Healthy Sushi Recipe in under 5 minutes

Healthy Sushi Recipe in 5 minutes


Healthy sushi in 5 minutes


Healthy Sushi Recipe in 5 minutes

Just when you thought Sushi was already healthy, we come along and go at making it even more healthy…AND FUN!

wouldn’t it be a fun event 

to have a sushi bar party

where all of your guests

could roll up

their own sushi rolls?

Wow, if you try it, let us know 🙂

So yeah, our focus is always on making foods healthier, but you can’t beat this one…5 minutes – delicious, healthy, easy to make & affordable, yay!

If you’re looking for authentic sushi, prepared by a sushi chef, this recipe is not that.  Just so you don’t get distracted by all of the things we don’t do “right.”

Just take healthy,

add in some love,

and delicious things

start to happen.  

We call that beautiful.


Our concern, when we cook, is to make a delicious recipe that will be power loaded with nutrients.  So with that in mind, watch how easy it is to whip together a really yummy and healthy version of sushi.

Healthy Sushi Recipe in under 5 minutes…


NOTE on the liquid aminos.  At the time we filmed this, we used the type which we showed, which is a soy base.  Since then, we stopped eating all soy and have changed to “Coconut Aminos”  It has a soy like taste and works great, without the worry of soy in the diet.

Healthy Sushi Recipe

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Wasabe powder – desired amount
Water – follow manufacturers directions
Organic nori sheets
Brown rice, quinoa – pre-cooked (or riced cauliflower)
Fresh spinach
Organic coconut aminos
Wild salmon – make sure it’s treated!!
Extra virgin olive oil – as desired


  1. Place all ingredients in separate containers and lay on nori roll.
  2. Roll it up and seal the edge with a little water.
  3. Slice roll and serve with the wasabe and coconut aminos.

That’s it!!


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It’s SO easy and super fun. In fact,

Enjoy our Healthy Sushi Recipe in under 5 minutes!


Laurie & Tiffany


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