How to Cut Bangs like a pro- sneak peek

Cut Bangs like a Pro


Have you ever wanted to know how to cut bangs like a pro? I hope, because you’re about to, lol! Either way, we hope you enjoy…

How to Cut Bangs Like a Pro…

It’s a little scary how many terrible bangs are floating around out there, lol. As a stylist, I believe it’s best to go to a stylist who has learned growth patterns, how to handle cowlicks, and who has been trained on the art of cutting, and not only knows how to cut bangs, but how to get the perfect cut every time.

BUT, that said, there will always be people who insist on cutting their own bangs SOOOO this video is for you, no matter which side of the fence you may sit. If you use good technique, you can have much better results.

This video actually isn’t just about how to cut bangs, but it is a method of how to cut bangs (fringe) that is less of a commitment as you’re cutting less hair. It will lay better with a slight layered effect too. So get rid of those heavy bangs that drive you nuts by easily working them into this cut.

I should add one little tip, and that is that you need good scissors (shears) to get good cuts too. I’ve given cuts with other people’s scissors that were so hard to cut with, in fact I think I could cut better with my teeth, lol. So if you are serious about cutting and want some great shears cut bangs, and all types of cuts like a pro, here are some Pro Quality Scissors that I would recommend. The ones I use are $200 and up, but these ones would do a great job without breaking the bank.

If you’re more serious about your cutting, and want a better quality set, here is a Better Quality Set of Shears I think you’d love.

How to Cut Bangs like a pro- sneak peek

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Enjoy this quick video and please let us know other videos you’d like to see. We’re here for you, sharing the things to help you become a beauty, naturally…top to bottom, inside & out!! Please comment below, pretty please?!! lol! We love your comments, always!


Laurie & Tiffany

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