream.

follow site That brings us to our list: source url Top Natural Flawless Makeup FAVES Collection that we really love and trust. We get so many requests for this info, so we’re excited to share it with you! We truly love each of these products and sites and use them on ourselves and on our clients because yes, we LOVE them!! AND we’re sure you will too!

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The products we are sharing are from our current top few lines that we’ve been using ourselves, and especially in our professional makeup & hair kits.

These items are natural, safe, or organic and have performed beautifully for us.

What collection would you like to see next? Let us know! 🙂

Stay safe & healthy, it’s beautiful!


Laurie & Tiffany


TOP Natural Eye Makeup FAVES

Toxic Makeup is a thing of the past for us…we’ve moved onto bigger and much better things, and here’s why…2015 Top Natural Eye Makeup Faves

Some of you know that we come from the Beauty Industry and have worked as makeup and hair stylists on 100’s of movies, TV shows, and just as much Print work.

So to take the plunge and transition to all natural, organic, and safe products was a pretty crazy move, yet we’re so happy that we did it.

2015 Top Natural Eye Makeup Faves


7 years ago it was even harder to find amazing cosmetics that were pure, and we went through $1000’s worth of products as we hit and missed along the way.

But the changes that we found in our own skin, nails, and hair helped reassure us that we were onto something really great. Then we would use the best performing natural, safe, and organic products on our actors, celebrities, and dignitaries in our chairs and the results they saw convinced us that this was a trip worth taking and that there was no turning back.

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So as the years passed, we continued to test, try, review, and rate anything that met our already high standards but that also performed like a dream. When we find products we like on ourselves, we try them on our clients on set. If they meet our standards and perform well, we share them with you gladly. So here are products and lines that we have set up as affiliates for because we think they are by far the best of the natural, organic, and safe lines available anywhere.

That brings us to our list:

Top Natural Eye Makeup FAVES 











Here is a post with over 3000 ingredients we believe to be toxic and in many cases very hazardous. Just helping to keep you informed!

The products we are sharing are from our top few lines that we’ve found ourselves using all of the time, and especially in our professional makeup & hair kits.

These items are natural, safe, or organic and have performed beautifully for us.

Comment below and let us know what collection you’d like to see next!

Stay safe & healthy, it’s beautiful!


Laurie & Tiffany