Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!

I’m just about to head off to heaven.

Ok, not totally, but pretty close, lol. I’m heading up to Park City (Sundance home) and it’s  10,000 feet closer to heaven than if I were at sea level. Yup, it’s that time of year, Sundance is opening it’s doors and people are flying in from all over the world right this second.

It always makes me laugh, because I know they’ll all show up in their Uggs. 🙂 We kinda joke about it here. If you ever see a local person wearing Uggs, they are worn to death, and very different than the fresh and fluffy new Uggs that come in to the SLC airport in droves.

I’m heading up to work with a celebrity (not sure if I can disclose his name yet or not, so for now I won’t) I’ll work as his personal MU/H stylist over the next several days and stay with him for touch-ups and to freshen his makeup for interviews, events, etc.

We’ve worked up at Sundance for years, for Oprah Network, E Channel, and more, so I think we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that we are happy to share.

Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!


  • big crowds
  • to see lots of Celebrities
  • excitement & energy
  • Quaint old Western charm
  • beautiful mountains & scenery
  • fresh powdery skiing
  • cute old fashioned shops with really cool stuff
  • amazing & charming restaurants
  • lots of shows, parties, and action
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So what’s the down side?

It would be the parking. It’s a zoo in Park City during Sundance, so give yourself plenty of time to park. Once you get downtown, many of the venues are within a close proximity, so you can easily make your way around by foot.

The other downside for some people may be the cold. Thus, the Uggs, lol. But one thing to know before you buy them is that if your feet get wet from puddles, you will freeze. So waterproof warm wether boots are best. Here are some super cute Uggs on my to buy list that Tiff already has and LOVES…and here are the Sorels  thatI have and love.

Anyway, I’m heading out in about 5 minutes, so let me share a few more secrets about Park City.

If you aren’t into the crowd scene and just want a nice relaxing trip to Park City, there are better times to come. It’s beautiful every time of the year, with 4 distinct seasons. The busiest is most of the ski season.

But if you want to know the SLOWEST time of the year in Park City for shopping, dining, enjoying day spas and a wonderful winter getaway, come in December. Yeah, isn’t that crazy? I just learned that and was shocked.

Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!

Early last month, we were invited along with some of our blogger friends to spend a day shopping and dining in Park City, by the Downtown Alliance. I have to admit, I was dreading one thing about it, and that was the parking. But I was pleasantly surprised that parking was a cinch. It was an awesome day!

The Park City reps and merchants were wonderful and said that December is the slowest season of the year for them. Whoa! That’s right. We were pretty stunned (and stoked)…it’s seriously the best kept secret! So if you want to come and have a fun trip, get lots of great powdery skiing in, shopping, playing, etc., it would be worth a trip up to Park City in December (up until Christmas time–after that, I’m guessing all bets are off. 🙂

And while we’re telling secrets about Park City, I have one of my own. 🙂

My mom is a big genealogy lover, so she’s done tons of genealogy on our family. But there’s one big hole she can’t fill. It is my grandpa’s grandpa. His name was Frank Adams, and he emigrated to the States from Ireland. He showed up on a census in Park City in 1880. I saw a copy of the census with his own handwriting that showed he and his wife had 2 little girls and he worked as a Barber. Hmmm, as soon as my mom told me he’d been a barber, I was on a quest to find out about him.

So I went downtown to SLC to the worlds largest Genealogy Library. I pulled up actual copies of every local newspaper back in the 1880’s. It was fascinating to go through them. I learned so much about the history of Park City. It was a wild little Western mining town, right in the path of the California gold rush, where many travelers would stay. There were so many brawls and gunfights, and the newspaper articles made it clear that the Irish and the Chinese were less than friends. They had shops in separate areas of downtown. I found ads for the local barber shop on Main Street, and I’m pretty sure Frank Adams worked there because the other barber shop/bath houses were Chinese run, and since he was Irish, I narrowed it down to that little barber shop. As I continued digging through the news and stories, I learned that a big fire took down half of Main Street in 1882, and the barber shop I think he worked at went down in those flames.

So my guess is that he left at that time, and we have no records to show anything else about him before or after that time.

I had an idea that I was hoping would help me find him. I thought I could go to the City Records and look up his Barbering License. But when I got there, I learned that in the 1880’s, the only professionals that were required to have licenses were the prostitutes. Yeah, the prostitutes. That was an interesting surprise, and I guess all of those ladies lived up in the area called “Deer Valley” and some people think they are the reason it was given that name. Not for the cute deer prancing around, but yeah, ahem, for other reasons.

Anyway, it was really interesting. I guess the people in SLC weren’t huge fans of Park City and the wild lifestyle, and Park City felt like SLC was too pure. Funny.

So a little side note, I never found my great+ grandpa, but I learned some really fun facts and trivia about Park City Utah. If you’ve never been there, it’s a super fun place to come!

Park City is a spectacular place to go any time of year. All four Seasons are as beautiful and inspiring as they can be. And if you’re out doorsy, you WILL also believe you’ve gone to heaven.

If you like shopping and dining and decide to VACATION in Park City, here are some businesses on Historic Main Street that we highly recommend visiting:

  • Southwestern Expressions – 312 Main St.
  • The Egyptian Theater – 328 Main St.
  • Dugins West – 352 Main Street
  • Gallery MAR
  • Pine
  • Flight
  • Willie Holdman Photograpghy Gallery
  • Root’d
  • Mountain Town Olive Oil
  • Mary Jane’s

Here’s a photograph by Willie Holdman that took my breath away. It looked almost like a painting, it was so perfect. I asked him if he’d dressed it by adding flowers or anything and he said no, it was just the way the setting looked–breathtaking!Park City: Sundance, shopping and HITTING the slopes!Anyway, hope to see you there!

Actually if you ever make your way to Park City for a vacation, please let us know!! We LOVE hearing from you!

Have a great weekend! We love you guys!!


Laurie & Tiffany