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Keeping Halloween SAFE, Costumes & all!

WHEE it’s almost here! 

I love Summertime and if it wasn’t for Fall, we might not be able to bear watching it go away. Do you ever feel that way? 

But yeah, Fall is pretty cozy, isn’t it? And it’s exciting to see the holidays start rolling in. I love it! In fact, just cozy up to a warm cup of Cinnamon Tea, and let’s get back to talking about ghosts, goblins, and Halloween.

safe halloween costumes

It’s so fun to think of fun ideas for dressing up, in fact, what you’re going to be for Halloween this year? And the kids??  Comment below, we love to hear!

And of course, as always, we want to share some tips on how YOU and your cute family can have an even better Halloween than you may have thought…

Look for safe, non-toxic costume materials

Of course, one of the first things on our list is to make sure it’s safe. Have you thought about looking at the list of materials in costumes before you buy? As you browse through costume sites like Funidelia or hit up the local thrift store, look for natural materials like cotton and silk. Avoid plastics like vinyl or PVC.  Just like we always say about foods and cosmetics…if you can’t pronounce the material or ingredient and don’t know what it is, it’s best to avoid it. This goes for accessories as well – avoid synthetic hair sprays and opt for natural fibred wigs or hats instead. Masks are often made out of plasticized rubber or PVC, so try making your own instead out of paper mache or cardboard.

Breathe new life into old costumes

If your family is like most, you probably have an old box of dress-up clothes and discarded Halloween costumes sitting around in the basement, attic, or closet. These could be perfect for festivals and costume parties this autumn, with a little bit of extra TLC! See what could be altered, patched up, or otherwise remedied to give it a new lease on life. You can also use recyclable materials to create harvest festival decorations, including dried leaves, pumpkins, and wicker baskets.

halloween costumes

Arrange a neighbourhood costume swap

Efforts like “National Costume Swap Day” at recommend arranging a costume swap with friends and family ahead of Halloween, but you can do this at any time of year. As the leaves start to change, it’s a good time to clear out the closet and arrange a clothing/costume swap with your community, so that kids and adults alike are able to find new costumes for all of their festive needs.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Read the ingredients on any makeup or face paint before you buy!

So you’ve browsed through the Corpse Bride costume ideas at Funidelia and found the perfect outfit for an upcoming theme party – but when it comes to the face paint, you need to be careful! Many conventional face paint includes materials like lead that you definitely don’t want anywhere near your face, let alone your child’s. Use clean, organic makeup or natural materials like berry juice to stain lips and cheeks. Fragranced products often contain nasties like phthalates, while nail polish can even include formaldehyde. Use stickers as nail art instead for your costume, and you’ll avoid these toxic chemicals.

So before we scare you, YES, you can find green-friendly and safe costumes. They exist and we LOVE that they do! You may pay a bit more for a natural fibre costume than you would for a cheapie plastic version, but it’s so worth it. You’ll actually get more for your money and most likely have a product that you can reuse in the future.

AND of course, if you want some fun DIY costume ideas, we’ve got a bunch right here, on our blog. 

K, please let us know your thoughts, and what you and your kids are going to be!!

And in the mean time, stay SAFE!


Laurie & Tiffany

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