Healthy Diet can improve a child's IQ

Healthy Diet can improve a child’s IQ

the fact that a healthy diet can improve a child’s iq shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since what we feed our bodies, effects us, for good or for bad.vegan sources of calcium


Healthy Diet can improve a child’s IQ

I saw a quote that said, “If you are what you eat, I’m going to go eat a skinny person” LOL, it is pretty funny.

But all kidding aside, what we put inside our bodies is fuel (good or bad) and it really does matter. And in the case of children, what they eat really matters a lot, especially in some of the most formative years. 

We did a pop-quiz on our facebook fan page–and we were SO impressed 🙂

We shared this, “A Bristol University study showed that processed foods may have a negative effect on a child’s IQ.  At what age does a child’s diet have the biggest impact on his/her IQ?” And you nailed it!

This is what you said:
drumrole :)…..
The biggest dietary impact on a child’s IQ happens by age THREE–ugh and yikes!  We were actually surprised to learn that, so does that mean if we’ve had unhealthy diets that it’s too late to do anything about it?

No, absolutely not–but knowledge is power, right?! We’ve seen enough research and learned from our own experience that it’s never too late!

What if we stopped throwing sugary, chemically colored treats at them and they learned to love the flavor of fresh fruits and veggies.  Not only could their IQ be improved, but what about the brain itself, the heart, lungs, immune system….and the list goes on.


kids are great

imitators, so give

them something

great to imitate


Just start today and do a little better–one step at a time, and before you know it, great things start to happen.

Take care of yourselves, you are so worth it!!!

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Laurie & Tiffany



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