HoLiDaY HaIr aNd MaKeUp TuToRiAl

HoLiDaY HaIr aNd MaKeUp TuToRiAl

We’ve got so much jingling tingling fun planned for the Holidays, but first we thought we’d start with an elegant look that you can achieve naturally.


The holidays are the

perfect time to reflect

on life’s beautiful blessings

and to seek opportunities

to make life

even more beautiful

for those we love


Join Tiffany on this quick tutorial so you can be a knockout naturally and get that holiday hair and makeup going on!

Let us know what plans you have for the holidays AND of course, let us know if you do this holiday hair and makeup on yourself (or anyone else that you love! 🙂 We wish you the happiest of holidays and the very best and most beautiful coming year.  Oh, and if you do this holiday hair and makeup tutorial, tag or tweet us–we love to see your creations. You guys are the best–we love YOU!


Laurie & Tiffany

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