Healthy Snacks on the go!

Healthy Snacks on the go!

We actually get asked for ideas all the time……soooo this video was inspired on a road trip for work. Just sit back, and let us show you what we take along to eat and still get lots of great nutrients and keep our energy up on long days!

Yummy Healthy Snacks on the go!

Here are some of these items we mentioned in our video:

Fermented Cherry Juice, Carrots – if you want more on fermented items, let us know, we are working on a course!!

Pepper Benefits

Best Salsa Ever – the one above has one extra jalepano (without seeds) than in our recipe, good if you like more kick but not necessary: 

DIY NK Yummy Bars

Pleaasssssse let us know how you like these!!

AND we have another video coming this week that is actually pretty funny–we had some surprises that we hadn’t planned on, so stay tuned and let us know how you like the next video, lol!

We’ve also got lots more easy and delicious healthy recipes in our healthy dessert and smoothie cookbooks too!

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Stay safe and take care of yourselves!!


Laurie & Tiffany

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