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How I’m losing weight INSIDE & OUT Update

Things are going well and it’s been a great week, but first, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful comments–you are truly an inspiration and I’m so thankful to have you in my life!

So here’s my latest video: How I’m losing weight INSIDE & OUT


I’ll list some links below to some of the things I’ve shown in this video. We will never share any item with you that we don’t truly love. So the products below are affiliate links we truly love and believe in, otherwise they wouldn’t be affiliates of ours!

Here ya go:

Bottle In video
Stacker shown in video
FREE Printable Journal Sheet
Greens powder I put in my stacker

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Remember, remember, this is NOT about weight loss–that’s just the bonus. Our real focus is about finding our worth, our real value, and by building up the spiritual and the emotional as we take care of our bodies and listen to them.

I wasn’t even planning to get on a scale, since I don’t want the rush (good or bad) that it would give and I really don’t want this to be about vanity. But since I’m reporting to you, and I said that I would, here goes….. this week I lost 4 pounds. So cool, cool, awesome, but I really want to say I feel good–because my body is feeling better. Those 4 pounds are helping me to see the power in taking care of myself right, which is really cool.

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Oh yeah, and I mentioned my realizations, these have been so awesome to learn, so we have another FREE GIFT for you! Here is our worksheet to help you map out your own realizations as well!

NK Week In Review, Realizations – Enjoy!

Anyhoos, how are YOU doing? I’d really like to hear! And if you haven’t started yet, please feel free to join in, it’s not a contest, but it’s really life changing for me already.

Please share what your plans are, your goals, what you’re doing to exercise and when, just whatever you want to talk about–I’d love to hear!!

I love you guys and am so excited to have you join me on this little journey!


Tiffany (& Laurie)


DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors or chemists and the information we share is based on our opinions and beliefs after our own extensive research. This advice is offered free and we recommend that you do your own research to draw your own conclusions. If you have questions about your own personal health or medical issues, please consult a medical professional, especially before making any changes to your diet

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